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IEEE Background presentation to the IEEE Indonesia Section

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IEEE Background presentation

  1. 1. IEEE Background A presentation to the IEEE Indonesia SectionTariq Durrani2010-2011 IEEE VicePresident forEducational ActivitiesBandung10 August 2012
  2. 2. Contents Background to IEEE – IEEE Activities IEEE Educational Programs - Continuing education –elearning Library - Education about Standards - TISP and EPICS 2013 IEEE President Elect position2 8/11/2012
  3. 3. IEEE Today IEEE is the world’s largest professional association advancing technology for the benefit of humanity For the public and is member-driven Publishes technical journals Sponsors conferences Develops technology standards Supports the professional interests of over 400,000 members in 160 countries3 8/11/2012
  4. 4. IEEE Highlights 30% of world’s archival literature on electrotechnology 149 journals and magazines 38 Subject specific Societies 7 Councils Sponsor over 1000 conferences each year* * ICC-2010, Capetown, Power Africa 2012 by IEEE societies in S Africa4 8/11/2012
  5. 5. IEEE Publications IEEE’s digital library product (IEL) inspires and facilitates technical innovation – Over 2.5 Million articles in IEEE Xplore – 7 million downloads per month – 100 top universities subscribe to IEL** – Many companies are using IEL to support R&D** Southern/African initiative to reach to10 universities
  6. 6. A journals Eigenfactor Article Influence score is a measure of a journals prestige based on per article citations IEEE has: Top 10 in Telecommunications 8 of the Top 10 in Circuits 7 of the Top 10 in Power Systems 4 of the top 6 in Control Theory #1 journal in Electromagnetic Engineering #3 journal in Comp. Imaging6 *Article Influence Score from, November 2008 8/11/2012
  7. 7. IEEE Conferences IEEE sponsored over 1,000 conferences in 60+ countries in 2010 – Approximately 400,000 attendees 70% held outside North America
  8. 8. IEEE StandardsLeading developer of global industry standardsEstablished standards development programOver 900 published standards; 400 indevelopment.Enhanced global adoption of IEEE standards --IEC, ISO, and ITU.MOU between International bodies andIEEE SA enables adoption of IEEE standards
  9. 9. 407,541 IEEE Members (December 2010) 69,431 216,720 3,976 82,253 8,340 16,931
  10. 10. IEEE’s Organizational Chart IEEE Members Chaired by the IEEE Board of IEEE Assembly President and CEO Directors IEEE Major BoardsPublication Technical Member and EducationalServices and Activities Geographical ActivitiesProducts Activities Technical IEEE USAStandards Societies LocalAssociation Sections 10
  11. 11. IEEE Educational Activities Pre-university Education University-level educationContinuing (post-university) Education Public understanding of Engineering Computing and Technology 11
  12. 12. EAB Principal ActivitiesPre-University Education–– Teacher In-Service Program (TISP)University Education– Accreditation (US and Global)– Technical English Program (on-site training workshops for volunteers)– Real World Engineering Projects– Curriculum Resource DevelopmentIEEE HKN
  13. 13. EAB Principal Activities Continuing Education – IEEE eLearning Library – Professional Certification – English for Technical Professionals (on-line) – Expanding Continuing education across IEEE13
  14. 14. EAB Principal Activities Women In Engineering – WIE Magazine (August & Dec issues) Standards Education – IEEE Position Paper on Standards in the Curriculum – To expand and promote an on-line presence focused on education about standards14
  15. 15. Where has EAB worked in Region 10? (1) Malaysia – TISP training workshop (2006) China – TISP training workshop (2009) – Accreditation (2006, 2007, 2008, 2010) – Technical English program (2010) – Standards education workshop (2010)15
  16. 16. Where has EAB worked in Region 10? (2) Hong Kong/Macau – TISP training workshop (2009) India – Accreditation (2011) – Continuing Education (2011) – TISP in Kerala Section (2012)16
  17. 17. New and Planned EAB Activities in Region 10 (1) Japan – Technical English Program Thailand – Accreditation India – TISP training workshop17
  18. 18. New and Planned EAB Activities in Region 10 (2) China – Technical English conference – Accreditation reviewers Singapore – Continuing Education – TISP training workshop – Standards Education18
  19. 19. 2011 EAB Awards Meritorious Achievement Award in Accreditation Activities Meritorious Achievement Award in Continuing Education Meritorious Achievement Award in Informal Education Major Educational Innovation Award Pre-University Educator Award Meritorious Service Citation Standards Education Award (new for 2011) Employer Professional Development Award Society/Council Professional Development Award Section Professional Development Award19 8/11/2012
  20. 20. Candidacy forIEEE President-elect 2013Tariq S Durrani
  21. 21. Background –TAB, PSPB, EAB, Confs Awards Board, Region 8 1994-95 President IEEE Signal Processing Society 1996-97 Chair IEEE Periodicals Council 1998-99 Founding Chair IEEE Periodicals Review Committee 2006-07 President IEEE Engineering Management Society 2003-04 Vice Chair R8 Technical Activities 2009-11 VP IEEE EAB21 11-Aug-12
  22. 22. Background Senior academic providing leadership, vision and strategic direction to University –Deputy Principal Vice President –Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE) Fellow: IEEE, RSE, UK Royal Academy of Engineering Directorship of six large-scale organizations – public and private Current Visiting Appointments –University of Southern California; Princeton
  23. 23. Other Information Professor of Electrical Engineering -1982-89. Department Head -1986-90. Deputy Principal - 2000-06. Director - Institute of System Level Integration(Res.)- Glasgow Chamber of Commerce- Scottish Funding Council (similar to NSF)- Leadership Foundation for Higher Education- UNESCO23 8/11/2012
  24. 24. Position StatementA. Support for members and their careersB. Technological lead and developmentC. New approaches to PublicationsD. Support for Globalization
  25. 25. Position statementSupport for members and their careers Specific Support for industry members Enhancing skills base. Support and extend globally IEEE-USA career enhancement initiatives International Panel of Chief Executive/Technology Officers - for greater engagement with industry. Encourage more practitioner-driven and practitioner- oriented conferences. GOLD members- Career support through Virtual Network of Mentors. Student members- Advisory System on career choices by augmenting the role of Chapter leadership. Promote job fares at IEEE Conferences.
  26. 26. Position statementSupport for Globalization – Focused support for Regional Activities – Affordable member rates - through New membership models and progressive benefits. – Deliver IEEE’s Humanitarian Vision, - with UNESCO, World Federation of Engineering Organizations; Engineering for Change, Royal Society of Edinburgh – Inspire an interest in the excitement of engineering in school learners through global Teacher-In-Service Program. - Promote Jump into IEEE (Junior Membership) – Encourage Innovation and Entrepreneurship. -
  27. 27. Position statementTechnological lead and developmentPromote IEEE global presence in areas such as Smart Grid,Cloud Computing; Green Technologies; Life Sciences, CyberSecurity, Technology Management, Transportation, andEnergy.New approaches to publications - Mass customization of technologicalinformation- This offers a new business model forpublications - customer-needs driven and user focused -Multi-lingual journals - serving members world-wide and opening new markets for IEEEproducts- major enhancement of Xplore products.
  28. 28. Pledges in 20111. Development of educational products to meet demands for continuing professional development. (Singapore/India; E-learning Library)2. Stimulate interest in uptake of engineering by pre- college students (TISP, Tryengineering expansion)3. Partnering with Chinese Leadership to increase cooperation between Universities and IEEE (Reform of Engg Edn Conf; Accred visits)4. Enhanced quality of Engineering education (Global accreditation Activity)5. Develop Network of Heads of Electrical & Computer Engineering Departments -(Initial Activity in South Africa and UK)28 8/11/2012
  29. 29. Thank youQ & A.
  30. 30. Position statement Globaliza tion New approaches to Publications Technical lead Support for members & their Careers30 8/11/2012
  31. 31. DSPscotland Grouping of Companies Sub - systems Core DSP Scotland Components Systems31 8/11/2012
  32. 32. Questions or comments?32