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APWiMob 2014 (Bali, 28-30 August 2014) CFP


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About APWiMob
APWiMob is international event in Asia Pacific designed for audience working in the wireless communications and mobile technology communities. As the Asia Pacific conference focusing on wireless and mobile technologies, APWiMob is very suitable for wireless communications researchers, industry professionals, and academics interested in the latest development and design of wireless systems and mobile technologies.

Sponsored by the IEEE Communications Society Indonesia Chapter, APWiMob has a strong foundation of bringing together industry and academia. In 2014, Bali will become the wireless foundation by hosting APWiMob 2014. The conference will include technical sessions, tutorials, and technology and business panels. You are invited to submit papers in all areas of wireless communications and mobile technologies, networks, services, and applications.

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APWiMob 2014 (Bali, 28-30 August 2014) CFP

  1. 1. 2014 IEEE Asia Pacific Conference on Wireless and Mobile Technologies 2014 Bali, 28-30 August 2014 Call for Papers APWiMob is international event in Asia Pacific designed for audience working in the wireless communications and mobile technology communities. As the Asia Pacific conference focusing on wireless and mobile technologies, APWiMob is very suitable for wireless communications and mobile researchers, industry professionals, and academics interested in the latest development and design of wireless systems and mobile technologies. Sponsored by the IEEE Communications Society Indonesia Chapter, APWiMob has a strong foundation of bringing together industry and academia. In 2014, Bali will become the wireless foundation by hosting demia. APWiMob 2014 (IEEE Conference Record Number: 33435), IEEE 33435 Technical Co-Sponsor • IEICE Communications Society • IEEE Indonesia Joint chapter of Microwave Theory & Techniques Society and Antennas & Propagation Society • IEEE Indonesia Joint chapter of Aerospace & Electronic Systems Society and Geoscience & Remote Sensing Society Supported by
  2. 2. The conference will include technical sessions, tutorials, and technology and business panels. You are invited to submit papers in all areas of wireless communications and mobile technologies, networks, services, and applications, please kindly submit the papers to Potential topics include, but are not limited to: Track 1: PHY and Fundamentals • Advanced modulation schemes • Antennas, beamforming, multi-antenna signal processing • Channel capacity estimation and equalization • Channel measurement, modeling, and characterization • Cognitive and green radio • Cooperative communications • Equalization, synchronization, channel estimation • Information-theoretic aspects of wireless communications • Interference characterization, cancellation, multiuser detection and mitigation • Iterative techniques • Modulation, coding, diversity • Multihop and cooperative communications • OFDM, CDMA, spread spectrum • Physical layer designs for WLAN, WPAN, and WBAN • Physical layer network coding and security • Power efficient communications • Propagation models for high frequency channels • RF propagation studies • Signal processing for wireless communications • Single and multi-user MIMO • Source and channel coding • Space-time coding, MIMO, adaptive antennas • Ultra-wideband and gigabit wireless communications • Vehicular communications • Wireless localization and tracking techniques Track 3: Mobile and Wireless Networks • Body area networks • Capacity, Throughput, Outage, Coverage • Cognitive radio networks • Congestion and Admission Control • Congestion, load and admission control • Dynamic spectrum management • Future wireless Internet • Green wireless networks • Internet of things • Interworking Heterogeneous Wireless/Wireline Networks • Localization for Wireless Networks • Location dependent networks • Mesh, Relay, Sensor and Ad Hoc Networks • Mobile and Wireless IP • Mobile computing • Mobility, location, and handoff management • Multi-hop and relay networks • Multimedia QoS and Traffic Management • Network architectures • Network Estimation and Processing Techniques • Performance of E2E Protocols over Wireless Networks • Proxies and Middleware for Wireless Networks • Robust routing • Satellite communications • Self-organizing networks • Smart cities and smart grids • Vehicular networks • Wireless Broadcasting, Multicasting, Geo-casting, Streaming and Routing • Wireless Network Security and Privacy • Wireless sensor networks Track 2: MAC and Cross-Layer Design • Adaptability and reconfigurability • Adaptive and cognitive MACs • B3G/4G Systems, WiMAX, WLAN, WPAN • Cognitive and cooperative MAC • Collaborative algorithms • Cross-layer design, cross-layer security • Cross-layer designs involving MAC • Delay tolerant MAC designs • Implementation of testbeds and prototypes • Information-theoretical approaches to MAC designs • Joint access and backhaul scheduler designs • Joint MAC and networking layer designs • MAC for low power embedded networks • MAC for mesh, ad hoc, relay, and sensor networks • MAC for mobile and vehicular ad hoc networks • MAC in 4G and future mobile networks • Multiple access techniques • Network information theory • QoS provisioning in MAC • Radio resource management, allocation, and scheduling • Reconfigurable MACs • Routing and QoS scheduling • Scheduler for cellular macro-, pico- and femto- systems • Scheduler for cooperative systems • Scheduler for relay systems • Security issues in MAC designs • Software defined radio, RFID • Time-critical MAC designs • Wireless MAC protocols: design and analysis Track 4: Services, Applications, and Business • Aerospace, Electronic and Defence sector • Audio and video broadcast applications • Authentication, authorization and accounting • Cognitive radio and sensor-based applications • Content distribution in wireless home environment • Context and location-aware wireless services & applications • Context and location-awareness in pervasive systems • Cyber-physical systems and applications • Dynamic services, autonomic services • Emerging wireless and mobile applications • Geoscience and remote sensing and related fields Innovative user interfaces, P2P services for multimedia • Intelligent transportation systems • Mobile multimedia services • Mobile to mobile and in-car communication networks • Next generation home networks • P2P services for multimedia • Personalization, profiles and profiling • Personalization, service discovery, profiles and profiling • Regulations, standards, spectrum management • Secure network and service access • Self-adaptation on the service layer • Service discovery and portability • Service oriented architectures, service portability and cloud computing • SIP based services, multimedia, QoS support, middleware • Test-bed and prototype implementation of wireless services • User interfaces, user-machine interactions • Wireless applications in robotics • Wireless emergency and security systems • Wireless health applications, telemedicine and e-health services
  3. 3. IEEE Catalog Number: • CFP1475X-ART, ISBN: 978-1-4799-3711-0 • CFP1475X-CDR, ISBN: 978-1-4799-3710-3 Important Dates • Full Papers Submission : 26 April 2014 • Tutorial and Workshop Proposal : 24 May 2014 • Acceptance Notification : 21 June 2014 • Camera Ready due : 19 July 2014 • Early Registration Deadline : 5 July 2014 • Authors Registration Deadline : 19 July 2014 • Conference Date : 28-30 August 2014 Important Hyperlinks • Conference website • Submit paper • Conference registration Call for Tutorials and Workshops Proposals for tutorials and workshops are solicited on hot topics for future wireless communications systems and applications. Please kindly submit the proposals to Paper must be submitted electronically using the IEEE Xplore-compatible PDF via the websites. All papers will be peer reviewed. Paper length should be maximum seven pages including figures, tables, references, and appendices. Please use the standard IEEE conference proceedings templates for Microsoft Word on A4 size pages founded at APWiMob 2014 PAPER SUBMISSION GUIDELINES Prospective authors are encouraged to submit full papers for review. Only original papers that have not been published or submitted for publication elsewhere will be considered. Technical Papers must be submitted via the EDAS Paper Processing System. During the initial paper submission process via EDAS, the authors are required to make sure the pdf file and EDAS registration page of a paper have the same list of authors and the paper title. Be certain to add all authors in EDAS during the submission process. Failure to comply with this rule and your paper may be withdrawn from the review process. Once reviewed the listing of authors connected to the paper can NOT be changed in the final manuscript. Papers should be written in English with a maximum paper length of 6 printed pages (10-point font) including figures. Papers that are longer than 6 pages will not be reviewed. For your submission you can use the standard IEEE Transactions templates for Microsoft Word or LaTeX formats found a t The format for the manuscript must satisfy the following requirements: • Manuscript must be in English • The manuscript must follow IEEE two-column format with single-spaced, ten-point font in the text. The maximum manuscript length is six (6) pages. Manuscripts in excess of six pages will not be reviewed. All figures, tables, references, etc. are included in the page limit. • Papers must be submitted in Portable Document Format (PDF) format. Authors MUST submit their papers electronically using EDAS. The submission process involves the following three steps: Step One: Creation of a personal account on EDAS (if the author does not already have one) Step Two: Submit your paper using the one of the following EDAS Submission Links: • Track 1 – PHY: • Track 2 – MAC: • Track 3 – NET: • Track 4 – SAB: Note: Be certain to provide information for ALL AUTHORS including affiliation and country when you register the manuscript. Authors cannot be added after the paper is reviewed. Step Three: Upload of the paper in pdf format. No more than 6 pages for review. The maximum length of final manuscript is six (6) pages.
  4. 4. IEEE and IEEE COMSOC Policies To ensure appropriate consideration of conflicts of interest during the review process, the ComSoc prohibits changes to the list of authors once a paper has been submitted for review during review, revision, or (if accepted) final publication. The author list may be changed only prior to the submission deadline. To be published in the APWiMob Conference Proceedings, an author of an accepted paper is required to register for the conference at the full (member or non-member) rate and the paper must be presented by an author of that paper at the conference unless the TPC Chair grants permission for a substitute presenter arranged in advance of the event and who is quailed both to present and answer questions. Non-refundable registration fees must be paid prior to uploading the final IEEE formatted, publication-ready version of the paper. Accepted and presented papers will be published in the APWiMob Conference Proceedings. For more detail or questions, please feel free to contact the conference organizers at Advisory Committee: • Arifin Nugroho, IEEE Indonesia Joint chapter of AESS / GRSS • Dino Flore, 3GPP TSG Radio Access Network • Eko Tjipto Rahardjo, IEEE Indonesia Joint chapter of MTT-S / APS • Latif Ladid, IEEE COMSOC 5G MWI Technical Subcommittee and IPv6 Forum • Satriyo Dharmato, IEEE Indonesia COMSOC Chapter Organizing Committee Chair : Ali Muayyadi, Telkom University, Indonesia, Vice Chairs: • Arief Hamdani Gunawan, Telkom Indonesia • M. Ary Murti, Telkom University, Indonesia. Secretary : Lingga Warhdana, Floatway Systems, Indonesia Publication : Henri P. Uranus, Universitas Pelita Harapan, Indonesia. Treasurer : Erwin Susanto, Telkom University, Indonesia. Technical Program Committee TPC Chairs: • Dr. Rina Pudjiastuti, Telkom University, Indonesia. • Prof. John E. Batubara, IEEE Indonesia Section TPC Members: First Name Aaron Abdelhakim Abdelmadjid Abdelmounaam Achmad Ahmed Akihito Alessandro Ali Alvaro Annie Anpeng Antonio Athanasios Athanasios Augusto Azizul Bang Chul Basem Bernd Bin Bing Bingli Bo Bong Jun Cailian Carl Carlos Carlos Becker Changyuan Chao-Fu Last Name Striegel Hafid Bouabdallah Rezgui Affandi Mehaoua Hiromori Carrega Abedi Suárez-Sarmiento Gravey Huang Pescapé Kanatas Vasilakos Casaca Rahman Jung Shihada Wolfinger Wu Zhang Jiao Zhou Choi Chen Debono Calafate Westphall Yu Wang Institution University of Notre Dame University of Montreal Universite de Technologie - Compiegne New Mexico Tech Institut Teknolodi Sepuluh Nopember University of Paris Descartes Osaka University University of Genoa University of Maine University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Institut Mines Telecom - Telecom Bretagne Peking University University of Napoli Federico II University of Piraeus National Technical University of Athens Instituto Superior Técnico in Lisbon Universiti Sains Malaysia Gyeongsang National University King Abdullah University of Science and Technology University of Hamburg Tianjin University National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) Peking University Qualcomm Inc. The State University of New York (SUNY) Korea Shanghai Jiao Tong University University of Malta Universidad Politécnica de Valencia Federal University of Santa Catarina National University of Singapore National University of Singapore Country USA Canada France USA Indonesia France Japan Italy USA Spain France P.R. China Italy Greece Greece Portugal Malaysia Korea Saudi Arabia Germany P.R. China Japan P.R. China USA Korea P.R. China Malta Spain Brazil Singapore Singapore
  5. 5. Chao-Kai Chau Chi Chung Chih-Shun Chow-Sing Christian Christopher Christos Chuan-Ming Chun-Chuan David Dennis Deqiang Dhadesugoor Dimitrios Dirk Eisuke Eko Emir Mauludi Emmanouel Emmanuel Enrique Fakhrul Farid Feng-Tsun Finn Francine Fu-Chun George George Go Guangliang Guanglin Gunawan Guu-Chang Ha Habib M. Hacene Haikal Haixia Hamid Hamid Han-You Heejung Heroe Hideaki Hidekazu Hideki Himal Hirozumi Hisham Homayoun Hong Hong Hongjia Hongjiang Houbing Howon Hsiao-Chun Hsing Hsuan-Jung Hwee Pink Hyun Kyu Hyun-Ho Ibrahim Ikmo Jae Sung Jae-Hyun Jaehyung Jalel Javier Jay Jenq-Shiou Jiahong Jiannong Jie Ji-Hoon Jingon Jiong Jiun-Long Wen Yuen Ko Hsu Lin Schindelhauer Ververidis Douligeris Liu Yang Liu Pfisterer Wang Vaman Vergados Staehle Kudoh Setijadi Husni Varvarigos Lochin Stevens-Navarro Alam Naït-Abdesselam Chien Aagesen Krief Zheng Karagiannidis Polyzos Hasegawa Ren Zhang Wibisono Yang Kha Ammari Fouchal El Abed Zhang Alasadi Sharif Jeong Yu Wijanto Matsue Murata Ochiai Suraweera Yamaguchi Almasaeid Nikookar Nie Wei Li Wang Song Lee Wu Mei Su Tan Chung Choi Habib Park Lim Park Park Ben-Othman Rubio-Loyola Cheng Leu Wang Cao Xu Yun Joung Jin Huang National Sun Yat-sen University Singapore University of Technology and Design National University of Singapore Shih Hsin University National University of Tainan University of Freiburg Athens University of Economics and Business University of Piraeus National Taipei University of Technology National Chi-Nan University Indiana University - Purdue University Fort Wayne University of Luebeck Shandong University Priarie View A&M University University of Piraeus Docomo Euro-Labs Tohoku Institute of Technology Institut Teknolodi Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology at Bandung University of Patras & Computer Technology Institute University of Toulouse - ISAE Universidad Autonoma de San Luis Potosi Massey University University of Paris Descartes National Chiao Tung University Norges Teknisk Naturvitenskapelige Universitet University of Bordeaux The University of Reading Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Athens University of Economics and Business Osaka University Xidian University Donghua University University of Indonesia National Chung Hsing University Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology University of Michigan-Dearborn Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne Technische Universität Braunschweig Shandong University Basra University University of Nebraska-Lincoln Pusan National University Yeungnam University Telkom University Tokyo University of Science Kyoto University Yokohama National University University of Peradeniya Osaka University Yarmouk University Delft University of Technology University of Northern Iowa Southeast University Institute of Acoustics, Chinese Academy of Sciences South China Normal University West Virginia University Hankyong National University Louisiana State University Fu Jen Catholic University National Taiwan University Institute for Infocomm Research Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute Hankyong National University City University of New York Ajou University Ajou University Chung-Ang University Chonnam National University University of Paris 13 CINVESTAV Tamaulipas National Tsing Hua University National Taiwan University of Science and Technology Iwate Prefrctural University Hong Kong Polytechnic Univ National University of Singapore Seoul National University of Science and Technology Institute for Infocomm Research Swinburne University of Technology National Chiao Tung University Taiwan Singapore Singapore Taiwan Taiwan Germany Greece Greece Taiwan Taiwan USA Germany P.R. China USA Greece Germany Japan Indonesia Indonesia Greece France Mexico New Zealand France Taiwan Norway France United Kingdom Greece Greece Japan P.R. China P.R. China Indonesia Taiwan Vietnam USA France Germany P.R. China Iraq USA Korea Korea Indonesia Japan Japan Japan Sri Lanka Japan Jordan The Netherlands USA P.R. China P.R. China P.R. China USA Korea USA Taiwan Taiwan Singapore Korea Korea USA Korea Korea Korea Korea France Mexico Taiwan Taiwan Japan Hong Kong Singapore Korea Singapore Australia Taiwan
  6. 6. John Jorge Jukka Jun June-Koo Kevin Kalman Katsuyoshi Kazuhiko Kazuo Ken Kenichi Khoirul KyungHi Kyu-Sung Leandro Li Liang Linawati Liqiang Liza Luis Manuel Mao-Chao Maode Marco Masahiro Maurizio Mesut Michel Mikael Min Ming Ming Mohamad Yusoff Mohamed Muhammad Ramlee N Nagham Nakjung Namje Nandana Nasser-Eddine Neeli Ngoc Ning Nordin Panagiotis Panagiotis Pascal Paulo Peng Hui Peng-Yong Petros Pham Pietro Pingyi Prosenjit Qing-An Qinghai Ram Gopal Ray Ray-Guang Renato Ridha Robert Roberto Roger Rolf Rong Ruay-Shiung Rui Rui Rung-Hung Russell Sangsu Sanjay Seong-Ho Seung-Hoon Shih-Hau Shin-Ming Lee Sá Silva Manner Li Rhee Graffi Iida Fukawa Mori Chen Higuchi Anwar Chang Hwang Buss Becker Song Zhou Zhao A. Latiff Muñoz Malumbres Lin Ma Listanti Umehira Casoni Guenes Jezequel Gidlund Wu Xiao Yu Alias Hassan Kamarudin Nasimuddin Saeed Choi Park Rajatheva Rikli Prasad Dang Liu Ramli Demestichas Papadimitriou Lorenz Pinto Tan Kong Nicopolitidis Tuan Manzoni Fan Bose Zeng Yang Gupta Sheriff Cheng de Moraes Hamila Morelos-Zaragoza Llorente Hoefel Kraemer Yu Chang Aguiar Dinis Gau Haines Jung Singh Jeong Hwang Fang Cheng Applied Communication Sciences University of Coimbra Aalto University University of Sydney Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology Universität Düsseldorf Tokyo Institute of Technology Tokyo Institute of Technology Mie University Université Paris 13 Tokyo University of Science Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology Inha University Kyungil University Federal University of Santa Catarina Shanghai Jiao Tong University Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications Universitas Udayana Xidian University University Technology Malaysia University of Cantabria Miguel Hernández University National Taiwan University Nanyang Technological University University of Rome "La Sapienza" Ibaraki University University of Modena and Reggio Emilia Freie Universitat Berlin Telecom Bretagne ABB Oracle Corporation Royal Institute of Technology Florida State University Multimedia University American University of Sharjah Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Institute for Infocomm Research Brunel University Bell-Labs, Alcatel-Lucent Jeju National University University of Oulu King Saud University Center for TeleInFrastructure (CTIF) Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology Broadcom Corporation MIMOS Berhad University of Piraeus Leibniz Universität Hannover University of Haute Alsace Universidade Nova de Lisboa Institute for Infocomm Research Khalifa University of Science, Technology & Research Aristotle University Da Nang University of Technology Universidad Politécnica de Valencia Tsinghua University Carleton Universty North Carolina A&T State University Xidian University Ministry of Information Technology and Communications University of Bradford National Taiwan University of Science and Technology University of Brasilia (UnB) Institute of Communication Engineering San Jose State University Universidad Politecnica de Valencia Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul IHP Microelectronics, Frankfurt/Oder Guangdong University of Technology National Dong Hwa University University of Aveiro Instituto de Telecomunicacoes National Chiao Tung University Toshiba Research Europe Ltd MtoV Co., Ltd. Manipal Institute of Technology Hankuk University of Foreign Studies Dongguk University Yuan Ze University National Taiwan University of Science and Technology USA Portugal Finland Australia Korea Germany Japan Japan Japan France Japan Japan Korea Korea Brazil P.R. China P.R. China Indonesia P.R. China Malaysia Spain Spain Taiwan Singapore Italy Japan Italy Germany France Sweden USA Sweden USA Malaysia UAE Malaysia Singapore United Kingdom Korea Korea Finland Saudi Arabia Denmark Vietnam USA Malaysia Greece Germany France Portugal Singapore UAE Greece Vietnam Spain P.R. China Canada USA P.R. China India United Kingdom Taiwan Brazil Finland USA Spain Brazil Germany P.R. China Taiwan Portugal Portugal Taiwan United Kingdom Korea India Korea Korea Taiwan Taiwan
  7. 7. Shinsuke Shoji Shuangqing Sofiene Soobin Stefan Stefan Stefanos Stenio Sumei Sungrae Susana Sy-Yen Tae Won Takashi Tapio Tarek Tasos Terje Teruyuki Tetsuya Thang Manh Theo Thomas Thorsten Tiffany Jing Tobias Tom Tor Tsungnan Ugo Ved Wei Wei Wei Weifa Wei-Guang Winston Won-Yong Wuyi Xiangbin Xianming Xiaofu Xiaohong Xiaoying Xin-Mao Xuefeng Yan Yanmin Yann Ye Yen-Wen Yifan Yinjing Yoon-Ho Yoshitaka Young-Chon Young-Long Yu Ted Yuanzhu Yuh-Ren Yukitoshi Yu-Kwong Yun Won Zbigniew Zhefu Zhou Zihuai Zygmunt Hara Kasahara Wei Affes Lee Fischer Mangold Gritzalis Fernandes Sun Cho Sargento Kuo Ban Kurimoto Frantti Djerafi Dagiuklas Jensen Hasegawa Kojima Hoang Kanter Chen Herfet Li Oechtering Rondeau Aulin Lin Dias Kafle Chen Li Wei Liang Teng Seah Shin Yue Yu Qing Wu Jiang Gan Hunag Yin Zhang Zhu Labit Xia Chen Chen Guo Choi Hara Kim Chen Su Chen Tsai Sanada Kwok Chung Dziong Shi Su Lin Haas Osaka City University Nara Institute of Science and Technology Louisiana State University Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique (INRS) Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology University of Lübeck Disney Research University of the Aegean Federal University of Pernambuco Institute for Infocomm Research Chung-Ang University Instituto de Telecomunicações, Universidade de Aveiro National Taiwan University Gyeongsang National University Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT) Finnish Research and Engineering Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique (INRS) Hellenic Open University Telenor KDDI R&D Laboratories Inc. Tokyo National College of Technology Hanoi University of Science and Technology Stockholm University City University London Saarland University Lehigh University KTH Royal Institute of Technology Rondeau Research, LLC Chalmers University of Technology National Taiwan University University of Brasilia National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) Tsinghua University Texas Southern University Xi'an University of Technology The Australian National University Natonal Cheng Kung University Victoria University of Wellington Dankook University Konan University Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics Institute for Infocomm Research Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications Future University-Hakodate Shanghai Jiao Tong University Aletheia University Tongji University Simula Research Laboratory and University of Oslo Shanghai Jiao Tong University LAAS-CNRS, Université de Toulouse University of Florida National Central University South University of Science and Technology of China Shandong University of Science & Technology Kyonggi University Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Chonbuk National University National Taichung University of Science and Technology National Chiao Tung University Memorial University of Newfoundland National Tsing Hua University Keio University University of Hong Kong Soongsil University École de technologie supérieure, University of Quebec University of Missouri - Kansas City Waseda University University of Sydney Cornell University Japan Japan USA Canada Korea Germany Switzerland Greece Brazil Singapore Korea Portugal Taiwan Korea Japan Finland Canada Greece Norway Japan Japan Vietnam Sweden United Kingdom Germany USA Sweden USA Sweden Taiwan Brazil Japan P.R. China USA P.R. China Australia Taiwan New Zealand Korea Japan P.R. China Singapore P.R. China Japan P.R. China Taiwan P.R. China Norway P.R. China France USA Taiwan P.R. China P.R. China Korea Japan Korea Taiwan Taiwan Canada Taiwan Japan Hong Kong Korea Canada USA Japan Australia USA