How To Succede In Dev Countries


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Norwegian support schemes for private sector development
Countries in focus
The roadmap

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How To Succede In Dev Countries

  1. 1. Hans-Martin Førsund International Counselling
  2. 2.  Introduction  Norwegian support schemes for private sector development  Countries in focus  The roadmap
  3. 3.  1979-1987: Communication expert in the Armed forces, Oslo  1989: Cand. Jur. Oslo  1989 – 1996: Lawyer, Norwegian Maritime Directorate  1996-2007: Consultant, Det Norske Veritas  2007: Adviser, Public Sector Development Department in Norad  2007: Manager, International Counselling
  4. 4. Norwegian company established in 2007, focused on helping companies succeed towards developing countries. Emphasis on: •Cross disciplinary co-operation •Holistic thinking and objectivity •Thorough analysis •Strategic planning •Reaching solutions •Innovation Experience: International Marine Standardization Risk Dev. assistance environment & certification management Priv sector dev Project Legal and inst Maritime & petro- &inst. dev. management development leum activities
  5. 5.  Matchmakingprogram  PSD schemes  Institutional co-operation  Type of costs to be refunded  Refund ratio
  6. 6. • Purpose: Establish sustainable and profitable JV between companies in Norway and certain developing countres. • Covers: South Africa, Sri Lanka and India + Vietnam (TIP) • Basic requirements: Long term, necessary resources for international co-operation (10 MNOK revenue), active ownership, risk willingness • Type of measures supported: Pre-studies and project identification studies • Adm by: Norad, Innovasjon Norge and NB Partner
  7. 7. • Purpose: Support schemes for Norwegian companies that wish to establish a long term business relationship in a developing country. • Covers: All developing countries • Basic requirements: – Application from company/institution – Sufficient resources for the venture – Business or project plan – Long term • Type of measures supported: Pre-studies, project identification, capacity building, product and marketing development, marketing, guarantee in connection with import to Norway, environmental measures, HIV/Aids measures, Working environment measures • Adm by: PSD department in Norad
  8. 8. • Purpose: – Development and strengthening of national, regional and international company and business related institutions in developing countries – Sector and thematic studies for mapping of commercial and investment potentials • Covers: Public and private institutions in all developing countries • Basic requirements: – Institutional development: Application from authorities or sector organisation in recipient country – Sector and thematic studies: Application from a Norwegian association • Type of measures supported: Strengthening of institutions and frameworks, information to the private sector • Adm by: PSD department in Norad in conjunction with the embassies
  9. 9.  Wages to employees  Fees to hired expertise  Travel costs and per diem  Other costs pre-approved by Norad
  10. 10.  Sector studies: 50-90%  Institutional co-operation: 100%  Establishment support: 50-90%
  11. 11. • Bangladesh • Sri Lanka • Indonesia • The Philippines • Azerbaidjan and other countries bordering the Caspian Sea • Namibia and other countries in Southern Africa • Nigeria
  12. 12. Implementation Of Project Adjusting plan Pre-study Norad Aims & Project Plan Application Strategy Desires & pre- conditions Project Idea
  13. 13. Hans-Martin Førsund International Counselling Chr. Skredsvigsvei 1 1344 Haslum Tlf: 67544688, Mob: 9137289 E-mail: