Becoming an Effective trainer


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These are just some skills and qualities a Teacher, Trainer or any one related to this field or willing to join this field must have, not only have them but also master them in order to excel in his career. Comment are highly appreciable.

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Becoming an Effective trainer

  2. 2. Becoming AnEffective Teacher
  3. 3. Content• Who is a Trainer / Teacher ?• Role of Teacher in our world.• Importance of an effective teacher.• Skills & Qualities of an effective teacher.• Q & A.
  4. 4. So, who is Teacher ?
  5. 5. First brick in the structure of socialdevelopment and perfection of individualsand communities.
  6. 6. Achiever Role of Teacher Illuminator Mentor EducatorDeveloper Reformer Guider Missionary Ideal
  7. 7. Saying of ProphetMuhammad (P.B.U.H)I have been sent as a Teacher. Ibn e Majah
  8. 8. Saying of Hazrat Ali (R.A) “One of the rights of the scholar is that you greet people generally and then greet him with a special greeting”. “Sit in front of him; Do not point with your hand in his presence, nor wink with your eye”. “If he needs anything, rush before everyone to serve him; Do not whisper in his presence; Do not grasp him by his garment”. “Do not hunt for his faults, and if he makes a mistake accept his excuse; Dignify him for the sake of ALLAH”. “Do not quote someone else who said opposite of what he said; Do not backbite anyone in his presence”. “Do not insist for answers when he becomes tired; Do not ever feel you have accompanied him enough, because he is like a palm tree from which people wait for fruits to drop from”.
  9. 9. “I am indebted to my father for living,but to my teacher for living well” (Alexander the Great) “Genius without education is like silver in the mine.” (Benjamin Franklin)
  10. 10. “Teach the children sothat it will not benecessary to teach theadults.” (Abraham Lincoln)
  11. 11. “Teaching is the greatest of all the arts, forthe teacher creates many master pieces allat the same time”. -- Michael Barringer
  12. 12. Skills & qualities of an effective teacher Energetic Talented CheerfulAmbitious Humane Eloquent Resourceful
  13. 13. An effective teacher is . . . Tale nted A teacher is some times like a candle which lights others While consuming itself. -Giovanni Ruffni.
  14. 14. A talented teacher is.. Trained Adept Learned Equipped Never ending learnerTakes questions
  15. 15. A talented teacher learns.. Teaching is a dynamic skill, Needs regular retraining & refreshing.
  16. 16. An effective teacher…Get the subject into student’s hearts Knows your stuff
  17. 17. An effective teacher is . . . Energetic“A teacher affecteternity; he can nevertell where his influencestops.” - Henry Adams.
  18. 18. The teacher ismore importantthan what heteaches.-Karl Menninger. Energetic body language Encouraging Gestures Good posture
  19. 19. A good teacher is Confident Know the subjectKnow the Audience Love the subject Prepare well Rehearse Be vibrant Visualize success Relax
  20. 20. An effective teacher is . . . Ambitious
  21. 21. An effective teacher is… Ambitious Be Positive Motivated To Excel Desire To Succeed Decide To SucceedDetermine To SucceedHave High Expectations
  22. 22. Decide to be an Effective teachers try and try and Effective Teacher try. And let students know they try. “ Determination,Energy & Courage appear Spontaneously when we care deeply about something.”
  23. 23. An effective “ Man is What he believes.”teacher takes -Anton Chekhov Risks An effective teacher has “They can, If there is no Because they chance of failure, think they can.” Then success is -Virgil meaningless.
  24. 24. AnEffectiveTeacher isCheerful
  25. 25. An Effective Teacher IsCheerfulHumorous Happy CleanWell dressed
  26. 26. An effective teacher is It is hard for people to Humorous disagree with you when you are Smiling Social LubricantMakes Class Enjoyable No Sarcasm, please
  27. 27. An effective teacher is . . Humane
  28. 28. Compassionate Understanding Supportive Forgiving Friendly GentleAn effective teacher is
  29. 29. An effective teacher is FriendlyOne looks back withappreciation to thebrilliant teachers, butwith gratitude to thosewho touched our humanfeelings. - Carl Jung
  30. 30. An Effective Teacher IsSupportiveWhen students reallyhave somethingimportant to say, theyshould be able to say itclearly, forcefully, andwith proper evidence.
  31. 31. An effective teacher is FairStudents should be assessed based onPerformance notPersonality.
  32. 32. Eloquent
  33. 33. An effective teacher is Eloquent FluentCommunicative Expressive Clear Pleasant
  34. 34. An effective teacher is Communicative Listen keenlyMaintain eye contact Mind your tone
  35. 35. An effective teacher is Intelligent Imaginative Original CreativeResourceful
  36. 36. An effective teacher has Common Sense Be pro-activeMake appropriate decisions Assess situations quickly Know what to ignore
  37. 37. The one who Explains – Good teacher. The one who Tells - Mediocre teacher.The one who Demonstrates – Superior teacher. The one who Inspires – Great teacher.
  38. 38. The teacher … Inspired … Who … you ?