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COMPANY profile

                                                                           Meinhardt has become one of ...

                                   Integration has been demonstrated to            As a resu...

                                   Meinhardt’s Planning Group contains           Meinhardt’s provision of plann...
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Bolinda Road Landfi...
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Williamstown Foresho...
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Apollo Bay Harbour Pr...
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5-9 Yarra Street,...
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Lae Street, West Foot...
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Strategic Planning Studies ...
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Planning Capability Statement


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Planning Capability Statement

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Planning Capability Statement

  1. 1. PLANNING CAPABILITY w w w. m e i n h a rd t g ro u p . c o m
  2. 2. TABLE of CONTENTs Company profile ................................................................1 ToTal inTegraTed SoluTionS ..........................................2 planning ..............................................................................3 Relevant Project Experience - Strategic Planning ...................................... 5 Relevant Project Experience - Statutory Planning ..................................... 8 Other Relevant Project Experience............................................................... 10 | meinHardT - planning CapaBiliTy STaTemenT |
  3. 3. COMPANY profile Meinhardt has become one of the very Meinhardt’s project consulting services few multi-disciplinary firms operating focus on key market sectors including: internationally in a growing number of market sectors. Our strength lies in PROPERTY the quality of our people, our closely > Urban Land Development integrated disciplines and a shared > Buildings global technology and knowledge base. > Industrial The company continues to build on > Leisure & Recreation more than 50 years of innovation, > Retail utilising emerging technologies and responding to client needs > EsD/sustainability through new divisions including > Planning Building Sciences, Infrastructure and ENVIRONMENT Environment and Meinhardt Light Art. > Waste Management > Hydrogeology > Contaminated soil > Water Quality > Environmental Planning TRANsPORT > Aviation > Road London Beijing > Rail Shanghai Dallas Miami Shenzhen Macao Hong Kong The scope of services offered includes Islamabad New Delhi Lahore Hanoi master planning, feasibility studies, Bahrain Qatar Abu Dhabi Dubai Karachi Bangkok Da Nang Manila benchmarking, energy audits, design, Chennai Kuala Lumpur Ho Chi Minh documentation, tendering, Singapore supervision during construction, Jakarta commissioning, post contract evaluation and asset management. Adelaide Brisbane These services are provided by our offices throughout Australia, Asia, United Sydney Melbourne Kingdom and the UsA. | meinHardT - planning CapaBiliTy STaTemenT p. 1 |
  4. 4. TOTAL inTergraTed sOLUTIONs Integration has been demonstrated to As a result of this structure our various benefit our clients by ensuring solutions disciplines can access and share all the are fully coordinated and holistic. knowledge and technology gained and/ or developed by the offices at the various As a multi-disciplinary practice we geographical locations. provide a total team approach to all aspects of the project including planning, This also enables us to readily undertake building services, civil, structural, facade, national and international projects in a environmental and infrastructure. single or multi-project office environment. Our philosophy is simple: our clients’ Further details on the diversity of the needs are paramount. Yet determining Meinhardt Group can be found on our those needs is rarely a simple task. In Group website – order to produce the ultimate solution, we take the time to understand our clients’ business and all relevant factors. The outcome is a solution that has the flexibility to cater for changing conditions and provide “added value” to the client. The Meinhardt Group maintains a centralised technology and knowledge base such as information technology, technical development, leading edge design solutions just to name a few. | meinHardT - planning CapaBiliTy STaTemenT p. 2 |
  5. 5. PLANNING Meinhardt’s Planning Group contains Meinhardt’s provision of planning services personnel with extensive experience includes preparation of Master Plans in all phases of property planning and and Urban Design Framework Plans; development and knowledge of both strategic studies; reviews, preparation public and private sector requirements. and assessment of planning permit applications and/or planning scheme Meinhardt has: amendments; community consultation; > Demonstrated success in Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal managing and implementing (VCAT) representation; preparation and complex planning and presentation of a range of funding and development projects. planning submissions and assessment of > Extensive experience in the various government planning reviews. formation and management of Meinhardt staff also have significant project teams and consortia experience at local government level focused on land development. and with state Government projects > Proven capability in relation to and initiatives that will ensure that sensitive situations and Meinhardt can readily respond to meet the provision of successful all requirements of relevant legislation. external consultations. Meinhardt has a well established track > Detailed knowledge of record in the effective management of contemporary planning practice, complex projects and diverse skills to legislation and theory. ensure a most comprehensive and well > Experience throughout Australia founded outcome is achieved. that can provide a local appreciation or a national context for planning projects. The Meinhardt Planning Group is an integral component of Meinhardt’s multi-disciplinary team that delivers total project based services and sustainable development solutions. | meinHardT - planning CapaBiliTy STaTemenT p. 3 |
  6. 6. RELEVANT proJeCT EXPERIENCE | PLAnnIng - STRATEgIC | Bolinda Road Landfill Site Master Plan Coastal Towns Design Framework Mortlake Urban Design Framework and Wellington Planning Scheme (UDF) Meinhardt has been appointed to lead Amendment C50 the preparation of a master plan for the Meinhardt was appointed by Moyne former landfill site on Bolinda Road in The Coastal Towns Design Framework shire to prepare a UDF for the town of Campbellfield. was the largest urban design framework Mortlake. Mortlake is a well-serviced project to be conducted in regional rural town located in the heart of the The former landfill site is located Victoria. It comprised planning and agricultural and pastoral Western District approximately 13km north of Melbourne design studies of 19 settlements and of Victoria. There is considerable potential and the study area measures adjacent areas located along over 300 for growth in Mortlake with development approximately 36 hectares. kilometres of Victoria’s eastern coast interest in the residential, industrial and Council’s vision is to create a waste – extending from Robertson’s Beach commercial sectors. The UDF provides management precinct at this location, to near Wilson’s Promontory to Mallacoota strategic guidance for development over maximise resource recovery from locally near the NsW border. The project area a 25 year time frame, in order to protect generated waste streams from residents also included Metung, Loch sport and and enhance the town’s amenity and to and commercial and industrial activity. other towns within the Gippsland Lakes maximise community benefits. area. Meinhardt was the lead consultant The aim of this master plan is to identify The preparation of documentation to assess the development needs and opportunities for a range of uses including included: potential of each settlement and prepare commercial and industrial developments, > Detailed township analysis to a strategic planning framework to passive recreation and waste identify relevant strategic policy, assist local Councils to manage growth management and resource recovery key natural and built resources, pressures, in these popular holiday and operations. economic activities and social and retirement areas. Master plans and cost estimates for priority projects within each demographic trends. town were prepared. > Consultation with the community and local stakeholders. Meinhardt acted for Wellington shire Council to amend its Planning scheme > Assessment of land supply and to incorporate the recommendations of demand for rural residential uses. the design frameworks. This included > The preparation of objectives, representation of the Wellington shire strategies and policies to support the Council at the Planning Panels hearing. vision for the town. > Preparation of a master plan and cost estimates for the commercial precinct. > Preparation of an implementation plan to deliver the UDF recommendations. | meinHardT infraSTruCTure & environmenT CapaBiliTy STaTemenT p. 4 |
  7. 7. RELEVANT proJeCT EXPERIENCE | PLAnnIng - STRATEgIC | Williamstown Foreshore Strategic Plan Stony Point to Cowes Vehicular Ferry Portarlington Safe Harbour Master Plan Review Meinhardt has recently been appointed Meinhardt has been appointed as the lead Meinhardt has been appointed to lead as lead consultant for the stony Point to consultant to prepare a comprehensive a review of the Williamstown Foreshore Cowes Vehicular Ferry project. master plan for the development of a strategic Plan. The strategic Plan focuses unique tourist and community precinct The purpose of this project is to undertake on the crown land and adjoining waterside focusing on the existing pier and adjoining a detailed planning process and the from stony Creek Park to Point Gellibrand public land in Portarlington. The study is conceptual design work including statutory Coastal Heritage Park and will provide nearing completion and has comprised approval stage. Tasks include stakeholder direction for its use and development over the preparation of various technical/gap management and community consultation, the next ten years. studies, development of a master plan, development of a traffic and parking cost estimates and economic assessment. The study area is located 13 km south management plan and preparation of - west of Melbourne and is a popular necessary approval documents for the stakeholders engaged during the boating and tourist destination with creation of a vehicular link and passenger study have included: Local and various land and water based uses, ferry facility from stony Point in the state Government representatives, including industrial, retail / commercial, Mornington Peninsula region to Cowes in aquaculture industry, local traders, tourism, recreation and boating. The the Bass Coast region. community groups, residents, absentee project includes an extensive consultation landholders and visitors. stakeholder program including focus groups / involvement has been facilitated by the workshops, meeting / discussions with use of information sessions, displays, key stakeholders and a public display / focus groups, meetings/discussions with information session which shall contribute key stakeholders and preparation of towards the decisions made in the new newsletters/feedback forms. strategic Plan. | meinHardT infraSTruCTure & environmenT CapaBiliTy STaTemenT p. 5 |
  8. 8. RELEVANT proJeCT EXPERIENCE | PLAnnIng - STRATEgIC | Apollo Bay Harbour Precinct Master Port Fairy geothermal Spa Feasibility Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village Tourist Plan Accommodation and Business Study Port Fairy is a popular coastal holiday The Meinhardt Planning Group was and weekend destination approximately Meinhardt was appointed as the lead appointed as the lead consultant to 290 kilometres south west of Melbourne. consultant to undertake an assessment prepare a comprehensive master plan The town’s water supply comes from of regional accommodation performance for the development of a unique tourist aquifers below the ground, with water and make recommendations on any and community precinct focusing on being extracted at a temperature of opportunities that may be available within the harbour and adjoining public land, approximately 44 degrees Celcius. the Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village Precinct which is currently used as a golf course. to provide accommodation. The proposed development of a The master plan was supported by geothermal spa facility in the Port Fairy Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village is a man an economic impact assessment and region aims to capitalise on the popularity made attraction in Warrnambool which feasibility study. of this industry and strengthen Victoria’s was first developed in 1975. It is a Tasks undertaken by Meinhardt as part of position as a leading destination for spa regionally significant heritage themed the study included: and wellness tourism in Australia. tourism attraction located on the Great > Examination of previous strategic Ocean Road, approximately 3 hours Meinhardt was appointed as the lead work undertaken for the site. south West of Melbourne. The precinct consultant to prepare a feasibility study comprises approximately 10 acres of > Review of existing conditions. for the development of a geothermal spa elevated Crown land and is situated close > Preparation of a Precinct Vision. facility in the Port Fairy region. Tasks to Warrnambool CBD with views to Lady included selection of a preferred site, > Assessment of key elements of the Bay, surf beaches and harbour area. concept design, financial assessment, draft Master Plan. potential funding identification and One of the issues identified in Navigation > Preparation of communications management options. 2007 (Council’s Marketing strategy for material, including newsletter and Flagstaff Hill) was the need to investigate feedback form. revenue options to improve Flagstaff Hill’s > Attendance at stakeholder financial performance. The introduction consultation sessions. of accommodation was seen as a key opportunity. | meinHardT infraSTruCTure & environmenT CapaBiliTy STaTemenT p. 6 |
  9. 9. RELEVANT proJeCT EXPERIENCE | PLAnnIng - STRATEgIC | Chirnside Park Urban Design Horseshoe Bend Precinct Structure Masterplan – Yarra Ranges City Council Plan Meinhardt undertook a planning, Meinhardt has been sought by Lead environmental and engineering Consultant, GbLA Landscape Architects assessment to inform the Urban Design Pty Ltd, to provide town planning Framework for Chirnside Park Activity services to assist in the preparation of the Centre. Horseshoe Bend Precinct structure Plan (HsBPsP). The aim of this project was to provide an articulated urban design vision Horseshoe Bend is located within the with associated requirements to direct Armstrong Creek Growth Area which is a and guide private and public sector major growth front for the City of Geelong, development in the Activity Centre. Victoria. The Horseshoe Bend Precinct consists of a land area of approximately Specific tasks undertaken included: 683 hectares. The growth area will take > Structure Plan and policy context in the order of 25 years to fully develop review; and will realise a population in the order > Contribution to the development of of 55,000 people to be accommodated in urban design guidelines in relation to 22,000 households. their translation to planning scheme Meinhardt’s key roles in this project mechanisms (i.e. overlay controls) include: for the Activity Centre; > The provision of sound and objective > Advice on stormwater and water planning advice, including the sensitive urban design treatments. identification and confirmation of relevant planning regulations, guidelines and issues that relate to the PsP. > To draft the PsP document and plans, making modifications as determined by the project participants. > To liaise with the Responsible Authority and any other relevant authorities regarding issues associated with requirements for the preparation of the PsP. | meinHardT infraSTruCTure & environmenT CapaBiliTy STaTemenT p. 7 |
  10. 10. RELEVANT proJeCT EXPERIENCE | PLAnnIng - STATUTORY | 5-9 Yarra Street, South Yarra SITA Alternate Waste Facility, Hallam Shell Australia The development at 5-9 Yarra street, This $45 million project involved the Meinhardt prepares, submits and south Yarra comprises two new towers in redevelopment of an existing sand quarry manages the approval process for the Melbourne’s inner east. Measuring a total within a residential area in metropolitan rollout of new shell service stations of 22 levels, the building will contain a mix Melbourne for the purposes of an Alternate across Australia. These projects include of uses featuring standard apartments, Waste Treatment facility. Meinhardt assessment against a variety of local serviced hotel accommodation, podium acted as Project Manager and prepared and state planning and environmental office suites, car parking and ground floor all documentation for the purposes of policies. Assessment of applications retail. An adjacent tower to the north will obtaining planning approval for the new involves consultation with state regulatory feature 15 levels of commercial office facility. The overall submission included, authorities and local communities. These suites and ground floor retail space that noise, odour, flora, fauna, vermin, visual projects generally require quick response forms part of the Yarra Lane thoroughfare and traffic reports. times at the direction of shell. between Yarra street and Claremont Meinhardt prepared the planning report street. and successfully obtained planning Meinhardt staff were involved in the approval from Casey City Council. original approvals for the development and have been retained as the principal planning consultant to negotiate ongoing amendments and approvals regarding the project. | meinHardT infraSTruCTure & environmenT CapaBiliTy STaTemenT p. 8 |
  11. 11. RELEVANT proJeCT EXPERIENCE | PLAnnIng - STATUTORY | Lae Street, West Footscray 50 Claremont Street, South Yarra Tram Infrastructure Projects Meinhardt has been appointed to provide Meinhardt was engaged by Red C Meinhardt has undertaken a number planning advice and statutory planning Properties on behalf of Michael Yates Pty of tram related projects addressing tasks associated with the preparation and Ltd to manage the planning approvals both statutory and strategic planning submission of a planning application for associated with the development of a requirements. the development of land for a multi-unit $60 million, 20 level residential building Tasks have included the following: residential development at Lae street, at 50-54 Claremont Street, South Yarra. West Footscray. Meinhardt specialist knowledge in relation > Preparation of planning to development in the inner suburbs of applications for construction of tram The site is a strategic in-fill site, and infrastructure. Melbourne has contributed to expediting presents an opportunity to show-case the assessment process. > Review of policy context for delivery EsD Principles through design and of public transport (local, regional, construction. The proposal has been The City of stonnington has recently state and Federal). designed to take advantage of many issued a Planning Permit for this project. natural elements, including the provision > Assessment of market demand for of improved access to the public realm new tram infrastructure. along stony Creek, and the retention of > Tram stop assessment to develop native vegetation. a strategic approach to the refurbishment of stops to achieve An application has been lodged with DDA access compliance. the City of Maribyrnong Council and is awaiting approval. > stakeholder consultation. Projects undertaken by Meinhardt include: > Planning reports to support various planning permit applications for the construction of platform stops and depot works. > st Kilda to Port Melbourne Transport Link Feasibility study. > Tram stop Refurbishment strategy 2007-2017 for the City of Port Phillip. | meinHardT infraSTruCTure & environmenT CapaBiliTy STaTemenT p. 9 |
  12. 12. OTHER RELEVANT proJeCT EXPERIENCE | PLAnnIng | Strategic Planning Studies Local and State government Tender Statutory Planning/Planning Panels/ Panels VCAT The Meinhardt Planning Group has experience in the preparation of a range Meinhardt has been engaged by the state Meinhardt has a well established track of strategic planning documents, often as Government Department of Planning and record in the effective management of the lead consultant. The firm’s experience Community Development and a number of complex statutory planning projects comprises master plans, structure plans, metropolitan, regional and rural Councils and diverse skills to ensure a most urban design frameworks, feasibility to provide planning advice, including both comprehensive and well founded outcome studies, business/investment studies, strategic planning and statutory planning is achieved. This statutory planning policy reviews and housing strategies. services on development applications. experience includes the following: Examples of projects undertaken by > Boroondara City Council – various Planning Scheme Amendments Meinhardt staff include: development application reports > Camberwell Junction structure Plan Meinhardt has experience in preparation and recommendations and VCAT Review. of planning scheme amendment representation. > Camberwell Railway station Urban documentation to facilitate private > Ballarat Waste Transfer station at Design Framework. development proposals as well as Alfredton (statewide Waste). implementation of government policy. > The Frankston Project (urban design > Willison Park Pavilion, Camberwell This has included the assessment of framework). (City of Boroondara). amendment requests, the drafting of > Hexham Strategy Plan. amendment controls to be included in the > In Vessel Facility - Bunting Road, > Port Welshpool strategy Plan. planning scheme and the management of Brooklyn. > stonnington Local Housing public notification, consultation and review > Mt Erica Hotel – Prahran. strategy. of public submissions. Meinhardt planning > 5-9 Yarra street, south Yarra. team members experience in planning > Yarra River Corridor Guidelines. > 16 Flockhart Street, Abbotsford. scheme amendments include: > “Forrest Hill” (former) industrial > Wellington Planning scheme precinct in south Yarra – various Amendment C50. major multi storey office and > Learmonth C87 Planning Scheme residential redevelopments Amendment. throughout the precinct. > stonnington Entertainment Uses and Additional Planning Experience Licensed Premises Policy Review. > Chadstone Place. In addition to the experience obtained at > stonington Mansion. Meinhardt, Planning Group staff members have gained extensive experience and > stonnington student provided extensive advice, negotiation Accommodation Policy. and assessment services to a variety of > stonnington Local Housing Policy. local government authorities on a broad stonnington Neighbourhood range of planning strategies, development Character strategy. and use proposals from small to > Yarra Built Form Review complex applications, including urban > Yarra Design Guidelines for and environmental considerations, and Development over 3 storeys. planning scheme amendments. > Banyule Significant Tree & As part of the management of planning Vegetation study. application submissions, Meinhardt can manage post-Council procedures, which involve representation at Planning Panels. | meinHardT infraSTruCTure & environmenT CapaBiliTy STaTemenT p. 10 |