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  • Idag är det svårt att veta vad man letar efter, informationsmängden är så stor, från finna till upptäcka
  • Fulltextindexering visar på styrkan med verktyget och på att relevansrankningen fungerar
  • Elsevier artiklar från 2006, hittar den här artikeln som inte har bakterierna som ämnesord eller i abstract. #win
  • Carol Tenopir (University of Tennessee, Knoxville) Ken Chad
  • Bibliotekens inf

    1. 1. Teknisk infrastruktur& systemfloranDaniel ForsmanÖppet ForumBiblioteksdagarna - 9 maj, 2012
    2. 2. Research Libraries, Risk and Systemic Change -
    3. 3. Hur vill vi attbibliotekssystemen fungerar2014 och vilka är våra partners?
    4. 4. Alma Sierra OCLC Voyager Millennium Saga SwePub SFX Koha Omvärld … Verde 360 Core Externa Summon Nationellt Internationellt EzProxy Lokalt Interna Digitalisering Regionalt SciglooHur vill vi att systemen fungerar 2014 ochvilka är våra partners? KB Ideologi System SUHF Leverantörer Känsla Chalmers
    5. 5. Is the development of technology linear or exponential?
    6. 6. Number of records for journal articles for nine databases 1980–2007 (semi logarithmic scale)Scientometrics. 2010 September; 84(3): 575–603.
    7. 7. Lars Juhl Jensen -
    8. 8. Lars Juhl Jensen -
    9. 9. Lars Juhl Jensen -
    10. 10. ~45 seconds per paperLars Juhl Jensen -
    11. 11. E-journals: their use, value and impactKey findingsE-journals are a big dealE-journals are the life-blood of UK research institutionsIt is now estimated that 96.1 per cent of journal titles in science,technology and medicineare available onlineNearly everything made available is usedInformation seeking is fast and direct – researchers use gateway sitesUsage is rising and cost-per-use is fallingHigh levels of expenditure are associated with high levels of use- Research Information Network
    12. 12. “During the recession there was a reduction in cost for most commodities andgoods—with the Consumer Price Index (CPI) dropping in 2009 and onlyincreasing 1.6 percent in 2010. During that same period, serials prices continuedto rise at well above the CPI (four to five percent), and, against the backdrop ofdecreased funding for libraries, price increases are very hard to sustain. Librariesdo not have the resources to continue to exist in a world of ever-increasingprices, nor can publishers exist in world of no revenue increases.” Periodicals Price Survey 2011: Under Pressure, Times Are Changing
    13. 13. Tenopir, “Investment in the Library: What’s the Return?” Madrid, April 2009
    14. 14. “The Web, they say, is leaving the era of search andentering one of discovery. What’s the difference? Searchis what you do when you’re looking for something.Discovery is when something wonderful that you didn’tknow existed, or didn’t know how to ask for, finds you.” - Jeffrey M. O’Brien, “The race to create a ’smart’ Google”
    15. 15. Chalmers postbestånd i Libris 2012-04-11 421 307
    16. 16. 0,0016
    17. 17. Chalmers bestånd i Summon 2012-05-08
    18. 18. Answers on a postcard, please...“As early as 2004, in a focus group for one of my research studies, a college freshman bemoaned, ‘Why is Google so easy and the library so hard?’” – Carol Tenopir, University of Tennessee, Knoxville (“Visualize the Perfect Search”, Library Journal, 2009)
    19. 19. Dave Pattern - CONSPIRACY THEORY #2 Why are we trying to turn our users into mini-librarians?• Thou shalt not use yonder library until thou hast the understanding of... abstracts, Boolean operators, classmarks, Dewey Decimal, electronic resources, folios, grey literature, holds, indexes, journals, keywords, loan periods, monographs, non-fiction, overdues, periodicals, quartos, recalls, stacks, truncation, union catalogues, volumes, wildcards, xylographs, you’ve got incredibly good eyesight if you can read this bit, Z39.50 ... 31
    20. 20. … as a service
    21. 21. Proxy 1 hour Link resolver Repo- ERM Disc- sitory overyJournal Union ILS A-Z Repo- sitory Union catalog Uni. User Union DB Disc- overy Vendor Data- provided base MARC A-Z Manual update
    22. 22. Agile manifestoVi finner bättre sätt att utveckla programvaragenom att utvecklas själva och hjälpa andra att utveckla.Genom detta arbete har vi kommit att värdesätta:Individer och interaktioner framför processer och verktygFungerande programvara framför omfattande dokumentationKundsamarbete framför kontraktsförhandlingAnpassning till förändring framför att följa en planDet vill säga, medan det finns värde i punkterna till höger,värdesätter vi punkterna till vänster mer.
    23. 23. A Librarians 2.0 Manifesto Laura Cohen, 2006
    24. 24. I will recognize that the universe ofinformation culture is changing fast and thatlibraries need to respond positively to thesechanges to provide resources and servicesthat users need and want I will educate myself about the information culture of my users and look for ways to incorporate what I learn into library services
    25. 25. I will be courageous about proposing newservices and new ways of providingservices, even though some of mycolleagues will be resistant I will not be defensive about my library, but will look clearly at its situation and make an honest assessment about what can be accomplished I will become an active participant in moving my library forward
    26. 26. I will enjoy the excitement and fun of positivechange and will convey this to colleagues andusers I will let go of previous practices if there is a better way to do things now, even if these practices once seemed so great I will take an experimental approach to change and be willing to make mistakes
    27. 27. I will avoid requiring users to see things in librarians terms but rather will shape services to reflect users preferences and expectations I will not wait until something is perfect before I release it, and Ill modify it based on user feedbackI will create open Web sites that allow users to joinwith librarians to contribute content in order toenhance their learning experience and provideassistance to their peers
    28. 28. I will validate, through myactions, librarians vital andrelevant professional role inany type of informationculture that evolves