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Microsoft Project project: Team D on Zappos


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Contains sound and animation, Powerpoint viewer highly recommended.

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Microsoft Project project: Team D on Zappos

  1. 1. Team D on Zappos Starring: Carolina Pestana Jaylene Ashby Melody Echavarria Milton Cerda Svyatoslav DolgolevskiyPresentation #2: The Boring One Challenge Accepted
  2. 2. MONDAY
  3. 3. Monday• Professor Vragov sends out instructions and warns that he will not be in town for the next two classes;• Team D really reads into the instructions;• Team D finds them contradictory and confusing: – Are there two separate presentations after all? – How can a website be described for 25 minutes with slides? – How can this “task” be broken into smaller subtasks?• Team D requests clarifications from professor.
  4. 4. TUESDAY
  5. 5. Tuesday• Professor Vragov responds, confirming two separate presentations; suggesting doing what is told;• Members of Team D search ways to get in touch and communicate outside the not exactly perfect Blackboard;• Three members succeed; one restrains.
  7. 7. Wednesday• Team D conducts a first meeting in class sans one team member;• Assignment is actively discussed, still being confusing and somewhat disliked;• Websites are discussed; Zappos chosen;• Roles distributed: – Project manager: Slava; – Secretary: Jaylene; – Smart one: Carolina; – Creative department: Melody;• Responsibilities distributed;• Project files started;• Major part of the first presentation is finished before the end of the class.
  8. 8. Wednesday
  9. 9. Immediately,NEXT WEDNESDAY
  10. 10. Next Wednesday• Team D conducts a second meeting in class; last team member suddenly appears;• Another team member suddenly disappears; balance is maintained;• Projects are on track;• First presentation is ready to be merged into a single file; fails to do so due to the absence of the entire creative department;• Questions arise: – What exactly should be in the second presentation? – Which of the two presentations gets to be presented?• A new email to professor Vragov is written;• Professor Pazdrowski attends the class; asks about the project; looks confused.
  11. 11. Next Wednesday
  12. 12. THURSDAY
  13. 13. Thursday• Professor Vragov replies; says it is the second presentation that gets presented; instructs to include screenshots of the project files as well as everything that happened to the team while on the project;• Team D is deeply disappointed to find that the presentation that has been in the making for an entire week and is ready doesn’t get to reach the public in the end;• Team D sends professor a letter of disagreement; suggests teams present the “fun” presentations and submit project files instead.
  14. 14. Thursday
  15. 15. FRIDAY
  16. 16. Friday• Professor declines.
  17. 17. WEEKEND
  18. 18. MONDAY 2 days left
  19. 19. Monday• Team members share files with each other;• Individual project files are linked into the Master file;• Microsoft Project 2010 wins “The Most Confusing Software Experience for a Thousand Dollars” Award.
  20. 20. TUESDAY 1 day left
  21. 21. Tuesday• Other final exams suddenly occur;• Christmas songs start to annoy;• This presentation is born;• Team D hopes for the best; prepares for the worst.
  22. 22. (Thank you)
  23. 23. Team D: Carolina Pestana Jaylene Ashby Melody Echavarria Milton CerdaSvyatoslav DolgolevskiySpecial thanks to: Professor Vragov