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iPhone data

  1. 1. iPhone Update Controversy
  2. 2. Germany has gained the selling rights to the Apple iPhone . It will be the first nation to sell the iPhone overseas. The iPhone you have can be easily updated. All these people for a phone?! Google Video Update 1.1.1 has come and gone, and now every iPhone owner is waiting for the next software revision. I'm loving my iPhone. if you have an iPhone DON'T UPGRADE TO 1.1.1, otherwise you will probaly *never* be able to use the hacks to enable use on other networks or 3rd party apps. Google Blog Search Mac users should know by now that the next version of Leopard is due out by the end of this month and one of the features demoed by Steve himself was Web Clip Widgets . Last week's update brought the iPhone closer to perfection. As promised (maybe threatened is a better word), the update had the effect of disabling iPhone ユ s unlocked using either the free solutions created by the iPhone Dev Team or the commercial iPhoneSIMFree. Google News Neutral Quotes Positive Quotes Negative Quotes
  3. 3. The new firmware for the iPhone was released from Apple late last week. The iPhone 1.1.1 update has a hidden little surprise for y'all: Bluetooth audio streaming is now available off of your iPhone for whatever you darn please, meaning you can finally listen to music from the phone wirelessly. "Nokia has responded instantly to the iPhone update-bricking fiasco by running a series of flyposter ads pointing out its own hardware and software is open BlogPulse Apparently though, according to a Wall Street Journal columnist, Apple will be releasing a software update character handling in the SMS app also seems to have been improved Class Action lawsuit being prepared against Apple for bricking iPhones Technorati Nokia, the internet company, is advertising going to be a major part of the new strategy Apple Inc.'s iPhone may still have the world's heart aflutter I got my hands on an iPhone , and it was seriously lacking a little Ask.com Blog Search Neutral Quotes Positive Quotes Negative Quotes
  4. 4. The iPhone Update is now available. The download is 152 Mbs An excellent interview about the state of developing for the iPhone and how much work Ambrosia's putting in to get iToner to work. Many people seem to think Apple is deliberately "bricking" hacked iPhones with a software update as payback for users having the temerity to hack the devices Digg They released a new software update which iPhone users had to agree to install The iphone software update 1.1.1 fixed that issue of my iphone to-do list iPhone update locks the phone and disables third party apps Icerocket Neutral Quotes Positive Quotes Negative Quotes