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Bic Custom Pens


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Buy HALO’s Promotional BIC pens including custom BIC pens for FREE samples, low minimums & up to $100 off your 1st order! Exceptional BIC’s desk supplies to represent your promotional product
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Bic Custom Pens

  1. 1. HALO1980 Industrial Drive Sterling, IL - 61081 (815) 625-0980 USA
  2. 2. Choose the Right Custom Pen or Pencil for Your Target AudienceCustom pencils and custom pens and are hugely popular as advertising specialty items. That’s because they’re affordable and they work! Giving a customer or prospect the perfect pen creates positive impressions of your brand and reinforces that impression over a long period of time.But making the right selection is a daunting job. You’re faced with endless combinations of colors, materials, and styles – barrel materials, thumb cushions, caps, inks, leads, colors, point styles, retractable mechanisms—the list goes on.
  3. 3. According to distributor, one of the largest U.S. distributors of Bic custom pens, you’ll get the best return on your investment if you match your writing instrument to your target demographic.Take time to think through your brand positioning, the needs of your audience, and your method of distribution. Know your customer’s likes and dislikes, and choose from hundreds of styles the one that you know will appeal. Use your distributor’s sales representatives for guidance. Distributors’ online catalogs are a great starting point for ideas.Are you trying to convey quality, economy, or a certain style? Always choose a quality product that works well and will be an oft-used favorite.For example, you’ll want to choose an upscale pen or pencil if you sell high-value items or services, such as financial planning and investment or architectural design.
  4. 4. If environmental considerations are important to your brand positioning, choose from a refillable, PVC-free, and recycled product. Custom pencils can be old-fashioned, handsomely imprinted wooden pencils.Or choose a sophisticated metal or economical plastic mechanical pencil. These, too, come in a wide variety of styles, colors, and points. Giving away a nicely branded pen or pencil is definitely an affordable way to build positive brand awareness and recall.In one study,over half of recipients reported using such giveaways daily and doing business with the companies who gave away the items. What’s more, they reported that their impression of the company was more positive after receiving the promotional item.