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Customized Pens


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Popularize brand recognition for your business with our striking logo pens including promo pens, personalized pens, customized pens & more for low minimums guaranteed. Shop brand exposure now! Log on

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Customized Pens

  1. 1. WELCOME HALO1980 Industrial Drive Sterling, IL - 61081 (815) 625-0980 USA
  2. 2. How to Use Personalized Pens and Pencils to Market EffectivelyWhen it comes to marketing, the personal touch is always the best way to go.How so? Consider using personalized pens and personalized pencils to marketyour company effectively. Simply imprint your company’s logo, brandingmessage and/or contact information on promotional writing instruments andmake them available to your customers. Chances are, your customers need apen or pencil in their everyday lives. So why not provide them with what theyneed while branding your company at the same time?
  3. 3. Offering personalized pens and pencils with your company’s marketingmessage kills two birds with one stone: It provides your customers withsomething they need (writing instruments) while promoting your company atthe same time.Personalized pens and pencils serve as a permanent business card that is usefulto your target audience. These branded writing instruments can be used byyour company to grab attention, boost sales, say thank you, raiseawareness, promote a campaign and spread the word about your cause orbrand.
  4. 4. Logo pens help fill a variety of advertising needs, and they can become anintegral part of every marketing manager’s arsenal. Their creative applicationsare endless. As promotional products, personalized pens and pencils offeroutstanding utility, which is why they are so popular.Companies and organizations can increase their reach at tradeshows, churchservices and other events that attract large audiences through personalized pensand pencils. Since everyone loves a free pen or pencil, these logo writinginstruments make the perfect giveaway.
  5. 5. On the other hand, if your clients tend to be C-level executives, you mightwant to consider purchasing high-end writing instruments that these executiveswill retain due to their perceived value and quality. Likewise, banks, lendinginstitutions and law firms typically purchase executive-quality promotionalpens to use during contract negotiations.
  6. 6. Educational institutions such as schools, universities and learning centers oftenpurchase logo pens and pencils to give to students or clients who are testing.There is no limit to the ways personalized pens and custom pencils can beused to market your company or organization.
  7. 7. THANK YOU HALO1980 Industrial Drive Sterling, IL - 61081 (815) 625-0980 USA