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Gardenia company profile

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  • Why? It is the only unified network access management and control solution How? ( Reduce Costs ) Configure the access network and monitor network use across all locations. ( Reduce Risk ) Identify devices, authenticate users, police network access across all locations. ( Deliver Services ) Inherently scalable and resilient to support thousands of users and devices across all locations. What? Aruba Amigopod (Identity management, user self-registration, device enrollment) + Aruba AirWave (Monitoring, reporting, location tracking, compliance, configuration) + Aruba CSS (Web filtering, data loss prevention, malware protection) + ArubaOS (Policy enforcement firewall, wireless intrusion protection, spectrum analysis)
  • Another big Aruba theme is integration. This is in fact the biggest difference between Aruba and the competition – we put everything you need into a single box, under a single management system. Since we’re often compared to Cisco, it turns out that Cisco has almost every technology that Aruba can provide. The difference is, with Cisco each one is a different product, usually from a different acquisition, and the products don’t necessarily work seamlessly with each other. Most of our direct competitors focus purely on wireless LAN access, and to complete the solution you need to buy and integrate additional products. Notice that the Aruba solution on the right only requires that you add an Aruba Mobility Controller and Access Points to your network while the solution on the left requires you to add 5-8 additional devices. The Aruba solution needs just an IP address to get installed into any network core, and no re-engineering of your network is required, while the solution on the left requires upgrades and config changes to the wiring closet routers and switches. The solution on the left also requires a high degree of network integration and testing since there are many parts that need to be added into the network. From a management standpoint, the Aruba approach was to put everything in one place. While on an Aruba network I can login to the controller and execute a single command to see all known information about a wireless user, if I go to a competitive product I might have to login to three different systems to get a complete picture of what’s happening. All software upgrades and configuration are performed on the mobility controller, with the access points being automatically managed, configured, and updated by the mobility controller. Since the Aruba solution requires less devices in the network, the Aruba solution requires less maintenance, upgrades, fixes, spares and is easier to manage then competitors solutions. In the end, the integration that Aruba provides ends up being a huge advantage when it comes to operational costs.
  • According to a recent Juniper Research report on Internet Retail Strategies Convenience is Key and the mobile will play an increasingly important role in this... (M: Think font should be bigger)
  • This example shows how the EtherNID ® can be used to create, turn-up, monitor and maintain Ethernet Services over any kind of existing network. To create and assure an Ethernet service over a multi-technology or multi-operator network is challenging… but common. Most operators’ networks are built using multiple equipment vendors; end-to-end circuits may also traverse other providers’ networks. It is common to have different access platforms at either end of a circuit, some of which may not be in the operators’ control, each with different capabilities (e.g. Ethernet OAM, MEF-certification, etc.) The EtherNIDs create a uniform service delivery endpoint that can fully create a service, establish QoS, and monitor performance from end-to-end, over any kind of network. This is what we call “Cross-Technology Reach Through”. The Ethernet service can be fully created and QoS-optimized directly in the EtherNID units – no switches or routers need to be installed or reconfigured. The units can terminate any Carrier Ethernet circuit, including those terminated by another MEF-certified network element at the other end. Ethernet & IP turn-up testing can be conducted by the NIDs themselves using the integrated, automated RFC-2544 test feature, providing a true end-to-end performance test. The NIDs generate a test report to give to the customer. Once the service is operational, continuous performance monitoring and OAM provides real-time fault and QoS visibility for all VLANs, services or applications using the circuit. Measurements include all key SLA performance metrics: one-way latency, one-way jitter, continuity, service usage, packet loss and available throughput. Test packets traverse any kind of network, including MPLS (routed) networks that normally drop Ethernet OAM packets. Loopback testing, in-service throughput testing and OAM functionality allow operators to quickly isolate and resolve end-to-end performance issues remotely without sending a truck & technician.
  • *** <Click on the “Per-Flow Functionality” arrow to see the complete list of Layer 2-4 classification criteria used to define flows for these features> The EtherNID & MetroNID units’ Fast-Pass™ instant flow classification and parallel processing architecture allows versatile troubleshooting and monitoring features applied to a full port of wire-speed traffic, or up to 60 individual flows (500 for 10GE) defined by any logical combination of layer 2-4 (Ethernet, IP, TCP/UDP) header criteria. For example, a single VoIP stream can be looped back to a test set for voice quality analysis, or all traffic on a particular VLAN with a Ethernet class of service above best effort can be mirrored to a monitoring port for protocol analysis. The hardware-based Fast-Pass architecture also ensures no jitter or latency is added to loopback, monitored or pass-through traffic, effectively allowing the NID to act as a passive device from the network’s perspective. The NIDs’ intelligent loopback functionality offers industry-unique layer 3 & 4 loopback capabilities, allowing the NIDs to loopback application traffic including VoIP and video. Loopbacks can be performed on the client side, network side, or both simultaneously. Only selected flows are looped back, the other traffic is unaffected. Loopbacks can be initiated and controlled directly from the screen of leading portable Ethernet & IP test sets, including units from JDSU, Sunrise and EXFO. Loopback testing allows operators to repair and diagnose service issues quickly, avoiding time-consuming truck-rolls. Service providers can also use loopbacks to determine if a fault originates within their network or their customers’, saving up to 60% of unnecessary dispatches for many operators. Remote testing can also reduce CapEx spending on test sets by ~50%, since loopback testing eliminates the need for head-to-head (two test set) end-to-end testing. Any two ports on the NIDs can be configured as monitoring ports to “mirror” an exact replica of a full GbE or up to 60 individual, filtered flows on GigE units – all without adding jitter or latency to monitored or pass-through traffic. Both upstream and downstream traffic can be monitored – independently, or combined into a single monitoring port. Applications include traffic capture by protocol analyzers and test access for existing portables. Monitoring ports can also be used to create a real-time mirror port for a variety of time-sensitive networking applications (drop & continue mode). The NIDs also monitor service usage by measuring statistics on up to 60 individual flows (500 for 10GE). Results are stored in user-defined history buckets that can be accessed via SNMP, or dynamically “pushed” to secure FTP or https servers. Up to one week of monitoring data can be stored directly on each unit. As an inline device, the NIDs’ flawlessly measure an end-users’ actual usage data in real-time, ideal for reporting, trending, billing and network optimization.
  • The EchoVault collects a vast amount of important data, so it makes sense that flexible XML interfaces and web-based reporting allow this information to be shared with customers and existing back-office and support systems. Taken together, the open integration and publishing capabilities of the EchoVault allow SLAs and performance sensitive services to be quickly setup, monitored, reported and tracked over any existing network topology. A short deployment curve and proven interoperability with popular portal and OSS platforms mean a quick entry into the value-added, premium Ethernet services market.
  • Gardenia company profile

    1. 1. Gardenia Telco Profile & Solutions Portfolio
    2. 2. Company OverviewGardenia Telco is a company that was built with the vision of serving the entire MiddleEast & Africa region with state of the art Telecom solutions & Consultation.Since its inception and establishment of its offices in Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iraqand Libya, Gardenia Telco managed to build a strong reputation for a quality of serviceand excellence in delivering consulting services and state of the art telecom, software& security solutions.
    3. 3. Gardenia’s Vision To become the leading end-to-end Telecom solution provider across MEA region providing Fixed, Mobile, FMC & tailored software solutions. Converged Network Solutions End-To-End Telecom Solutions Mobile Apps & Software Development Cloud Based Security Services
    4. 4. Solutions & Services Offered by Gardenia Telco Telecom Solutions  Financial, Business, Regulatory, Legal and Technical Consultation “SBR & WiTech”  Value Added Services for Mobile & Fixed-Line Operators “StreamWIDE”  Common Service Management for WiMAX, Wi-Fi, 3G, Fixed Broadband and LTE “APTILO”  Mesh, Indoor & Outdoor Wi-Fi Solutions “ARUBA Networks”  3G/4G Mobile data offloading solutions  NGN, IMS, VoLTE, Fraud Detection/Prevention & Session Control Solutions “ACME Packet”  Next Generation VoIP Media Gateways “TelcoBridges”  DPI/ IPE Solutions “PROCERA”  Telco-OTT (Over- the-Top) services “CounterPath”  Online Mobile E-commerce “CallSign”  Cloud Security Services “Zscaler”  Next Gen Hosted Video Conferencing Solution “Vidyo”  High Performance Service Assurance, creation and Turn up “Accedian Networks” Mobile Applications, Web Design & Software Development  Mobile Application Development.  Web Based Applications Development using Microsoft.NET, Python, PHP, SOAP/XML…etc.
    5. 5. Telecom Solutions
    6. 6. Regulatory & Telecom Consulting Services
    7. 7. Consulting Services In-house Consulting expertise due to the long standing work of the company founders in both vendor and operator environments Full partnership with SBR Juconomy Consulting AG Group across the MEA region (  SBR offers Business, commercial, Legal, Regulatory Advice and technical consulting services in regulated network industries in the telecoms sector and other network industries (post, electricity, gas, railways), as well as the media and information technology (ICT) segments Full partnership with WiTech across the MEA region (  WiTech is a solutions, consulting and engineering company founded in 2003 as a spin-off of the University of Pisa, Italy. WiTech provides the market with:  Public Wi-Fi Cloud solution & consultation  Business case analysis of wireless network initiatives leveraging the TEA|WiMAX and TEA| LTE family of powerful and unique tools.  Integrated OSS/BSS solutions that leverage the company’s modular and scalable WROP (access & service management).  TelcoGIS (geographic information system) platforms.  Strategic consulting on technology, investment plans and engineering services.
    8. 8. Value Added Services for Mobile & Fixed Line Operator
    9. 9. Value Added Services’ Solutions Innovative VAS solutions for Telecom  Audio and Video Conferencing. Operators both Mobile & Fixed Through  Notification on Reach ability. Partnerships with global vendors:  Colorful Ring Back Tones.  Video Call Completion. StreamWIDE  Converged Messaging.  One Number Service.  SMS2PSTN Solution.  Presence, IM, Chat.  Voice & Video SMS. Gardenia’s Offerings include VAS solutions  Visual Voicemail. required by operators including BUT not  Calls Screening. limited to:  Unified communications  Voice Mail system with advanced features  Advanced Charging Solutions (Convergent Online Charging system, Unlimited Rating Capabilities…etc).  Broadcast Campaigns System (Mass multi- channel Advertising and Broadcasting Solution).
    10. 10. Common Policy & Service Management
    11. 11. Aptilo Multi-access architecture
    12. 12. AAA+, PCRF+, OCS and OCFS xDSL, WiFi, WiMAX, 3G and LTE OSS BSS IMS Appl IMS Appl Applications Applications CRM, Inventory CRM, Inventory Postpaid Postpaid Prepaid Prepaid Databases Databases Provisoning, NMS Provisoning, NMS CDR Diameter, HTTPS/SOAP-XML CCS Diameter, Rx Radius,SOAP Radius, xBC, LDAP Web Web HSS- L L HSS- SPR SPR OCFS OCFS OCS OCS - Wx (Diameter), Portals Portals - MAPoverSS7 (D’/Gr’) HLR/ HLR/ PCRF+ PCRF+ AAA+ AAA+ HSS HSS EAP- TLS, TTLS,SIM/AKA u s, , Radi SOAP er et Diam S6a Gx Gy Gz Wa (Radius/Diameter)Gx, Gy, Gz, Diameter/Radius: R3, Radius/Diameter R3 Radius/ Radius/Diameter R3Device Mgmt Diameter Device Mgmt SS7 MME MME 4G P-GW P-GWOMA-DM, TR-69 3G SGSN GGSN DPI Internet SGSN GGSN DPI ASN ASN DPI DPI HA HA Wi-Fi AC AC xDSL BRAS BRAS DPI DPI
    13. 13. Mesh, Indoor & Outdoor Wi-Fi Solutions
    14. 14. ARUBA Solution Overview AirWave Amigopod ClearPass Mobility Controller Mobility Services in Enterprise CloudIndoor and Outdoor Mobility Access Remote Nodes, APs Switches Remote & Instant APs VIA Agent Thin Access On-Ramps Only Context Aware Access Network Only Context Aware Access Network
    15. 15. Platform Integration Lowers Costs Access Points Site SurveyPacket capture Air Monitors WiFi IDS / IPS PoE Switches WLAN Switches/BladesCaptive PortalVPN Concentrator  Integrated ServicesLAN-speed Firewall  Hardware-Based Controller  Scales Up To 80Gbps Router/QoS Devices  10GE Wired Interconnects Management Systems
    16. 16. 3G/4G Mobile Data Offloading
    17. 17. Mobile Data Offloading to WiFi Cable/DSL International Operator WiFi WiFi Roaming Internet Wireless ISP Aptilo Mobile Aptilo Mobile HLR Offloading OffloadingDPI Solution Solution OSS/ Internet BSSGGSN PCRF Mobile Core Mobile Core Access Controller Hotel/Retail Chain Access Operator’s Point Own WiFi
    18. 18. Mobile Data Offloading to WiFi Cable/DSL International Operator WiFi WiFi Roaming Internet Wireless ISP Aptilo Mobile Aptilo Mobile HLR Offloading OffloadingDPI Solution Solution OSS/ Internet BSSGGSN PCRF Mobile Core Mobile Core Access Controller Hotel/Retail Chain Access Operator’s Point Own WiFi
    19. 19. Mobile Data Offloading to WiFi Cable/DSL International Operator WiFi • Manage WiFi Services WiFi Roaming Internet • Multiple login methods Wireless • Built in pre-paid/post-paid ISP • Deployed and certified with Aptilo Mobile Aptilo Mobile widely available WiFi vendors HLR Offloading OffloadingDPI • Manage and rate roaming Solution Solution • Vertical business offerings OSS/ Internet BSSGGSN • Statistics & Reporting PCRF Mobile Core Mobile Core Access Controller Hotel/Retail Chain Access Operator’s Point Own WiFi
    20. 20. Mobile Data Offloading to WiFi Cable/DSL International Operator WiFi WiFi Roaming • Completely seamless Internet • Full identity security of SIM Wireless • SIM Authenticates to HLR ISP Aptilo Mobile Aptilo Mobile • Secure 802.1x WiFi encryption HLR Offloading Offloading • Aggregates thousands RadiusDPI Solution Solution authentication links to one OSS/ Internet BSS • Flexibility SS7 and SIGTRANGGSN PCRF • Multiple HLR nodes Mobile Core Mobile Core Hotel/Retail Chain Encrypted Encrypted Access Mobile Operator WiFi Link WiFi Link Point WiFi
    21. 21. Mobile Data Offloading to WiFi Cable/DSL International Operator WiFi WiFi Roaming policy validation and • WiFi Internet service profile definitions • Multiple Policy look-ups in Wireless OSS/BSS or PCRF ISP Aptilo Mobile Aptilo Mobile • Common policies with 3G HLR Offloading Offloading • Unique WiFi policiesDPI Solution Solution • Billing and Pre-Paid System OSS/ Internet BSS integrationGGSN • SMS One-Time-Password PCRF Mobile Core Mobile Core Hotel/Retail Chain Mobile Operator WiFi
    22. 22. NGN, IMS, VoLTE, FraudDetection/Prevention & Session Control Solutions
    23. 23. Acme Packet Converged NGN and IMS Edge & Core Solutions• Services enabled – Voice, video and RCSe – 4G data services – FMC (small cell, WiFi) – Interconnect and roaming• SMX Session management – CSCF functions plus SBC• SBC and MSG Border control – P/E/I-CSCF + SBC – Multiservice Security Gateway• Next-gen signaling core – Core Diameter Signaling Controller (DRA) – Session Routing Proxy (BGCF)• Interconnect and roaming – I-SBC (I-BCF/I-CSCF) – I-DSC (DEA)
    24. 24. Palladion Deployment Architecture Mediation Engine Voice and Video Customer Experience Fraud Detection & Historical Data Operations & Troubleshooting Prevention Traffic Analysis System Management Real-time processing Palladion Software Platform (Mediation Engine) Correlation GMSC SGW MGC VoIP Carriers SIP STP HSS Peering S-CSCF S-CSCF SBC SS7 SS7 I-CSCF P-CSCF SBC PSTN Cloud PSTN Cloud GW IMS Core SBC Next Generation NetworkPALLADION Agents (networkprobes)Data retrieval Residential Users Business UsersPreprocessingMedia Analysis
    25. 25. Next Generation VoIP Media Gateways
    26. 26. TelcoBridges Value Propositions• Key Tmedia VoIP Gateways advantages – Scalability • TMG800: From 1 to 8 E1 in a single box • TMG3200: From 16 to 64 E1 in a single box • TMG7800: From 16 to 1024 E1 in a single system • Easily scale up and increase of E1s thru a simple licensing scheme • Benefit: Investment protection & Simplicity – High Availability • TMG800/TMG3200: 1+1 protection without need for physical cabling switchover • TMG7800: N+1 protection • No loss of service, No loss of capacity, over 99.999% uptime • Benefit: Increased revenue and no loss – VoIP codec flexibility • No DSP template limitation like other vendors • 2048 simultaneous channels any mix of Universal Codecs • Universal Codecs: G.711, G.723.1, G.726, G.729ab, T.38 V.17, clear mode (RFC 4040) • Benefit: Flexibility and Increased Interconnections
    27. 27. Continued– Onboard SS7 • Lower CAPEX (no extra MGC or SSW to buy) • Lower OPEX (no external servers, less power consumption, less rack space) • Benefit: Lower OPEX & CAPEX– Call handling & Setup performance • Twice performances of IMG2020, 10 times Audiocodes w/SSW • Performance translates into requiring less E1s to support a given BHCA value • Benefit: Lower operation cost– Rich call routing features • Any to Any routing (SIP,ISDN,SS7,CASR2) • Routing based on ruby scripting language • Any type of routing can be used (LCR, ASR, … etc) • Benefit: Routing can be easily modified to match customer’s specific Business logic– Low power consumption • 138W consumption per gateway, fully loaded • Benefit: Lower OPEX
    28. 28. Continued– Simplicity & Complete Solution in a single box • All Tmedia VoIP gateways run the same software and support the same features (SS7, SIP, call control, management interface, etc.). • SS7, ISDN PRI, SIP, with addition of CAS R2 and SIGTRAN. All of these protocols can work simultaneously. • Dynamic transparent transcoding between the different supported codecs is supported. • Any to any switching and routing including TDM to SIP, SIP to TDM and SIP To SIP • G.711 mu-law, G.711 a-law, G.729 a, G.729 ab, G.723.1, G.726, T.38 Real-Time Fax Relay, In-band DTMF Relay and SIP NOTIFY. In addition, mobile codecs for 2G and 3G supported including GSM FR, GSM EFR, AMR, AMR-WB, EVRC/QCELP and Wireline & Fax codecs such as G.728, G.729eg, T.38, RFC 4040 and others are supported as well. • Echo cancellation, silence suppression, DTMF is 128ms on all channel simultaneously • with Legacy protocols such as SS7, NGN protocols such as SIP, Transcoding, any to any routing including SIP to SIP, TDM to SIP and SIP to TDM…etc simultaneous support, a huge savings for Telecom operators will be achieved. • Benefit: Simple and streamlined OAM&P methods and procedures along with Flexibility and Lower CAPEX & OPEX
    29. 29. Continued– Support Model • Standard Support offer is offered in banks of hours, never expiring, charged per use, per minute • No yearly recurrent fee per year for support • Consultative approach to fixing customer operation problems • Outstanding quality of support as reported by our customers • Benefit: Lower OPEX, better support– Engineering Agility • Very agile Engineering team • Ability to provide fix/adjustments to customer specific problems within a week time frame (depending on severity) • Benefit: Agility to adjust to customer specific needs rapidly– Affordability • Cheaper than competition for most configurations • Benefit: Lower CAPEX– Availability • Normally shipped within 3 weeks. • Benefit: Quicker Revenue Attainability
    30. 30. DPI/ IPE Solutions
    31. 31. Intelligent Policy Enforcement is Required “PROCERA” Subscribers Intelligent Policy Enforcement Applications31
    32. 32. IPE Deployment Architecture Usage Usage Policy Policy Tiered Tiered Trends // Trends Customer Customer Billing Billing Management Management Management Management Services Services Marketing Marketing Service Service AAA / Auth PCRF / Policy NMS & Events Online and Call ReportingCONTROL PLANE Server Controller Interface Offline Charging Center SMS SNMP Gx Gy/Gz/CDR Analytics LiveView Provisioning PSM PIC Radius/Diameter Intelligent Policy Enforcement Hosted Content PRE InternetDATA PLANE Router Partner Content GGSN Internet Subscriber PDSN Statistics Peering Content Subscriber Statistics Peering Awareness Awareness SAE-GW Collection Collection Control Control Device Device Location Location Congestion Congestion Policy Policy Traffic Traffic Value-Added Value-Added Awareness Awareness Awareness Awareness Management Management Enforcement Enforcement Steering Steering Services Services 32
    33. 33. Telco-OTT (Over- the-Top) services
    34. 34. Bria Mobile for Smartphones – Product Description• Bria Mobile for smartphones are highly secure, standards-based mobile VoIP softphone applications that allows you to take the power of your desktop softphone with you – at work, at home or anywhere in-between• Users can make and receive calls over a 3G or Wi- Fi connection• The Bria mobile application features: – Voice calling/conferencing – Call display / Call history – Voicemail indicator – Multiple VoIP accounts and SIP protocols – Royalty and non-royalty bearing codec support• Premium features such as HD Video calling and presence and messaging can be purchased in-app to connect with contacts on Google Talk, Facebook and others platforms
    35. 35. Bria Mobile for Smartphones – Advanced user interfaceAdvanced user Interface provides:•Seamless integration withCounterPath’s desktop softphones•Intuitive access to dial pad,contacts, call history and more,based on the devices native phonedesign•One-touch access to callmanagement options during voiceand video calls such as add call,mute, hold and speakerphone•Support for 4-digit dialing•Auto-attendant support
    36. 36. Bria Mobile for Smartphones – The Value Ease of Integration Same SIP/Account Settings as your Bria desktop VoIP phone Leverages your iOS or Android Cloud Contact list Supports VoIP and IP- PBXs
    37. 37. Online Mobile E-commerce
    38. 38. Online Mobile E-commerceA GAME-CHANGING APPROACH TO TRANSACTING ONLINE “ “ The mobile phone is the device that people will not leave home without
    39. 39. Prospects Window shopping/browsing Marketing and advertising costs Site visits @ ~2-10% Inconvenience and fear of fraud KYC/I.D. checks @ ~$1 Reg/Login Inconvenience and fear of fraud Billing Billing/Checkout costs @ ~2- 4% of transaction amount Actives
    40. 40. Cloud Security Services
    41. 41. ZScaler/ISP Cloud Web Security Services ISP / ZScaler Cloud will enable ISP to sell to its corporates users the followings web & email security as a services (SAAS): Web access control Internet Web2.0 control URL filtering Data Leak Prevention Internet Access & Communication Advance Security Protection Web Bandwidth Management Email Security Email Inline Anti Virus & Anti Spyware Full Visibility Reporting & Forensics
    42. 42. ISP Cloud Web Security Services AlreadyHQ Users installed Customers want this and don’t have Caching Botnets + Data Web 2.0 Webmail, Bandwidth + URL AV Malware Leakage Control IM Control Directory Web Logs Consolidated Reporting??Remote Office(s) RoadWarrior Bypass appliances & policy (VPN???) Mobile User Buy, install & maintain • Acquisition & deployment Cost: X boxes water cleaning kit in • On-going Management Cost: Multiple UI/policies, log files each home?
    43. 43. Next Gen Hosted VideoConferencing Solution
    44. 44. VIDYO Telepresence Everywhere: Delivered as Software, over the Internet!SmartPhone VidyoRoom 3G/4G Internet Table 3G/4G WiFi t Executive Desktop NetBook Laptop
    45. 45. VIDYO Growing the performance gap Vidyo First to Achieve HD 1440p/60fps4 x HD 720p Multiparty Video Conference!
    46. 46. VIDYO Unified platform for visual communication UC Integration Legacy IntegrationVidyo Unified Platform for Visual Communications MobileTablet Netbook Desktop Room&Telepresense H.323 / SIP AVC
    47. 47. Vidyo SVC Benefits Attribute Legacy H.264 Telepresence VidyoLow Latency  High Quality Video  Low cost commodity HW Painless Upgrades Reliability over general purpose IP Personal Engagement  Easy to use (no IT support)  Scalable to tens of thousands of endpoints Works across all form factors in same call Works reliably over wireless networks Industry price leader Interoperable with legacy VC & PCs 
    48. 48. High Performance ServiceAssurance, creation and Turn up
    49. 49. ACCEDIAN End-to-End Service Creation & Assurance Customer Site Customer Site Cross-Technology Reach Through QoS MonitoringMultiple providers & • Real-Time:equipment vendors • 1-way Delay • 1-way Delay Variation • In-Service Throughput Service Creation Service Creation • Continuity, Frame Loss • Traffic Statistics The Physical Circuit is Provisioned by the Turn-up & SLA baseline tests conducted 11 operator(s) 44 by EtherNID units EtherNID units provide a uniform service Service is assured by continuous, 22 delivery endpoint 55 performance monitoring & OAM The Ethernet service is created & QoS- Loopback & in-service testing provide 33 optimized in the NIDs 66 remote troubleshooting
    50. 50. ACCEDIAN In-Service Throughput Testing• Non-disruptive SLA validation • Capacity and throughput testing – Layer 2 & 3 traffic generation & analysis • CIR, EIR, CBS, EBS validation – Unidirectional: up/download testing • Delay, FDV, Out-of-Order, Frame LossNO need to schedule maintenance NO disruption to customer trafficwindows Traffic over time 1,000 Mbps CIR = 200 Mbps Generated Y.1731 Traffic Customer Traffic Traffic Provider Network Traffic Generator Analyzer • Uses end-customer traffic as part of the test pattern • NID generates supplemental test traffic in real-time
    51. 51. ACCEDIAN Troubleshooting & Monitoring Selective Port mirroring (4 port) upstream, downstream or combined Selective Loopbacks Per-Flow Functionality Network Network Client Test set / Analyzer– MAC, IP, TCP/UDP port swap– Integrated TDR cable tester Upstream, Downstream or Combined Traffic Stats SNMP Query Secure Push Network Network “Enable loopback” pattern Traffic stats per flow: 1 week storage for 60 flows from test sets (500 at 10GbE); user-defined history buckets
    52. 52. ACCEDIAN Easy Operations & Customer Care Integration Customer Portal SLA 3rd party B/OSS, https EM S XML Fault & NMS SLA Performance Real-Time, Per-Second NOC Web Reporting SLA Monitoring Automated SLA Management End-to-End SLAs over multi- vendor, technology and Customer carrier networks. Site Customer SiteMultiple providers &equipment vendors Customer Customer Site Site
    53. 53. ACCEDIAN Assured Business ServicesFully Monitored & QoS CPE: Customer Switch Optimized SMBs• End-to-End OAM visibility Large Enterprise• Continuous service assurance Switch-Free Aggregation• Accelerated, remote troubleshooting Multi-• Performance-Optimized services Tenant Full Office• Plug & Go™ customer-level install Visibility Tower Not Required Complete Provider’s End-To-End Network Access Platform Visibility Ethernet / IP / MPLS COMPLETE COMPLETE NONE Network Visibility
    54. 54. ACCEDIAN High Performance Service Assurance SolutionsGenerates & Preserves Revenue Enables, Accelerates & Assures new servicesEnables end-to-end SLAsSimplifies deployment, support & maintenanceAssured QoS increases customer satisfactionReduces CapEx Simplifies troubleshooting & deploymentWorks with existing test setsReplaces & outperforms switches & routersReduces OpEx Assures Network Health from end-to-endReal-time, scalable visibility for proactive operationsReduces truck-rolls: Services deployed & restored fasterPlug & Go: Automates service delivery & monitoringRegains Control Eliminates finger-pointingIntelligent demarcation, performance creation & assurance between networks
    55. 55. Mobile Apps,Web Design and Software Development
    56. 56. Mobile Apps, Web Design and Software Development Gardenia’s Web Application Development Team has the ability to provide you with the most effective and economical solution that satisfies your current and future needs Gardenia creates unique featured web sites that enable you achieving your goals of creating an on-line presence whether it is for a business or a personal purpose E-commerce website structure with creative ideas is an effective tool to grow up your customers’ businesses and hence Gardenia is heavily investing in a capable team that can develop such sites Full Content Management System that give you the ability to control your website through a dynamic web tool without any technical background.Our software development and web solutions include BUT not limited to:- Website design and development using Python, Microsoft .NET and PHP- SOAP/XML and PHP API based programing- Customized desktop App using Microsoft .NET- Full dynamic flash websites
    57. 57. Gardenia’s Sample Websites
    58. 58. Gardenia’s Sample Mobile APPs Gardenias Android Market Library
    59. 59. Gardenia’s Sample References TRC Jordan (Telecommunication Regulator Commission) ZAIN Jordan (GSM Operator) Orange Jordan (Fixed & GSM Operator) UMNIAH Jordan (GSM Operator) MADA-ZAIN Jordan (WiMAX Operator) FRiENDi Group (MVNO Operator) VerginMobile South Africa (MVNO Operator) NEWROZ Telecom Erbil-Iraq (Fixed Line and ISP) ITISALUNA Iraq (CDMA Operator) ETISALAT Egypt (GSM Operator) FASTIRAQ Iraq (ISP) AfriCell Burundi (GSM Operator) King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Center (Military Enterprise) Royal Medical Services (Enterprise)
    60. 60. Thank