Halma strategic profile may 2012


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Halma strategic profile may 2012

  1. 1. Your Trustworthy PartnerIn Reputations Management “Your trustworthy partner in reputation management”
  2. 2. Who We AreHalma Strategic offers a strategic Public Relations services for commercial, governmentand non-profit organizations. Our services cover the complete architecture ofcommunicating messages from building image to maintaining reputation through most effective way to reach the stakeholders.In presently fast growing and quick changing of business environment and tight business competitions as well as mounting publicscrutiny over companies and non-profit organizations, a well-maintained reputation of organizations is one of the mostimportant aspects not only to grow the business but also to strongly position the brand and reputation.On the other hand, the fast growing information and communication technology gives broader opportunity for organizations toutilize every available tool to communicate with their stakeholders to build and maintain reputation. Good reputation is a solidstarting point to market products and services.We are delighted to dedicate our knowledge and experience to work as partner in the field of Crisis Management, MediaRelations, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and Internal Communications. We are very much aware that it takes years tobuild reputation because we have those experiences ourselves. No one wants to ruin it in minutes. Halma-Strategic is just aphone call away for your reputation “Your trustworthy partner in reputation management”
  3. 3. ProfileHalma-Strategic was founded in 2008 as a trustworthy partner in building reputations by Halim Mahfudz and his team. As aformer journalist in a reputable media in East Java and was Senior Vice President at former Astro pay TV, he would be pleased toshare his experience and knowledge and his strong relations with media. He has been in person involved in handling crisis andprotecting company’s brand and reputation.Halma-Strategic grows with a fresh idea of young professionals, and ready to originate innovation compared to old stylecommunications and helping you to maintain reputations and managing crisis. “Your trustworthy partner in reputation management”
  4. 4. Why UsAt Halma-Strategic, most of the team members have international business practices exposure while they maintain their deepunderstanding and strong background on local culture and practices. Additionally, some have good network with variousgovernment institutions, opinion leaders, and pressure groups. This has been very useful in broadening the messagedissemination particularly in making clarification of complicated issues with misleading media publicity and rumors.Individually the members have experience in managing retail business, beverage industry, banking, international donor agency,health and insurance industry, and entertainment industry such as pay TV sector. Some have been involved in CSR programs bydeveloping sustainable programs to help children after natural disaster and environmental protection programs.Strong media network is another advantage. Some were journalists themselves so they have understanding how the media workand have solid network with media people. The others have been working with media and build their new network with media.All of the backgrounds have been constructive for Halma team in developing communicating messages particularly withconventional media as medium. Halma also utilizes new medium such as social media as new tools in communicating messages. “Your trustworthy partner in reputation management”
  5. 5. What We Do “Your trustworthy partner in reputation management”
  6. 6. Crisis ManagementNo company or organization is immune to crisis. Every single day, organizations run the riskof being hit by crisis. However, a crisis does not necessarily have to turn into a disaster forthe business or organization involved. Our service Crisis Management provides businesspartners with advice and actions on how to limit damage effectively by acting quickly and positively. Moreover, any actions takenduring those difficult times should lead to turning a crisis into an opportunity by managing the crisis, identifying opportunities andcommunicating effectively, through the use of successful public relations strategies.At Halma-Strategic, we are not merely developing crisis communication in which the organization affected needs to communicate toits stakeholders. What we do is to manage the crisis by identifying the cause, control and limit the damage, manage staff morale, andcommunicate effectively to stakeholders. We are ready to share our experience and knowledge in managing crisis to our partners.All of the strategies and actions will be developed in very close work with our partners for best results.Crisis is when instant changes take place within an hour or even within minutes. Most of the time the changes take place in secondsCrisis is when organization has very limited time to make decision and to communicate to stakeholders. At the same time, theorganization has to protect its reputation that was built for a long time. When crisis hits, Halma-Strategic is just a phone call away tohelp to manage reputation. “Your trustworthy partner in reputation management”
  7. 7. Our service in Crisis Management• Developing Crisis Management Plan• Crisis Management Team establishment• Crisis Management Training• Media Relations and Media Training• Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) “Your trustworthy partner in reputation management”
  8. 8. Media RelationsMass media is a key in communications with public. Print media, TV, radio, as well ason-line media are currently the crucial tools to convey messages, to build positioningin tight competition, and to maintain reputation. They are friends when the relationshipbetween an organization and media is as sweet as honey moon. But sometimes, mostpeople always perceive that media are foe when the relationship turns to sour because of misquotation, misleading informationand the like. It can turn into dislike and even worse distrust.Every organization wants to get along with media, particularly first tier media to run positive stories about them. This is thebottom line in communications. But it happened many times that media do not pass the messages across as it was xpected.Even worse, some run negative stories about the organizations. Many can be identified as the cause of this situation i.e.; notattractive message packaging that can make it a headline, wrong tools, or an erroneous way in approaching media.At Halma-Strategic, we have the understanding to who we talk to in media relations for various situations including when crisishits. Halma-Strategic is pleased to help you to develop messages and how to communicate them to field reporters. We arepleased to help you building relationship with media up to the top level. We are happyto work with you to analyze news and gossips related to your business. “Your trustworthy partner in reputation management”
  9. 9. Our service for Reputation Management• Enhancing communications• Issues or Crisis Management• Media Relations and Media Training• Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) “Your trustworthy partner in reputation management”
  10. 10. CSRThere is a necessary need for business community to perform ethical businesspractices by contributing to the development of its environment. This activitiesgradually creates loyalty and togetherness among its employees and theirfamilies, builds pride and dignity among its top executives and even among shareholdersand groom positive recognition among the community. Good CSR ultimately can promote the company to be as well-acceptedbusiness entity and helps to improve selling products and services.To many, CSR is known with a theory of three “Ps”, allocating a portion of company’s “profit”, for the development of “people”and its “planet” or environment. For International Finance Corporation (IFC), CSR is a business community commitment toparticipate in contributing to sustainable economic development through cooperation with employees and their families, localcommunity as well as larger community to improve quality of life. For European Commission, CSR is a concept in which acompany integrates its awareness on social matters and its business environment within its interaction towards its stakeholderson voluntary basis.Some has argued that CSR violates the course of action of profit maximization and as a result shareholders will suffer. Some alsosay that the cost of CSR will increase the price of end item and in its turn purchasers of end items will suffer. On the other hand,there is an argument saying that social actions can be profitable to the company if its handle with care and forethought. CSRdemonstrates corporate commitment to develop a solid long term business favorable to environment. With good CSR, corporatewill be in noble position to gain good visibility in its business environment that will ease them in selling products and services. “Your trustworthy partner in reputation management”
  11. 11. Our service for CSR• Research – Communication Audit• Planning Development• Programs Execution• Media Relations• Monitoring & Evaluation “Your trustworthy partner in reputation management”
  12. 12. Our service for Initial Public Offering (IPO)• Enhancing your financial reputation to public and stake holders• Lobbying• Media Relations• Publications “Your trustworthy partner in reputation management”
  13. 13. Training “Your trustworthy partner in reputation management”
  14. 14. Halma Strategic Events “Your trustworthy partner in reputation management”
  15. 15. International workshop NU & CGCC 2009 “Your trustworthy partner in reputation management”
  16. 16. Jakarta PR Forum 2010 “Your trustworthy partner in reputation management”
  17. 17. PKBL BUMN Expo Surabaya 2009 “Your trustworthy partner in reputation management”
  18. 18. Diskusi Sepak Bola Indonesia 2010 “Your trustworthy partner in reputation management”
  19. 19. Seminar Pengembangan Citra Satpol PP 2010 “Your trustworthy partner in reputation management”
  20. 20. Tour “Ngamen Tamasya 2011” Sa’unine String Orchestra “Your trustworthy partner in reputation management”
  21. 21. Our Client “Your trustworthy partner in reputation management”
  22. 22. Our Client “Your trustworthy partner in reputation management”
  23. 23. Contacts Us Mutiara Building 5th Floor, suite #505 Jl. Mampang Prapatan Raya No. 10 Jakarta Selatan Tel : +62 21 7949459, 7972936 Fax : +62 21 7949915 info@halma-strategic.com www.halma-strategic.com“Your trustworthy partner in reputation management”