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Hallwaze user guide v5

Hallwaze is an enterprise social network that enables enterprises to achieve high level of employee collaboration. It brings the power of all new and traditional communication tools on one centralized secure platform. It helps to minimize time lost in meetings, travel expenses, duplication of efforts and data. This is a quick guide to help help enterprises get started instantly with Hallwaze.

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Hallwaze user guide v5

  1. 1. 1
  2. 2. Introduction Hallwaze is an Enterprise Social Networking platform that fuels innovation and triggers 360 degree collaboration. It enable enterprises to unlock the human capital and induce a collaborative culture and facilitates better communication that drives productivity leading to faster and higher quality work. Hallwaze keeps you connected to the knowledge, ideas and resources you need every day at work. It is optimized for extended use on your desktop and mobile that enable you to stay connected with your enterprise anywhere, anytime. Its unique feature set enable you to perform your tasks at work, faster. Ask a question, share a link or document, find an expert and exchange ideas. Get yourself involved in conversations with your colleagues, seniors and leaders. Convert your casual conversations to meaningful outcomes. Here is your quick guide that will help you to get started with Hallwaze! Harness the power of Social with Hallwaze! 2 Introduction
  3. 3. Hallwaze helps you to… • Get connected with your colleagues located anywhere • Discover experts in your enterprise and get their help in your work • Save time by finding relevant information instantly • Share your ideas, express yourself openly and reach senior colleagues easily • Co-ordinate work with others and save time by preventing duplicate work • Gain visibility and insight on what’s happening and where • Gather opinions and feedback from everyone in your company • Stay connected with your company through Hallwaze Mobile Apps And much more…. 3 What you can do with Hallwaze?
  4. 4. Contents1. Getting Started a. Enter Hallwaze b. Enter Credential c. Hallwaze Homepage 2. Managing Your Profile a. Update Your Profile b. Setting Your Email Notification 3. Making Connection a. Make Connection b. Follow Group & Topics 4. Hallwaze Main Stream a. Understand Main Stream b. Activity Stream - Enterprise c. Activity Stream - Broadcast d. Activity Stream - Groups e. Activity Stream - Recommendations f. Main Stream - Bookmarks g. Main Stream – Hidden h. Delete/Edit Post – User i. Delete Post – Admin 5. Microblogging a. Update, Like, Share, Comment b. Polls c. Droplet d. Tasks e. Events f. Calendar 6. Search a. People b. Groups c. Topics d. Activities 7. Groups a. Join b. Create & Invite c. Public Group d. Private Group e. Closed Group 4 Contents
  5. 5. Getting Started 5
  6. 6. Enter Hallwaze Select Login Login with your company email id and password Click on Go Hallwaze 6 Enter Hallwaze
  7. 7. You Your Notifications Droplets Groups Calendar Tasks The activity stream shows you what your colleagues and groups whom you follow are up to Home Update Notifications 7 Hallwaze Home Page Anne Manager Anne
  8. 8. 8 Manage Your Profile
  9. 9. Update Your Profile • A profile is your identity in your enterprise and it can be seen by all members allowing others to learn about you and your role in the organization • On your profile, you can display a photo, job title, job description, certifications, skills, education, passions, email and other information • By updating your interests and expertize you get recommendations to connect with people who have similar interests defined Step 1: Click on your image and select “Profile” tab from the drop down. Step 2: Provide details about yourself, your interests, experience and your expertize on tools, skills and languages. Step 3: Rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 100. 9 Update your profile
  10. 10. Update Your Profile Step 4: You can define the topics for your feeds whereby reducing the effort to go on internet to search for information you need. Step 2: Set on what type of activities you want to receive an email notification. Step 1: Click on your image and select “Settings” tab from the drop down. Step 3: Set if you want to sync your outlook calendar with Hallwaze. You can choose what notifications you want to receive in your email to stay updated as desired 10 Setting your email notifications
  11. 11. Making Connections 11
  12. 12. Step 1: Look for the search box at the top of your Hallwaze wall and enter your search keyword. You will then be suggested with all related topics, groups, people in which your search term appears. Step 2: Click on people whom you wish to connect with and select “Follow”. • Connect with experts and like minded people in your enterprise and follow them to know what they are up to • When you follow a person, you are subscribing to their updates, which will then appear in your Home Stream • You can start following people, such as your manager or team members by simply doing a search and clicking on “Follow” button • You can also choose to “unfollow” people using the same process 12 Make Connections
  13. 13. Update Your Profile • Just click on follow button to follow groups and topics instantly • When you follow a group or topic, all future comments and replies appear on your Home Stream • Hallwaze recommends you topics, people and groups of your interest, so that you don’t have to put an extra effort to search for people or groups to connect with 13 Follow Groups and Topics
  14. 14. Hallwaze Main Stream 14
  15. 15. When you click on “Main Stream” a drop down appears. The “Private” tab shows you the information shared privately by you and others; shared whether in groups or with individuals Click on “@Tagged” to see only the posts where you are tagged “Following” tab shows you the information shared by people and topics you follow 15 Understand Main Stream
  16. 16. When you select “Enterprise” from the drop down you see all posts shared by your colleagues on the enterprise wall whether in groups or individual post 16 Activity Stream - Enterprise
  17. 17. When you select “Broadcast” from the drop down you see all announcements made by HR, Admin, Finance and other functional groups or by executives with in your enterprise 17 Activity Stream - Broadcast
  18. 18. Activity Stream - Groups When you select “Groups” from the drop down you see every information or files shared in those groups you follow and the ones you have created Groups can be used to share documents and files to further enable your teams collaborate on them 18
  19. 19. When you select “Recommended Feeds” from the drop down you see all the recommended content feeds by Hallwaze ECI engine which it feeds on the basis of your defined skills and interests 19 Activity Stream - Recommendations
  20. 20. When you select “Bookmarks” from the drop down you can see all your saved conversations that you have book marked for future reference 20 Main Stream - Bookmarks
  21. 21. Main Stream - Hidden When you select “Hidden” from the drop down you can see all the conversations that have been marked hidden by you By clicking on this toggle switch you can hide or unhide an irrelevant post to make it disappear from screen 21
  22. 22. 22 User can delete his/her post or comment at any time App that opens the activity in a new tab Option to provide link of this post Option to edit the post will be visible unless someone likes/comments on it Delete/Edit Post-User
  23. 23. 23 Admin can Delete any post App that opens the activity in a new tab Option to provide link of this post Delete Post-Admin
  24. 24. Microblogging 24
  25. 25. Update, Like, Share, Comment using - Share your message either enterprise wide, within groups or post privately to selected people Start a new conversation by clicking on the pencil icon from top right menu bar. From the pop up window choose update and write your message you want to share Upload and share documents, presentations, images, files and videos easily. Tag and involve other members in document updates and manage version control of the documents Type your comment or suggestion here, attach reference files and click on ‘Comment’ Like using the thumb icon, while you can see the number of likes adjacent to the icon 25
  26. 26. Polls • Polling feature is a great way to take survey’s and do public polls to know people’s opinion and suggestions on topics • This is a simple yet powerful way to gather feedback on ideas or recommendations Hallwaze gives you an option to throw a poll in group, to selected people, privately or publically. You can post a poll enterprise wide too To attach a poll to your question - click “Poll”. Enter the question you wish to be answered, followed by the answer choices and click post 26
  27. 27. Droplet Share a droplet either with your followers/Groups publically or privately; or post enterprise wide Droplet are your reference notes for managing your work faster and easier. A user can share droplets with colleagues publically or privately. Droplet enable real time sharing and collaboration 27 You can save formatted content using Rich Text Editor and drag and drop multiple type documents, videos, photos, links, tables and more
  28. 28. Tasks Set start and end date of your tasks to keep track when the task is due Manage work by creating tasks and setting estimated hours for each task. Click on the pencil icon from top right menu bar. From the pop up window choose tasks to create parent tasks, sub tasks and assign or reassign tasks Attach reference documents and files to help the assignee complete the task 28 “My Tasks” tab shows you the list of tasks assigned to you and the % progress on those tasks. Also, can see the tasks created by you from “Created By Me” tab
  29. 29. Events You can manage events by creating an event in Hallwaze. Click on the pencil icon from top right menu bar. From the pop up window choose events and attach event schedule while Hallwaze will send you auto alerts about the event Set start and end date of your meeting to send alerts to the attendees and enter location, video conf or call details for the meeting 29 Hallwaze will automatically sync your enterprise email such as outlook with your meetings in Hallwaze
  30. 30. Calendar You can manage meetings by scheduling them using Hallwaze Calendar. Click on the calendar icon from top right menu bar and schedule a meeting which gets automatically populated in your company email calendar. Also, if you schedule a meeting in your enterprise email tool, it automatically builds an instance in Hallwaze to keep both in sync 30
  31. 31. Search 31
  32. 32. Search • Hallwaze empowers you with a robust search feature so you can quickly search streams by keywords, person or group • Look for the search box at the top of your Hallwaze wall and enter your search keyword • You will then be suggested with all related topics, groups, people in which your search term appears Refine your search for activities using advanced filters 32
  33. 33. Groups 33
  34. 34. Groups – Create and Invite From here choose to make your group public, private or closed Click on groups icon from the top right menu bar and click on “create new” for creating a new group • My Groups will show the groups you follow • Groups I moderate will show you the groups you have created • Explore option will show you a list of groups you can join Create groups for - • A group is a place for you to connect with people with a shared interest • Groups can be about anything —projects, departments, functions or interests • Group members participate in discussions, keep track of the group-related documents, and remain aware of the group’s activities • Groups can be public, private or closed 34
  35. 35. Groups – Create and Invite • Manage files in a particular group by uploading all files at one place and maintaining its versions • Upload multiple files in one go for easy collaboration 35
  36. 36. Groups – Public, Closed, private From groups page - Click on ‘Explore’ and Join or unjoin public, private or closed groups Groups that are “Private” do not appear in search results to maintain its secrecy. We cannot directly join a private group, Only Group Admin can invite you to a private group. 36 To join a closed group you send a request to the group admin to join the group. Once group admin approves your request, you will be able to join the group
  37. 37. 37 For any queries / Feedback email at