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Hallwaze - a social hub for your enterprise

Hallwaze is a revolutionary ESN platform that transforms collaboration with its simplicity and ease of information access!

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Hallwaze - a social hub for your enterprise

  1. 1. Let’s understand what is Hallwaze? Hallwaze is a revolutionary ESN platform that transforms collaboration with its simplicity and ease of information access! Dashboard for Executives Employee Engagement Platform Project Collaboration Platform Productivity Enhancement Tool Document Collaboration Hallwaze is a social, interactive, secure collaboration platform for the enterprises
  2. 2. Common Enterprise Problems Enterprise Problems One-Dimensional Talent Utilization Locked up Tribal Knowledge Lack of Employee Engagement Loss of Productivity Interdepartmental Discontent A Social Platform CAN SOLVE Many Enterprise Issues
  3. 3. Hallwaze is for every Department in your Enterprise Executive Management Stay on top of Everything Reduce Hierarchical Gaps Fuel Innovation Enrich Your Corporate Culture Sales & Marketing Collaborate with External Agencies Share Heavy Documents and Files Engage product experts in Marketing Strategy Stay CONNECTED on the move and get answers instantly Share competition news, links and other industry update Other Departments Broadcasts Announcements and Alerts Listen to the FEEDBACK of people Focused collaboration within work GROUPS Collaborate with departments spread across multiple locations Human Resource Simplified and Quick Employee onboarding Social Recognition to multiply Motivation Raise Employee Engagement Know Your Employees Better Hallwaze
  4. 4. Hallwaze – A Social Hub for your Enterprise How Hallwaze will benefit your Enterprise? Break Hierarchical Barriers: Hallwaze will enable employees to follow or engage with executives. You never know if that employee sitting in the corner has answer, information or solution to your problem. Create a Culture of Openness: Through Hallwaze you can encourage open dialogue and promote a collaborative working atmosphere. Your organization can achieve excellence—both in terms of employee engagement and success. Stay Connected on the move: Through Hallwaze Mobile app – Get real-time notifications, chat with colleagues, review /edit / approve and share files while, on the move. Share news and updates instantly. Internal / External Groups: Have focused collaboration in groups with your teams, leaders, and other stakeholders. Groups such Content, Sports, Politics, fashion, design teams, etc. Also, using external groups – help your departments to connect with customers, vendors or agencies. External Content Feeds: Get latest news and updates on Hallwaze with respect to your interest areas. For instance using RSS feeds get instant updates on Sensex, union budget and ICC on your phone and share news with comments and actions instantly. Integrate and Relax: Integrate with any industry standard application, social media or any other industry related business tool.
  5. 5. How is Hallwaze better than other ESNs?
  6. 6. How we ensure Security? In-Premises deployment – Hallwaze allows customer to deploy it within premise behind firewall to ensure data secrecy. Private/Public Cloud Deployment – Hallwaze Data Center is PCI/ ISO 27001, SSAE-16 and VISA-CISP Compliant for data security Data Encryption - All on-wire data is transmitted in encrypted form on Hallwaze with SSL 3.0. At-rest data is encrypted using AES-128 for additional security. Authentication – Hallwaze supports user authentication against existing enterprise mechanism like Single-Sign-On (SAML, Oauth2) or Active Directory (LDAP) authentication – allowing enterprise to control user access from one-place. Secure Group Collaboration – Hallwaze supports closed and private groups where people can join only by an invitation from group administrator. All conversation within these groups is available to group members only, thus facilitating collaboration in a secure environment. Private Conversation – Hallwaze facilitates private messaging, allowing collaboration amongst pre-identified group of people.
  7. 7. How does Hallwaze integrate with other apps? •Can integrate with authentication servers using SAML, Oauth2 or LDAPAuthentication APIs •Can integrate with other user management applications (e.g. HRMS, Exchange Server, another website) to keep Users in sync with Hallwaze. •A user added/disabled in other application can derive add/disable of user in in Hallwaze. Profile APIs •Integrate any other app to publish updates within in Hallwaze e.g. publish updates from a lead generation app or a people performance measurement app to further collaborate and praise members. Activity APIs •Integrate with other Social platform to receive updates based on hashtags, user profiles or keywords.Social APIs •Feed any article, blog from any app into Hallwaze. Hallwaze will distribute article to members based on their interests thus ensuring more hits to article and reducing spam.Feed APIs
  8. 8. Hallwaze Differentiators? External Feed Pipe and internal content Recommendation to follow your stated & dynamic interests Simple Huge issues with adoption in the ESN space Learning Curve Get Up and Go No ‘streams’ of confusion POWERFUL Search Most ESNs focus on just content/stream creation. One Click access to information is critical Our Search engine indexes, catalogues and tags every information Mobile Chat for Enterprise • Instant Messaging-BYOD & Enterprise Device • Self Destructing • Optional Web Persistence • Voice & data • 256 bit AES-GCM encryption using keys created with 521 bit ECDH- only you & user can decrypt
  9. 9. Thank You For any questions/suggestions, please send an email to: / (9810660730)