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Disengagement at workplace


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What causes disengagement at workplace and how Hallwaze can help leaders to flip the switch!

Published in: Leadership & Management
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Disengagement at workplace

  1. 1. Do your employees truly love their job?
  2. 2. Not very likely according to facts STUDIES REVEAL 48% of employees globally dislike their jobs 80% of US workers feel stressed at work Only 30% feel “engaged and inspired while 18% are actively disengaged
  3. 3. But what actually causes the disengagement?
  4. 4. Micromanagement  Those disengaged employees might stay for a while and wade through OR  May choose to leave for more independence
  5. 5. No confidence in company leadership Once employees lose faith in company’s vision, then their loyalties fray and they cease to wholeheartedly follow
  6. 6. Lack of Recognition When there is no recognition + there is no motivation = Employees set job on autopilot
  7. 7. Poor Communication
  8. 8. Self Actualization 55% of Gen X and Gen Y workers believe that a job that’s personally fulfilling is worth sacrifices in salary
  9. 9. Investing in your people sets world class companies apart from their competition
  10. 10. Hallwaze can help you Create a ‪#‪Happy Workplace‪!
  11. 11. Hallwaze will help an Enterprise: Improve communication Nurture Employees Boost Engagement
  12. 12. Social Recognition is much more valuable than the piece of paper or trophy Recognize employees socially
  13. 13. You never know if your accountant is a trained risk analyst OR your admin is an ‘in the closet’ app developer Discover Talent Internally Get right people to work on right things
  14. 14. Holding on to info is power! Flip the switch & make knowledge sharing the new norm with Hallwaze! Encourage Sharing and Eliminate Boredom
  15. 15. Hallwaze can massively help you to engage your employees and boost innovation and productivity in your enterprise. Sign Up Now for FREE Trail