Use Analytics to Drive More Business


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Do you know how people are getting to your website and what content they respond to best? Are your site visitors from organic search or paid search more likely to buy? If you aren't able to answer these questions, then you need to attend this webinar on how to use web analytics for your business. We'll talk about why using statistics to track site performance is so important and how to use these insights to make incremental improvements to your website over time.

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Use Analytics to Drive More Business

  1. 1. Use Google Analytics to Drive More Business
  2. 2. Who We Are Hall Internet Marketing • 12 Years in Business • Twitter @Hall_WebDora Leav Rachel BowesPaid Search Marketer Digital Marketing
  3. 3. Got Questions?Use GoToWebinar “Ask a Question”
  4. 4. Today• What Analytics does and doesn’t show you• Getting started with Google Analytics• Setting up Goals• Review of important aspects of Analytics that can help you make decisions about your website
  5. 5. Analytics & Tracking Conversions
  6. 6. Analytics Shows You…• Who is coming to your website• When they got there• How they got there• Where they went when they got there• What action they took (if any)• Why? (Well, that’s the analysis part!)
  7. 7. Analytics Doesn’t…• Improve your search rankings• Answer your questions for you• Give one single answer
  8. 8. Pros of Google Analytics• Free• Easy to Use• Powerful
  9. 9. How to Get Started• Add Analytics code to your site• Overview• Traffic• Content• Conversion• Time range
  10. 10. Pro Tip: Track Goals• You want people to do something on your website• Track – contact forms, sign ups, demo views, whitepaper downloads, when people purchase, etc.• Allows us to see the impact of marketing efforts like: • Email Campaigns • Paid Search • Keyword Performance • Best Referral Sites
  11. 11. Goal Components• Name of the goal• Define the funnel• Value of the goal
  12. 12. The Dashboard• Customizable• Four types of widgets: • Metric, • Pie Chart, • Timeline, • Table
  13. 13. Content
  14. 14. Content Top content• Most popular pages• Bounce rate – Not what people were looking for• Average time on page – interesting to visitors What Does Your Bounce Rate Tell You?
  15. 15. Content cont.Landing and Exit pages• Do your top landing pages entice visitors to go further?• Exit pages – are you losing people in the process?Site Speed•Page load time – is your site loading fast enough?Site Search•Users utilizing the search function on your site•Needs to be manually set upEvents•Track downloads, videos watched etc.•Similar to ecommerce tracking Is Your Site a Slow Poke?
  16. 16. Audience/Visitors • Who makes up your audience? • How did they view your site? (technology/mobile) • Their behavior on site (new user, returning visitor, engagement) Mobile Devices, Reporting, and User Experience
  17. 17. Advanced SegmentationSlice and dice your GA data Default Create your own
  18. 18. Filters• Exclude your office IP • How do I exclude my internal traffic from Google Analytics reports?• Blog only filter• Mobile• Search and Replace • /category.asp?catid=5 to /red-shoes
  19. 19. Custom Reporting• Define metrics and dimensions you want in your report • Organic traffic by mobile devices • Unique visitors by page • Conversion by time of day • Top converting landing pages
  20. 20. Multi Channel FunnelsNeed goals set up to work correctly
  21. 21. Now what? Make changes!• What is performing – popular and converting customers• Where are your weaknesses?• Specific reports for new efforts – social media, email, new PPC landing pages etc.• Lots of mobile traffic? How do they view your site?
  22. 22. Recap Google Analytics is a powerful and free tool thatyou can use to see how your website is performing for you and make adjustments where needed. Photo credit
  23. 23. Questions
  24. 24. Learn MoreFollow Hall: @Hall_Web• Blog -• Webinars - 6/5 - Selecting a CMS That is Right For Your New Website 6/19 - Exploring Pinterest for BusinessCall us! 1-877-425-5932 (HALL-WEB) Download our new eBook: