How to Optimize the Most Important Pages on Your Site


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We all know that your home page is usually the most visited page on your website, but some people are unaware of how many people are visiting your About Us page. Are you missing opportunities by not thinking strategically about your About Us page? Most websites also have a Contact Us page, is yours as effective as it can be? In this webinar we'll discuss the three most visited pages on your website: your homepage, about us page, and contact us page and how to best optimize them for usability, conversions, and building relationships.

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  • Talk about GA.
  • Understand the pathways they will follow Researchers: FAQ, Product Comparisons, Demos, Blogs, Webinars, Trust indication logos, Staff images Purchasers: Contact Information, E-Commerce, Testimonios, Specials and Promos, Free Trial, Value Add items, Request More Info Current Customers: News, How to Videos, FAQ, Support, Training, Blog, White Paper
  • Telephone Number Email Address Physical Address
  • Telephone Number Email Address Physical Address
  • Telephone Number Email Address Physical Address
  • Telephone Number Email Address Physical Address
  • Telephone Number Email Address Physical Address
  • Telephone Number Email Address Physical Address
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  • How to Optimize the Most Important Pages on Your Site

    1. 1. How to Optimize theMost Important Pages on Your Site
    2. 2. Who we are Hall Internet Marketing 13 Years in Business Twitter @Hall_Web
    3. 3. Dave MacElhineyHall Internet MarketingDirector of Client
    4. 4. About YouYou have a website and want to improvenavigationYou want to make the best use out of the pageswith the heaviest trafficYou want your website to work better for itsvisitors
    5. 5. What We’ll DiscussWhich pages you should pay attention tomostHow to optimize the popular pages on your siteHow these changes effect a research-orientedsite visitor
    6. 6. Got Questions?• Use GoToWebinar “Ask a Question”• Twitter with @hall_web• Email
    7. 7. The Most Important Pages?
    8. 8. Home PageAbout UsContact Us
    9. 9. Some Stats• 98% - The Home page was first, second or third most visited page on the website• 86% - The Home page was the #1 most visited page on the website• 58% - The About Us page was in the top 10 most visited pages• 68% - The Contact Us page was in the top 10 most visited pages
    10. 10. Know your audience • What do they need? • What are their pain points? • What do they care about? • What do they like?
    11. 11. 3 Types of Users • Researchers • Buyers • Current Customers
    12. 12. Home Page
    13. 13. Home Page Uses • Navigation • Filtering • Converting
    14. 14. Home Page Elements • Don’t overwhelm • Organize • Simplify • User priorities
    15. 15. FOR EXAMPLECustomerPurchaserResearcher
    16. 16. FOR EXAMPLECustomerPurchaserResearcher
    17. 17. FOR EXAMPLEPurchaserCustomerResearcher
    18. 18. About Us Page
    19. 19. About Us Uses • Your Calling Card • Who You Are • Can I Trust This Company? • Show Some Personality/Culture
    20. 20. About Us Elements • Company history – how long have you been around? • Company description/mission? – what do you do? • Who do you work with? • Who are the people?
    21. 21. Some Personality/Culture
    22. 22. Even if you are afraid of Zombies!
    23. 23. Contact Us
    24. 24. Contact Us Uses • How do I get there? • Who should I talk to? - For sales, customer service, billing, etc. • I want more information • Do they service my area?
    25. 25. Contact Us – Make itEasy contact form • Short • Individual contact information • A map/simple driving directions • Hours of operation
    26. 26. Contact Us – Make itEasy media contact information • Social • Instant message contact information • Service area
    27. 27. FOR EXAMPLE
    28. 28. FOR EXAMPLE
    29. 29. FOR EXAMPLE
    30. 30. Wait! Don’t Forget Local Search!
    31. 31. More Than 1 Location? • List each physical location • Corresponding Telephone Number • Secure Google, Yahoo Bing Profi
    32. 32. Bonus Round!!!!
    33. 33. Oops! 404 Pages • Typed in wrong URL • Old bookmarked link or search engine link • Broken internal link • Be user friendly, be nice!
    34. 34. Oops! 404 Pages •Link to a site map/home page •Search site option •Navigate to important •Be helpful
    35. 35. Set up Custom 404 Page
    36. 36. Set up Custom 404 Page
    37. 37. Set up Custom 404 Page
    38. 38. Let’s Recap…
    39. 39. 4 Most Impo rtant Pages • Home Page • About Us • Contact Us • 404 Redirects
    40. 40. • Know the Users• Be Honest and Open• Be Helpful• Show Some Personality
    41. 41. Questions?
    42. 42. Learn MoreTwitter: @hall_web @davemacportland• Blog –• Webinars – • 9/18 - Getting Found and Optimizing for Local Search • 10/2 – What are Businesses Supposed to do with Google + • Archived webinars - Download our free eBook:
    43. 43. Thanks! Fine Print: All images fall under CC licenses. Thank you to the owners- you rock!