Using Google Analytics to Measure Website Engagement


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How are people getting to your website? What content do they respond to? Is a visitor from a search engine or a referring website more likely to buy or sign up for a newsletter? If you aren't able to answer these questions, then you need to attend this webinar on how to use Google Analytics to determine how people are engaging (or not engaging) with your website. We'll talk about the why and how of using web analytics to track site performance and how to use these insights to make improvements to your website.

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Using Google Analytics to Measure Website Engagement

  1. 1. Using Google Analytics to Measure Website Engagement Hall Web Services
  2. 2. Who We Are Kasi Gajtkowski Organic Search Manager Hall Web Services • Over 11 Years in Business • Over 80 Search Marketing Clients • 98% of Customers "Very Satisfied"
  3. 3. Got Questions? • Use GoToWebinar “Chat” or “Ask a Question” • Twitter with #SEOvision tag
  4. 4. About You: What You'll Learn: • Why analysis of web stats is important • Why Google Analytics makes a great web stats program • How to set up GA and make sense of Google Analytics basics • A little bit about the advanced features offered by GA • You own or manage one or more websites • You care about whether these sites generate business or not • You want to know the real picture of how your sites are performing
  5. 5. Analytics: Completing the Conversion Cycle
  6. 6. What Analytics Allows You to See • Who is coming to your site • When they got there • How they got there • Where they went when they got there • What action (if any) they take • Why? Well, you'll have to infer
  7. 7. What Analytics Doesn't Do • Doesn't make you perform better in search • Doesn't fix all your problems • Doesn't answer your questions for you • Doesn't give you one true answer Photo:
  8. 8. Why Google Analytics? • Free • Easy to Use • Powerful
  9. 9. Why Not Google Analytics? • Javascript • 24 hour delay • No backwards data
  10. 10. Getting Started • • Need a Google account • One account per client, multiple websites per account • Tracking code goes in footer of website... templates make this easy! • "Check Status" to see if installed, no data for 24hrs
  11. 11. Goals! Photo: You want people to do something! Like: • Fill out a contact form • Sign up for newsletter • View a demo • Download a whitepaper • Buy something
  12. 12. Goals! Components to a Goal: • "Thanks" Page • Pages to get there • Value
  13. 13. Goals - This is Cool Allows us to see: • Impact of email marketing • Paid versus search traffic • Best performing keywords • Best performing referral sites (press, blog write-ups, social media efforts)
  14. 14. Using GA: Dashboard
  15. 15. Using GA: Traffic Sources
  16. 16. Using GA: Content
  17. 17. Using GA: Visitors
  18. 18. GA Advanced - Segmentation and filters • Exclude specific types of traffic • Include only specific sources of traffic • Segmentation - instant and retroactive • Filters - permanent and for future use only
  19. 19. GA Advanced - Custom Reporting • See a report with practically any metric compared to practically any dimension
  20. 20. GA Advanced – Event Tracking for Offsite Links, Videos 1. Category - 'Videos' 2. Action – 'Play' 3. Label – 'Baby's First Birthday' [There are also “Values” and “Implicit Count”] <a href="#" onClick="_gaq.push(['_trackEvent', 'Videos', 'Play', 'Baby's First Birthday']);">Play</a> Additional code added for events so you can see them in your reports! Let's say you want to know when someone hits the “Play” button on a video on your website:
  21. 21. End Goal... Making Changes! • High Bounce Rate.. Okay on blogs, but why are people leaving? • Ecommerce - Are people afraid to commit? • Web forms - Are you asking too much info? • Wow, that content was hot! Should you write more about it? • StumbleUpon, Twitter, LinkedIn... man, this stuff works!
  22. 22. Re-cap Photo: • Don't manage a website in the dark • GA is really powerful! • There's a lot to learn • Observe, analyze, react • Consultant network available if you need help
  23. 23. Weekly Webinars Next week: Amanda – Get More Return by Blogging Better Two Weeks: Alayna – What is a CMS and Why Do I Need One?
  24. 24. Learn More! Web Vision Blog - Webinars – Follow Hall on Twitter - @Hall_Web Call us! 1-877-425-5932 (HALL-WEB) Email me: QUESTIONS?