Business Facebook Pages - What You Need to Know


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Facebook is the most visited website on the internet. Most of your clients and potential clients are using Facebook. Are you using a Facebook business page to reach your target audience? In this webinar we will discuss business Facebook pages and show you how to optimize the profile to be found easily. We will also show some shortcuts to regularly adding content to your Facebook Fan Page, focus on new features of the new Facebook Timeline, and how to measure your efforts.

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Business Facebook Pages - What You Need to Know

  1. 1. Facebook Business Pages – What You Need to Know Photo credit:
  2. 2. Who we are Hall Internet Marketing Portland, Maine In business over 13 years @hall_web Amanda O’Brien VP of Marketing @amanda_pants
  3. 3. Got Questions?• Use GoToWebinar “Ask a Question”• Twitter with @hall_web• Email
  4. 4. Who is on Facebook?Over 900 millions users – 1 billion by EOY1 out of every 5 page views20 minutes spent per visitGoing public this month Photo credit:
  5. 5. Your customers are probably on Facebook Photo credit:
  6. 6. Facebook Business Pages out as much information as you canHave more than one administratorCreate a social media/Facebook policyHave a planPlan out content, think about frequency Turn personal profile into page facebook-page-into-a-business-facebook-page/
  7. 7. Custom URL sharing easierCannot change once confirmed
  8. 8. New TimelineCover imageNo more landing tabsCustom tabs and thumbnailsMilestonesPin PostsHighlight postsPersonalizedMessaging pages
  9. 9. Cover imagesBIG 851x315 pixelsMost viewed piece of layoutNot ad space•No contact information•No calls to action•No ‘like this page’•Price or purchase infoMore:
  10. 10. Pin images and highlight imagesPin stories to the top for 7 daysHighlights take up the full width of your page•Links•Photos•Videos•Events
  11. 11. Posts by othersTop right of pageExpand to view moreAble to remove Photo credit:
  12. 12. Delete bad commentsCould make your problem worseOpportunity to set the record straightHave a plan – what is acceptable?Record deleted commentsMore: Photo credit:
  13. 13. EdgerankAlgorithm for what shows up on FacebookSome content weighed more than others Facebook EdgeRank formula is Affinity x Weight x TimeMore interaction = stays on pages longer Decay. Want more likes and comments
  14. 14. What gets the most likes?Photos and videosRequest interaction – ask questions who, what, when but not whyShare other people’s content
  15. 15. Creating contentIntegrate with other marketingHave a schedulePreplan contentUse your website contentPhotos and videosMix it up Photo credit:
  16. 16. Integrate with the rest of your marketing Photo credit:
  17. 17. Automatic content pushFacebook publicWants content created on Facebook 24/Facebook-Content-Published-Via-Third- Party-Tools-Suffers-67-Fewer-Likes-New- Data.aspx Photo credit:
  18. 18. What not to doBe repetitive Say the same thing but differentBe sporadicTalk about yourselfOne way communication
  19. 19. Facebook AdvertisingCreate highly targeted adsInexpensiveFB page or websiteBad press – testAwareness, growth, conversion, engagementMore:
  20. 20. K.I.S.S.What do people who like your page like?What are their needs?What are your top customers interested in?
  21. 21. InsightsLikes, Reach, ViralityPopular contentExport dataPage Insights Guide [PDF]Negative feedback Photo credit:
  22. 22. Insights
  23. 23. Measuring Social Media Measure It Things you can measure •Traffic data •Fan/follower data •Interaction data •Content performance •Social Media: Is Any of This Working? Photo credit:
  24. 24. Learn MoreTwitter: @Hall_Web @amanda_pants• Blog –• Webinars – • 5/22 – Use Analytics to Drive More Business • 6/5 – Selecting a CMS That is Right for Your New Website1-877-425-5932 (HALL-WEB) Download our new eBook: