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F    E    B    R    U       A   R   Y       2    0    1   1        E    D    I    T    I   O     NCalifornia Polytechnic S...
What We’ve Been Up To                                                  Prim and Proper:                                   ...
Bonding Through Sisterhood                    Go, Kite, Win! Thetas came out in numbers at Greek Goblet ’11The first sister...
Exchanges                                                                                    UPCOMING                     ...
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February Newsletter


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February Newsletter

  1. 1. F E B R U A R Y 2 0 1 1 E D I T I O NCalifornia Polytechnic State Universitys Kappa Alpha Theta Newsletter Z E TA T H E TA C H A P T E R F O U N D E D 1 9 8 9 z Winter Semi-Formal zOn February 5th, Kappa Alpha Theta hosted itsannual Winter Semi-Formal Party where eachmember brings a date of her choice. This year,Semi-Formal was held at a fabulous venue, theSpyglass Inn in Pismo Beach. Pictured to theright are a few Zeta Theta Seniors who attendedthe event. (From left to right: Nicole Hoffman,Amy Scott, Jackie Lauver, Caitlin Rosenberg,Grace D’Amico, Leilani Wu, Brenna Pringle, andKami Tiano.) Scholarship Recipients! Each year the Zeta Theta Alumnae Association awards financial scholarships to active members of Zeta Theta who demonstrate considerable contributions to the chapter. I am pleased to announce that the following members received scholarships: Candie Fujisaki, Kristen Patterson, Stephanie Shaffer, Victoria Francis, Erin Canino, and Brenna Corrick.
  2. 2. What We’ve Been Up To Prim and Proper: Panhellenic’s Etiquette Presentation This February we were transported back to an era of higher civility when “manners actually mattered.” We were instructed in proper etiquette beyond proper dinner manners by Anita Shower, also known as “Miss Etiquette,” a self proclaimed etiquette expert and newspaper columnist for the SLO City News. The presentation was sponsored by the Panhellenic Association. Although the advice was a bit old fashioned, we appreciated Shower’s deadpan wit and valuable tips.“Big-Little Week...We Want You In Our Family!”Theta’s newest members had a blast at RevealingThrough the course of a new member’s pledge period, she gets a “big”--a big sister who is a member of a higherpledge class. The relationship between big and little is particularly special because the big sister acts as a mentor anda role model in addition to being a close friend. The new big-little pairs are as follows: Kelly Doyle and AdrianaHidalgo, Sydney Lane and Angela Accomazzo, Jessi Grant and Christia Brockman, Cate Mitchell and StacyShannon, and Megan Qvistgaard and Lauren Feuerborn.
  3. 3. Bonding Through Sisterhood Go, Kite, Win! Thetas came out in numbers at Greek Goblet ’11The first sisterhood was “Greek Goblet” at the Men’s BasketballGame. “Greek Goblet” is similar to the sisterhood we had lastmonth except that it also doubles as a competition in which thePanhellenic sorority with the most girls in attendance at the gamewas awarded $500 to their national philanthropy. Unfortunately,Kappa Alpha Theta got second place after Chi Omega.Nonetheless, we all had fun making signs, and cheering as loud aswe could. That night the Mustangs beat their arch-rivals the UCDavis Aggies 65-56. Showing some Theta Love: Strengthening our Sisterhood on Valentine’s Day!Everyone has an opinion about Valentine’s Day: some people, presumablyenjoying a blissful relationship with their significant other, relish in the giftgiving and the elaborately planned romantic gesture (think champagneand Godiva chocolates) Other bitter singles like myself prefer to write offthe “holiday” as a conspiracy, carefully plotted by the executives atHallmark. Thankfully, Theta hosted a Valentine’s Day sisterhood activityto distract me from the dearth of red roses I received this fourteenth day ofFebruary. At the event, Zeta Thetas unleashed their inner Martha Stewartsin decorating delectable cupcakes. We also did “speed dating” whichhelped us to become better acquainted with the newer members. As for themembers we already knew all too well, “speed dating” enabled us to spenda little time together and share some Theta Love!
  4. 4. Exchanges UPCOMING EVENTS! INITIATION MARCH 6In February we had one exchange with downtown. Everyone had a fun timeLambda Chi Alpha Fraternity. The dancing, hanging out, and meeting newtheme was “Rescue Me”. Such a broad people. Theta Junior, Stephanie Shaffer, THETA CHI’S BEST SORORITYtheme was open to interpretation! Many (aka: DJ GΘLDIE LAX) once again DANCE CREWThetas were very creative in their wowed everyone with her DJ skills MARCH 9costume choices. All the fun went down spinning awesome tracks all night long!at Vallartas’s, a Mexican restaurant GREEK WEEK MAY 15-24 Have some Zeta Theta News to add? Please contact the editor at