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Presentation hallie done


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Presentation hallie done

  1. 1. Digital Media Hallie Christodaro
  2. 2. EDU Blogs• What is it? • Lets you create an online journal• What does it do? • Share materials with others in chronological order • Read and comment
  3. 3. EDU• How can it be used in a class room setting? • Get input back on a project • Another way to list student assignments
  4. 4. Voice Thread• What is it? • You can add your voice to videos• What does it let you do? • It lets you create a video • You can use your own voice • You can upload your own photo
  5. 5. Voice Thread• How can it be used in a classroom? • A way to present something • Showing kids something interesting
  6. 6. Go Animate• What is it? • Animated slide show• What does it allow you to do? • You can create a slideshow • Sharing it with many other people.
  7. 7. GoAnimate• How can you use it in a class? • You can use it to make a project • Create an animated lesson
  8. 8. Wikispaces• What is it? • Website that has its own address. • Lets many people edit and create it. • What does it allow you to do? • Allows you to store your work • Uploads photos, widgets, videos and more
  9. 9. WikiSpaces• How can this be used in a classroom setting? • All your projects from the year can be collected.
  10. 10. Animoto• What is it? • Video creation service• What does it let you create? • A visual power point • Using your own photos, music, even video clips.
  11. 11. Animoto• How can it be used educationally? • Your teacher can use it to show you the next project • Students can make projects for class
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