Live and Work with Passion and Purpose


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Here are three steps to living and working with passion and purpose.

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Live and Work with Passion and Purpose

  1. 1. LIVE and Work with PASSION AND Purpose Hallie Crawford Copyright 2014 1
  2. 2. Living In The BASEMENT
  3. 3.  Importance  3 Steps 1. Discard external definitions 2. Define fulfillment 3. Tap into talents  Make it Real  Ga Tech Coaching Program  2 Action Items Agenda
  4. 4. Only 19% are satisfied •16% somewhat satisfied •44% unsatisfied (Right Management survey 2012) Tip #1: Dig underneath dreams, interests, passions
  5. 5. Good NEWS • You CAN infuse passion and purpose • Internal compass
  6. 6. C ommit – Ways to manage the obstacles along the way. R isk – Why you must balance the practical with the passionate. E xpand – How to expand your thinking, brainstorming ideas. A lign – How to define fulfillment for you. T ransform – Understand why fulfillment is the foundation for your search for your ideal career. E xecute – Action steps to take as a result of being here today. Process TM
  7. 7. COMPASS Used for orientation and direction Problems arise when Interference or DEVIATION
  8. 8. Keys to Head in RIGHT DIRECTION • Discard external definitions • Define fulfillment • Tap into talents
  9. 9. Discard external definitions  Defined, Importance Caught up in daily life, define ourselves externally Remove external definitions don’t want/don’t work for us STEP 1 Sense of self inside out, external circumstances change
  10. 10. Painted STAINED
  11. 11. 4 Actions Self assessment Where do you think you’re defining yourself incorrectly or externally? Interview others What 3 words come to mind? Greatest strengths? What gets you into trouble? New story Imagine yourself in 10 years, qualities you want to have as well as goals achieved? How close are you to that today? Fulfillment Write down what fills you/passionate about Action Steps Small steps to tap into passion Harmony between your inner and outer world
  12. 12. Define FULFILLMENT STEP2 • How to • Define success • Identify 3 values • Exercise-start now, choose a friend: Peak Experience and One Action • Values defined • Peak experience • Example • Share
  13. 13. values Your guideposts to fulfillment
  14. 14. “Everyone’s a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree it will live its whole life believing that it’s stupid.” What is YOUR talent? STEP 3 Tap into Talents and Skills
  15. 15. Talent v Skill How to Identify Self assessment Personality test Interview others PAIR UP Exercise: Top 3 talents/Skills? Partner help them Identify unique combination if possible. How to use them more often? Share Example
  16. 16. Course Correction Brainstorm career ideas List Interests, Talents, Ideas Search General search sites, Career sites, Job boards Organize Themes
  17. 17. 1. Stained wood and mobius strip 2. Live by your values, balance them 3. Utilize your talents remember
  18. 18. TAKE  Identify values  Use your talents more often  Brainstorm career ideas if transitioning action
  19. 19. Career transition advice-$10 Job Search Workbook-$10 Ideal Career Ebook-$10 Career Coaching Products
  20. 20. “The greatest RISK in life is not taking one.”