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How Informational Interviews Can Help You Find Your Dream Job


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An informational interview is not like a typical interview. It's a method of getting your name out there while learning more about careers in your industry. Learn the key steps to scheduling informational interviews, and why their so important.

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How Informational Interviews Can Help You Find Your Dream Job

  2. 2. W H AT IS AN I N F O R M AT I O N A L I N T E RV I E W ?An informational interview is not like a typicalinterview. Its a method of getting your name outthere while learning more about careers in yourindustry.An informational interview is setting up a timeto speak to someone in your chosen field. Thisis an opportunity to learn what it is really like towork in that field, learn about possible careeropportunities, and to get your name out there. © 2002-20112
  3. 3. H O W T O G E T A N I N F O R M AT I O N A L I N T E RV I E W ?There are many ways to "land" an informational interview. You might begin byspeaking to someone in your social circle who already has a foot in the door.You could scan online for companies that appeal to you, and then ask if you canschedule an informational interview with someone in their office.You could even suggest scheduling one with a family member who works in aposition or with a company that appeals to you. © 2002-20112
  4. 4. W H Y S H O U L D Y O U D O I N F O R M AT I O N A LI NTERVIEWS?Reason #1: Informational interviews allow you to test the waters.They’re a great way to find out what your possible ideal career path will belike, before you actually make a change. Talk to someone who knows, who’s beenthere. Find out if it’s really a fit before you jump in. If you’re just starting out in afield (recent college grad or someone in career transition) you’ll find that theinformational interview offers you the inside perspective you’ve always wanted. © 2002-20112
  5. 5. W H Y S H O U L D Y O U D O I N F O R M AT I O N A LI NTERVIEWS?Reason #2: Informational interviews present a great networking opportunity.It’s important to get out there and be noticed for your talent. Sure, there may notbe an opening right now, but if you make a good impression today, someone mightthink of you for a position that opens up in the future. Right now, you’re just feelingaround for information…but a future job offer would be a nice bonus! And this canhappen from an informational interview. © 2002-20112
  6. 6. W H Y S H O U L D Y O U D O I N F O R M AT I O N A LI NTERVIEWS?Reason #3: Informational interviews make for a good "practice run."They’re not a "real" interview and you’re not here to land a job – so the pressure’soff! And, they’re an excellent way to get some practice in for the real thing. This isyour chance to ask questions about the company and the industry, so fire away!And of course, be sure to share your experience and training so they know tokeep you in mind for the future © 2002-20112
  7. 7. H A N D L E E V E R Y T H I N G P R O F E S S I O N A L LYBe honest! Explain to the potential interviewer what you’re looking for upfront so they know your expectations. They’ll respect you for being directabout what you’re looking for.Be respectful of their time. Set a time to speak with them and ask how muchtime they have. If this is a friend or family member, try to keep theconversation on course with professional matters – you’ll be taken moreseriously. © 2002-20112
  8. 8. PHONE OR IN-PERSON?You can conduct your interview over the phone orin person. Ask the person what they prefer. Aphone interview is less formal and saves time. Itcan create a more comfortable interviewingprocess.The in-person interview can help you make alasting impression. You can share workexperience, portfolio pieces, etc.Do what works best for your contact. © 2002-20112
  9. 9. P R E PA R E F O R Y O U R I N T E R V I E WHave specific questions in mind that you’ve always been curious about. Somegood ones to ask are: • What does a typical day on the job consist of? • What do you like best and least about what you do? • What qualifications and experience does someone need to have to get a job in this field? • What is an entry level position in this field? • What are best places to look for jobs in this field? • How did you get started? • Do you know anyone else who it would be beneficial for me to talk to? © 2002-20112
  10. 10. SEND A THANK YOU NOTEThank everyone who may have led you to the informationalinterview. Keep them posted on your progress. Don’tbombard them with information but make sure they knowyou appreciate their time and effort.Get the mailing address of the person you’reinterviewing with. Send them a hand-written thank youcard for their time and help. © 2002-20112
  11. 11. GET OUT THERE!An informational interview could result in you knowing a few things about an industrythat you didn’t know before! You might be surprised at what you discover.If you like what you hear, this could be the motivating force for a terrific new job inthe near future.If you don’t like what you hear, it could prevent you from making a career movethat doesn’t suit who you are.It’s important to get out there to ask questions and learn from people. Your futuredream career is worth the extra effort! © 2002-20112
  12. 12. NEED HELP??Schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our coaches today. have been working with career seekers for more than 9 years to empower themto find their career direction, navigate their transition, and identify and succeed intheir ideal career.Services include:• Ideal Career Group Coaching• Individual Career Coaching• Resume/Job Search Coaching• Career Assessments © 2002-20112
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