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Coping with Career Regret


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How to make the right career choice the next time around!

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Coping with Career Regret

  1. 1. Coping W ith Career REGRET How to make the right career choice the next time around! 1 Hallie Crawford Copyright 2012
  2. 2. ALIGN STEP 1 by defining Fulfillment
  3. 3. Define Fulfillment Defined – 2 components Heart: Passion, Sense of meaning, Accomplishment o Head: Priorities are taken care of o Why Important? o Happier lives, better parents, more successful, greater life balance How to Define Personal Fulfillment Identify VALUES: Peak experience, Must have’s  Clarify PRIORITIES: Life balance wheel 
  4. 4. Define Fulfillment Illustration o Paula in Atlanta - Unfulfilled lawyer. o o o Re-aligned career goals: Remained a lawyer but moved to smaller firm with different values. Matched both her values and her priorities. HEART: Value of working with smaller firm to see greater impact on clients HEAD: Priority of making a certain income and leveraging her education Before you take that next job – identify your values and priorities so you don’t experience career regret!
  5. 5. Define Fulfillment Implementation o What are your career goals? Are they aligned with your values? STEP ONE: Begin with values, identify those first. o STEP TWO: Complete balance wheel to Identify life priorities. o STEP THREE: Develop list of career goals or adjust list of goals based on the two. o
  6. 6. STEP EXPAND 2 Balance Practical with PASSION
  7. 7. EXPAND Balance Practical with PASSION 3 Steps    Dream first and dream BIG Define Fulfillment first Then bring in practical   Compensation – will it pay you enough? Is the dream job realistic, based on your talents, skills, experience and education? Why Important?   Dream first and big: If you start small you’ll get small Practicality can limit up front expansive goal setting or career brainstorming
  8. 8. EXPAND Balance Practical with PASSION Illustration  Tracy in Atlanta  Passion for health and wellness. Balanced with compensation. Implementation  Brainstorm career goals with a friend-think big!  With same friend, identify practical way to implement.
  9. 9. STEP 3 RISK
  10. 10. RISK Why Important? Any change or work towards achieving a goal requires some amount of risk  Without risk no reward  *Key is to prepare for it  How to Evaluate Risk 1.Will it move me towards my goal(s)? 2.How can I minimize it? 3.Be strategic
  11. 11. RISK Illustration   Derek, Washington Wants to change career paths. Asked to reduce his hours. Implementation    Review each career goal – to achieve each one, what action steps are required. Which ones require the most risk? Put a star by those. Under each one evaluate the “worthiness” of the risk. And how you can minimize each one.
  12. 12. TW action O steps you will take THIS W EEK Write the m o n y o ur ta s k lis t no w. EXECUTE
  13. 13. “The greatest RISK in life is not taking one.”