Questions and answers about buddhism


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Questions and answers about buddhism

  1. 1. Questions and Answers about Buddhism
  2. 2. Why do monks shave their heads? 1. Because the Buddha cut his hair off to say goodbye to the world 2. Because monks must be celibate. Hair makes him handsome, but he cannot touch a woman! This may be difficult for him. 3. To overcome vanity.
  3. 3. Why do we have to make merit?Many Buddhist’s believe we make merit so we can have good karma for thenext life.But I think we should make merit to help others, not to help ourselves.Some people think that making merit (giving to the sangha) is extortion.
  4. 4. Where is hell?Hell is not a real place. I do not believe you can goto hell after you die.But if you make mistakes, your life now couldbecome hell.
  5. 5. Where will we go after we die? YOU will not exist after you die. But I believe a new consciousness will arise somewhere in the universe, and you will be that consciousness. You could be any kind of living thing, plant, animal or even artificial intelligence. It does not matter, all are equal.
  6. 6. Why is Buddhism in Thailand different from Buddhism in Japan?• Buddhism changes to fit the culture of every place it becomes popular• Japan has Mahayana and Thailand has Theravada
  7. 7. Do you believe in ghosts? I don’t believe there are ghosts in reality. But because they exist in our heads, they exist in a way. If ghosts were real, why would people see them so rarely?
  8. 8. Why do we have to pray? Who are we praying to? Do we really have to pray? Praying is superstition
  9. 9. Why can’t monks leave the temple during khao phansa? People didn’t want the monks to step on the young rice plants It also gives monks time to meditate and study
  10. 10. Do you believe in god? Yin yang of daoism
  11. 11. Why don’t monks wear shoes? Monks in some places wear shoes The vinaya pitaka says that monks should not use luxurious things like shoes
  12. 12. Why can’t a woman touch a monk? Monks must not have sexual pleasure Touching a woman may make them sexually excited If monks could touch women they would be distracted from practice
  13. 13. Why don’t monks eat dinner? 1. So the monks don’t burden the lay people with more than one meal every day. 2. So that they can learn to deal with desire 3. For health reasons. It makes you more healthy Eating one meal a day can and energetic cause constipation (supposedly) 4. It gives the monks more Sometimes monks consume time for meditation animal urine to help them go to the bathroom
  14. 14. Why should we follow the 5 precepts? If everyone followed the precepts, the world would be a better place. There would be less suffering. utopia
  15. 15. Why do monks have so many rules? They Vinaya pitaka has 227 rules for monks Monks believed that a disciplined life is the way to enlightenment
  16. 16. Why don’t monks wear underwear?• They don’t need it!• A monks robe has three parts: an inner(sabong), upper(ungsa) and outer robe (jiworn)
  17. 17. Why are monks robes orange/yellow? Turmeric dye Monks used to use jackfruit, rubber or wood to dye robes. Yellow is the color of renunciation. Now they use modern dyes made of chemicals The dye protects the robe.
  18. 18. Why do people make temples? People build temples to make merit. They think it is good karma for the next life. I think any place can be a temple if you have jai yen
  19. 19. Why do we have Buddhist holidays?• All cultures have holidays• Holidays give people a chance to practice Buddhism and have a good time• They bring the community together• They mark the passage of time
  20. 20. Why do some people become monks?• Some become monks because they are poor• Some are really interested in Buddhism• Some want to have a chance to study
  21. 21. Where is Buddhism from? The Buddha was born in Kapilavastu, Nepal. He found enlightenment in Bodh Gaya India He gave his first teachings at Deer Park in Varanasi He died in Kusinara
  22. 22. What is abhidhamma day?• This is a Burmese holiday to celebrate Buddha going to heaven to teach his mother the abhidhamma
  23. 23. Why did Buddhism come to Thailand?• We don’t know when Buddhism came to Thailand. Maybe in the third century by Asoka, Sona and Uttara.
  24. 24. What is on top of the Buddha’s head? It is called an urna It shows that the Buddha is enlightened
  25. 25. Does a Buddhist break the precept of not killing when he eats meat? Santi Asoke people say yes, it is killing. Most monks and people think it is ok to eat meat if you don’t kill the animals yourself. What do you think?
  26. 26. Do Buddhist’s believe in god? Well… What is god? This guy?!!!
  27. 27. How many Buddhas are there?• Mahayana Buddhism has over 10,000 Buddhas• Theravada has 7 Buddhas• Some people say there are more Buddha’s than there are stars in the sky• Maitreya is the Buddha of the future
  28. 28. Why aren’t we immortal?• Everything has a beginning and end• But I don’t think death is “the end”. It is a time to change to a new thing.• “Every chromosome has a telomere. Each time a chromosome divides the telomere becomes shorter”
  29. 29. Who told the history of the Buddha?• Buddhaghosa wrote most of the commentaries on the tipitaka for Theravada Buddhism
  30. 30. Which way do we turn for wien tien?• clockwise
  31. 31. Why are people greedy?They have fear. They are afraid of losing everything and not havingenough to liveThey want to have a “big face”People are never satisfied.
  32. 32. How can we know that we’ll be human in the next life?• Some people say that you must make good karma to be human in the next life• I think it doesn’t depend on karma. I think it depends on chance. A very small chance.
  33. 33. Why do we put our palms together when we pray? This is called anjali in Buddhism This is done in many cultures and religions It is to show respect, and to calm the body and mind
  34. 34. Do we have a soul mate? It’s probably easier to find a soulmate from your own culture. I think it is difficult to find a soul mate because it’s so hard to get people to really open their heartYou will never find a soulmate if you don’t trust I hope you find onepeople
  35. 35. What is the meaning of life? Money, power, fun, love, helping others, success, experiencing everything? It’s up to you.
  36. 36. Why must we learn about Buddhism?The government of your country wants you to be a goodpersonBuddhism is an important part of Thai culture Did you know that in the past, almost all education was at temples, with monks as teachers?
  37. 37. Why does Buddhism have the name Buddhism?• Buddha means “the enlightened one”• -ism means it’s a system of belief• -ist means a person who believes it
  38. 38. Can monks fly?Yes, yes they can.
  39. 39. Can monks kill an animal? Monks must not kill an animal. A monk must not eat meat that he knows was killed for him. But he can defend himself
  40. 40. Why is there holy water in Buddhism?• I think all water is holy water• There is holy water in may religions• It is used for blessings
  41. 41. Can good karma cancel out bad karma from the past?• Yes I believe it can
  42. 42. Why can’t we touch a monk’s bowl?You might break it! A long time ago, bowlswere easy to break and difficult to make
  43. 43. When do the monks pray?• In many temples, the monks pray in the morning, midday, near dinner time, and nighttime
  44. 44. Can monks use and handle money?The Vinaya pitaka says that monks should not holdmoney.Many try not to.But sometimes it is necessary.
  45. 45. Why can some people see ghosts, and some people can’t? He can probably see ghosts
  46. 46. Do monks wash their robes?
  47. 47. Can monks travel by car?The Vinaya pitaka says monks should not useluxuries, but many vinaya rules are difficult to follow.Monks cannot sit next to a woman in the car.
  48. 48. Can monks listen to music and sing?• The seventh precept “Refrain from dancing, singing, music, going to see entertainments…”• The answer: No. But many do it.
  49. 49. What is a fast way to get enlightenment?• It depends on which kind of Buddhism you practice, and on your definition of enlightenment
  50. 50. Should monks shave their beard?• Monks must always shave their head and beard
  51. 51. Do foreigners become Santi Asoke monks?
  52. 52. What is real Buddhism?• Any kind of Buddhism that makes the world better is “real Buddhism”• Anyone who says they know what “real Buddhism” is is lying or wrong. Buddhism
  53. 53. Do you think Santi Asoke people really understand Buddhism?• They have their own style of Buddhism• There is no wrong way to practice Buddhism.• But I like some styles of Buddhism more than others.
  54. 54. Do you think we have enough Buddhism in our life?• You should take what you need from Buddhism. No more.• What is important in Buddhism? Outer Buddhism (ceremonies, praying, temples, statues), or inner Buddhism? (love, generosity and a calm heart)
  55. 55. What is the best religion?• All religions have good and bad sides• I believe Buddhism is the most open and free religion. It is a “universal” religion• The best religion is the one that is best for your life
  56. 56. How many people really understand all of Buddhism?• No one understands all of Buddhism, even the BuddhaWhat IS Buddhism? The teachings of the Buddha 2500 years ago? Everything that has been added since then? Both?The more you learn, the more you realize that you know very little
  57. 57. Why did Santi Asoke walk away from the Dhamma of the Buddha?• What is the “dhamma of the Buddha?”• The basics of Buddhism are mostly the same in every country• They have changed things about buddhism that they don’t like
  58. 58. Why can’t Thai nuns be equal to monks? Women cannot ordain in Thailand In most countries they can ordain. The Thai sangha does not want change.