Eating disorders and body image


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Eating disorders and body image

  1. 1. Eating Disorders and Body Image
  2. 2. anorexia Anorexic people think they are fat, even when they are not. They don’t eat enough food.
  3. 3. Symptoms of anorexia • Someone with anorexia might: • become very thin, frail, or emaciated • be obsessed with eating, food, and weight control • weigh herself or himself repeatedly • deliberately "water load" when going to see a health professional to get weighed • count or portion food carefully • only eat certain foods, avoiding foods like dairy, meat, wheat, etc. (of course, lots of people who are allergic to a particular food or are vegetarians avoid certain foods) • exercise excessively • feel fat • withdraw from social activities, especially meals and celebrations involving food • be depressed, lethargic (lacking in energy), and feel cold a lot
  4. 4. bulimia People with bulimia may be a normal weight, but they binge and purge. They may make themselves vomit.
  5. 5. Symptoms of bulimia • fear weight gain • be unhappy with body size, shape, and weight • make excuses to go to the bathroom immediately after meals • only eat diet or low-fat foods (except during binges) • regularly buy laxatives, diuretics, or enemas • spend most of his or her time working out or trying to work off calories • withdraw from social activities, especially meals and celebrations involving food
  6. 6. Binge eating
  7. 7. What causes eating disorders? This is not beautiful or sexy. But fashion makes young girls think this is ok.
  8. 8. Most women want to look like this. Not everyone can look like her, but most women can look pretty if they try.
  9. 9. Full figured women Marilyn Monroe was thought to be one of the world’s most beautiful women 50 years ago.
  10. 10. Corset A corset is unhealthy because it pushes a woman’s organs around.
  11. 11. No one looks like the barbie on the left. If the barbie on the left were real
  12. 12. Except this girl This cost a LOT of money. She will look scary when she is older. Don’t try this at home!
  13. 13. Mens body image A body builder that probably uses steroids.
  14. 14. Cosmetic surgery Sometimes it can go horribly wrong!
  15. 15. Liposuction Liposuction sucks the fat out of your body.
  16. 16. Leg lengthening surgery Some people REALLY want to be taller. This surgery is dangerous, expensive, painful and time consuming.
  17. 17. Skin whitening In asian culture, white skin is considered beautiful. But whitening your skin can be unhealthy and expensive.
  18. 18. Tanning Many westerners want to have a tan. The UV rays are bad for you skin. This women was arrested for bringing her daughter to a tanning booth.
  19. 19. Hair loss and balding Men start to lose hair during puberty. It is caused by hormones and genes.
  20. 20. Ways to fight hair loss Toupees and wigs. Minoxidil and Rogaine. Hair transplant
  21. 21. Body fat percentage
  22. 22. Questions • What is it called when someone is very thin because they don’t want to eat? • What is it called when people vomit to try to control their weight? • What kind of chart can we use to know how much we should weigh? • What is it called when people eat A LOT at one time? • What is it called when people lose their hair? • What is cosmetic surgery? • What is a corset for? • What is a healthy body fat percentage for a woman?
  23. 23. Talk with a partner • What do you think a beautiful looks like? Is she thin? White? Athletic? • Do you know someone who has a body image problem, or an eating disorder? What is their problem? • How do you think the media effects our body image? • What are some healthy ways we can improve our body? • Do you think you want to have cosmetic surgery? What kind?