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Buddhist sects นิกายศาส นา


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Buddhist sects นิกายศาส นา

  1. 1. Buddhist Sects นิ กายศาส นา
  2. 2. Dhammakaya Sect-started in 1917
  3. 3. GroupMeditationThe Dhammakayatemple sometimes haslarge ordinationceremonies.People can feelwonderful when theymeditate in a verylarge group.Do you want to try?
  4. 4. 300,000 Buddhaimages on a ChediThe DhammakayaChedi is worth over500 million dollars!(19,000,000,000 baht)People donate moneyso they can go toheaven or nirvana.Some people don’tlike to “buy nirvana”.
  5. 5. The formerleader of WatDhammakayaLuang Pu
  6. 6. The Dhammakaya temple is one hour northof Bangkok
  7. 7. Santi Asoke Samana Photirak, leader of Santi Asoke He was a popular entertainer
  8. 8. Farming communitySanti Asoke followers believe people shouldgrow food for themselvesThey are also vegetarians
  9. 9. Walking barefootSanti Asoke followers always walk around barefoot
  10. 10. No superstition Santi Asok followers don’t believe in magic and superstition
  11. 11. Fasting for 5 days
  12. 12. Colon cleansing Santi Asoke followers do a colon cleansing to remove toxins and poisons from their body
  13. 13. vegetarians Santi Asoke followers do not eat meat. They believe it is wrong to kill an animal.
  14. 14. 4 levels of practice• Sodaban- keeping the five precepts• Sakitakhami- eight precepts and reduce 3 kilet• Anakhami- beating the 3 kilet• Arahan- full enlightenment
  15. 15. Nirvana• Santi Asoke followers believe nirvana can be reached in this life• Nirvana means being calm and peaceful• Buddhadhasa Bhikkhu believes this too
  16. 16. No Buddha statues Santi Asoke followers believe that only the dhamma is important, not statues and other things.
  17. 17. No holy waterThey believe it is a waste of money and cannothelp someone
  18. 18. recycling
  19. 19. Organic and natural farming fertilizer
  20. 20. Bodhiraksa has never studied pali
  21. 21. Not easy to become a monk• In Santi Asoke, a lay person must follow the precepts before becoming a monk• Other monks decide if he can ordain or not
  22. 22. Bunniyom and bunchaatniyomCalm and peaceful mindNo jealousyTechnology is not importantHaving a lot of money is not important (but having some is necessary to live)They sell things for very little profit
  23. 23. Pluksek week• Lay people must live like monks for one week• They wake up at 3am and hear dhamma talks all day
  24. 24. celibacy