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Buddhadasa bhikkhu


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Published in: Spiritual
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Buddhadasa bhikkhu

  1. 1. The monk who redefined Buddhism
  2. 2. Buddhadasa’s lifeLived 1906-1993.Became a monkat age 20.Lived in thecountryside atSuan Mokh formany years.
  3. 3. Buddhadasathought theThai Sanghawas corrrupt( )He wanted to bealone at SuanMokkh to think.
  4. 4. Anti-SuperstitionBuddhadasa did notbelieve insuperstition.( )He wanted toremove superstitionand magic fromThai buddhism.
  5. 5. Enlightenment:Buddhadasabelieved thatlaypeople couldreachenlightenment.Not only monks aswas believed in thepast.
  6. 6. Chit WangBuddhadasabelieved insomething called“chit wang”. Itmeans a pure mind.It is a form ofnirvana, andeveryone can getthere if they arecalm.
  7. 7. Afraid of ChangeBut it was verydifficult for him tochange Buddhism.TheravadaBuddhism hasn’tchanged in 2000years!
  8. 8. Zen InfluenceBuddhadasa wasinfluenced by ZenBuddhism fromChina and Japan.Some people did notwant ThaiBuddhism to havezen influence.
  9. 9. Present Day SuanMokkh monastery.Many people,including farang,come here formeditation retreats.
  10. 10. Parinibbana?Buddhadasa did nothave the natural,peaceful death hewanted.He had a stroke , andwas on life support formany weeks until hedied.The king of Thailandhad great respect forBuddhadasa.
  11. 11. Buddhadasa has notsuccessfully changedThai Buddhism, but heis very respected by Thaipeople.Maybe his ideas willbecome more popular inthe future.
  12. 12. InspirationReading about the viewsof Buddhadasa Bhikkhuinspired me to stopdrinking alcohol andsmoking cigarettes. Hereally changed my life.I want to thank him.