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UAE weekend weather


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UAE Weather

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UAE weekend weather

  1. 1. Issued 3rd June 2010 Points2Deliver UAE Weather Update Source: Info. accumulated from several online weather sites Updated UAE Weekend Weather 4th Friday & 5th Saturday June 2010In General Most part of the UAE will be cloudy and High wind which will result in wide spread dustWatch out If you plan to visit below cities from Friday night:Al AinFujairahKhorfakhanStrong Thunderstorm (Lightening) predicted with very High Wind – Rough Sea – High WavesHeavy to light rain is in placePossibility of floodingCan continue to Sunday in case of Al Ain / FujairahOther cities like Abu Dhabi and Dubai, a chance of light rain is possible from Friday / SaturdayIt can be worse or better, all depends on the path and how strong the current Tropical Cyclone PHET whichwill landfall today in Oman.So you know where to enjoy rain / thunderstorm in Summer (June) which is rare to happen in this part of theworld . Caution must be taken.
  2. 2. Points2DeliverTropical Cyclone PHET– 48 Hours lead as 3rd June 2010 2 Image source:
  3. 3. Points2Deliver Photo: Hassan Al Jabri ENJOY YOUR WEEKEND Hassan Al Jabry Excellence in Motion points2deliver at hotmail.comNote: Weather predictions are made possible using the best technology available today, but still un-expected “freak weather” sometimes may occur which happen veryrare. So be ready and do not blame the weather man.