China Not Ready to be a SuperPower


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China Not Ready to be the Next Super Power. A Comparison between China and USA.

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China Not Ready to be a SuperPower

  1. 1. China:Not Ready To Be The Next World Super Power <br />Hasan Al Jaberi<br />College Communications <br />8th Dec. 2010<br />
  2. 2. Contents<br />Introduction<br />Term Superpower<br />Comparison with United States of America<br />China’s Economy <br />China’s Military capability <br />China’s Influence around the globe<br />Conclusion<br />
  3. 3. Introduction<br />Term Superpower:<br />Compare to United States of America:<br /> - Currently the Only Superpower country<br /><ul><li> A very powerful nation.
  4. 4. Wealth & Stable political value.
  5. 5. Economy power.
  6. 6. Advanced and well established military power
  7. 7. Most influential around the world.</li></li></ul><li>China’s Economy<br /><ul><li>Economy Growth.
  8. 8. Second biggest market economy in the world.
  9. 9. China’s manufacture sector well developed. </li></li></ul><li>China’s Economy<br />Obstacles Compare to USA:<br /><ul><li> China struggle to come out of poverty.
  10. 10. Poor living standards. 
  11. 11. Huge gaps between the poor and the rich.
  12. 12. Poor education, health care system.
  13. 13. Low income per household.</li></li></ul><li>China’s Economy - Quote<br />“ …low-inflation growth, the economy is overly dependent on investment and exports, instead of consumption.  That imbalance has left China flush with money…raises the potential for careless investing, …an undeveloped service sector and a lagging rural economy as problems.” Charles, H. (n.d). <br />
  14. 14. China’s Military Power <br /><ul><li>China’s have advantage of its large population, to recruit army personnel.
  15. 15. Strong army personnel in the world.</li></li></ul><li>China’s Military Power <br />Obstacles Compare to USA<br /><ul><li> Lack capability of defense budget.
  16. 16. Fall short in a high tech war equipments and supplies.
  17. 17. Non China Military bases around the world.</li></li></ul><li>China’s Military Power- Quote <br />“Contrary to many foreign perceptions, Chinese military businesses do not produce major weapons like aircraft or missiles. Major items of military equipment are produced by civilian defense industries,…” Blasko, D. (1999). <br />
  18. 18. China’s Influence <br /><ul><li>China doing well in many areas but lack means to increase its influence strongly globally.
  19. 19. Contribution to United Nations minimum.
  20. 20. China’s influence largely based on cheap labor and non brand goods.</li></li></ul><li>China’s Influence <br />Obstacles Compare to USA<br /><ul><li> China Military bases around the world.
  21. 21. China politics.
  22. 22. China influence in Asia and other parts of the world.</li></li></ul><li> Video<br /><br />
  23. 23. Conclusion<br /> China is still a emerging and developing country.<br /> Not completely on route to economy , military and influence power as the United States of America and therefore, is not ready to be the next superpower. <br />
  24. 24. Question & Answers<br />Q & A <br />
  25. 25. References<br />CHARLES, H. (n.d). Premier says world should not fear China's rising military power. Canadian Press, The, Retrieved from Canadian Reference Centre database. Para.13<br />Blasko, D. (1999). The Chinese Military: An Assessment. World & I, 14(10), 326. Retrieved from Canadian Reference Centre database. Para.21<br />
  26. 26. THANK YOU<br />