28 UAE weathe-update-TS


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UAE Weather TS formation May 2010

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28 UAE weathe-update-TS

  1. 1. Issued 20th May 2010 Points2Deliver UAE Weather Update Source: Info. accumulated from several online weather sites Weekend UAE weather 21st, 22nd & 23rd May 2010 www.dubai-travel-uae-guide.comAbu Dhabi:Average Temp: Low:27°C High:41°CClear & warm weatherAl Ain:Average Temp: Low: 21°C High:36°C Summary & Advice:Clear & warm weather Expected to be clear sunnyHabshan: weekend with calm to moderateTemp: Average Low: 31°C High:42°C windy conditions.Clear & warm weather High wind / possible blowing dustRuwais: expected on Sunday eveningSunny & hotTemp: Average Low: 27°C High:43°C 23rd May or Monday 24th MayDubai: Summer Tips:Clear weather  The best time to go to the beachTemp: Average Low: 28°C High:39°C is very early morning before sunrise.Ras Al Khaimah:Clear weather, calm windTemp: Average Low: 26°C High:43°CFujairah:Clear weatherTemp: Average Low: 31°C High:42°C www.dubai-travel-uae-guide.com
  2. 2. Points2Deliver Current Tropical Cyclones - Indian Ocean TC at bay of Bengal fully formed on 18th May and named as “Laila”. By 23rd May 2010 it may reached to Bangladesh. 93INVEST near Somalia/Yemen upgraded to Tropical Storm 02A-TWO.Somali Image Source: Hurricanzone.net
  3. 3. Points2Deliver Current Tropical Cyclones - Indian OceanTC LAILA – Bay of Bengal, Indian Ocean The trend shows after 36hours from today 20th May 2010. Strong TC and may results of serious damage of properties and loss of life. 3 Image Source: Tropicalstormrisk
  4. 4. Points2Deliver Current Tropical Cyclones - Indian Ocean Tropical Storm TWO – North Indian Ocean The trend shows after 36hours from today 20th May 2010. This tropical cyclone is not verySomali strong compare to TC “Laila” so as results less heavy rain or cloudy / windy conditions at the coastal areas. Image Source: Tropicalstormrisk
  5. 5. Points2Deliver Tropical Cyclones LAILA – Photos from IndiaSomali Thick dark clouds gather in the horizon inHigh tidal waves crashing on the shores of Visakhapatnam as cyclone Laila Visakhapatnam on Tuesday. Laila is expected to crossintensified on Thursday morning the A.P. coast between Ongole and Visakhapatnam on Thursday. Photos: K.R. Deepak – beta.theHindu.com
  6. 6. Points2Deliver UAE Weather PhotosSomali Photo: Antonio Martinez www.dubai-travel-uae-guide.com
  7. 7. Points2Deliver Photo: Hassan Al Jabri THANK YOU Hassan Al Jabry Excellence in Motion points2deliver at hotmail.comNote: Weather predictions are made possible using the best technology available today, but still un-expected “freak weather” sometimes may occur which happen veryrare. So be ready and do not blame the weather man. www.dubai-travel-uae-guide.com