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09 UAE weathe update-trend-29April-6May 2010


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UAE weather update for 29Apil 6th May 2010

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09 UAE weathe update-trend-29April-6May 2010

  1. 1. Points2Deliver UAE Weather Update Issue 29th April 2010 Source: Info. accumulated from several online weather sites UAE Weather Trend Friday 29th April to 6th May 2010 We all expected the beginning of summer to start and temp will raise with hot clear sunny skies. But according to a forecast and charts on next slides, that will not be the case; - at least for the coming week.This Weekend:Hot Humid (Friday 30th – Sat. 1st May), partly cloudy on Friday and mostly cloudy onSaturday. Wind speed moderate. Temp High 42 – Temp Low 30-28.Not bad for day out early morning or after 3:00pmPossibility of dust blowing wind.
  2. 2. Coming Week:Cloudy Skies / partly sunny (Sun 2nd May – Wed 5th May)with no chance of rain as per today’s reports, though possibility may arise in coming days includingpossibility of Thunderstorms (Lighting) on Monday Night 3rd May, can be anywhere on coastal areasof UAE.High Wind Expected on Monday 3rd May and Tuesday 4th MayPossibility of dust blowing wind.This depends on the weather activities (dense rainy clouds) that is predicted to start from Iraqpassing Kuwait and end up Bahrain/Qatar lastly passing / ending in UAE.
  3. 3. Quick Tip:The Most enjoyable outdoor weekend as per the current weather predictions willbe from 6th May Thursday, 7th May Friday and 8th May Saturday before summer.Wind will be calm and temperature few degree down than normal in this month.Will keep you updated.
  4. 4. UAE Temperature Trend 45 42 41.43 39 37.86 37 p igh Low andTem 34.29 33 High TempH 30 31 30.71 30 27 29 29 Low Temp 26 25 27.14 24 23 22 22 23.57 20 Fri Sat 1/ Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri 7/ 30/04 05 2/05 3/05 4/05 5/05 6/05 05 Days Note: Chart as of 28th April 2010, may alter on actual days
  5. 5. UAE Weather - Cloudy Conditions 100 90 80 76.67 70 ercentage loud cover 60 60 Cloud-Cover CP 53.33 50 45 40 30 Friday Sat 1/ Sun 2/ Mon 3/ Tue 4/ Wed Thur Frid 7/ 29/04 05 05 05 05 5/05 6/05 05 Days Note: Chart as of 28th April 2010, may alter on actual days
  6. 6. UAE Weather Photo Abu Dhabi Cornich Marina Mall Area Covered with cloudsTip of UAE Flag pole Photos credit: Hassan. Al Jabry
  7. 7. Weather quote: Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating; there is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather. ~John Ruskin Wish you all A Safe Enjoyable Weekend Regards, Hassan Al Jabry Excellence in Motion points2deliver at hotmail.comNote: Weather predictions are made possible using the best technology available today, but still un-expected “freak weather” sometimes may occurwhich happen very rare. So be ready and do not blame the weather man.