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Ntu presentation 30 01-12 videos removed

  1. 1. Just one perspective – Justin HalimRegional Account Director Wunderman Singapore @justinlhalim
  2. 2. Jan 2011 – presentCurrently Regional Account Director, workingon Microsoft, Wunderman Singapore Oct 2010 – Jan 2011 Regional Lead for Nokia, WundermanOct 2009 SingaporeChanged location from Wunderman UK toWunderman Singapore
  3. 3. Jul 2006 – Oct 2009 Worked on Nokia, Land Rover and Ford, Wunderman UK Jul 2006 – Oct 2009Jul 2006 Travelled loads! Changed location from Wunderman/Y&RSydney to Wunderman UK Nov 2004 – Jul 2006 Worked on Telstra, a range of Government departments, and new business, Wunderman/Y&R Sydney1999-2002At uni figuring out what to do?!?!?! Feb 2002 – Nov 2004 Joined MLC Graduate Program, my last role being Advertising Campaign Manager
  4. 4. What types ofWhat‟s working in roles are thereadvertising like? in advertising? What are the career prospects? What will I doWhere is the everyday?industry headed? I heard long hours areWhat are the perks involved, eek!of the job? How do I get my Are clients foot in the door? mean?
  5. 5. A bit about Wunderman….“What matters today are the digitalconversations with and amongconsumers.”
  6. 6. 2011 AdAge: Wunderman #1 Worldwide2011 AdAge:Digital Marketing RankingWunderman #5 Worldwide
  7. 7. 61 145 6200+total # of countries total # of offices total # of people North America Asia Pacific EMEA LATAM 2 Countries 14 Countries 36 Countries 9 Countries 36 Offices 29 Offices 66 Offices 14 Offices 2,000+ People 1000+ People 2,500+ People 700+ People
  8. 8. We work with some of the world’s most admiredbrands Global North America EMEA/ LATAM/ APAC
  9. 9. The advertisinglandscape
  10. 10. A person living in a city30 years ago saw up to2,000 ad messages aday, compared with upto 5,000 today. 23600&partner=homepage&pagewanted=all
  11. 11. These advertising messages help make usaware, educate us, and help us make….…about brands, products, services and solutions that meet our needs and wants
  12. 12. The importance of digital Mobile phone LaptopiPod Another mobile phone Plus tablets, netbooks, e-readers, PSPs, and more!
  13. 13. 893 million Most Internet users internet users in Another 700 million around the region APAC (42% Asians are expected access the Internet on global share) to go online by 2015 a regular basis, the vast majority at least several times per With ownership of mobile week, if not daily devices in the region, particularly smartphones, set to surge in the year ahead, this Tablet ownership is expected will have a profound impact on to further increase in the year the digital behaviors of ahead, in particular in Southeast Asian consumers Malaysia, Singapore and ThailandThe mobile phone, as afacilitator of internet access, Vietnam Internet users spend more timeis very popular across online than those in Australia, Taiwan &Southeast Asian markets Japan
  14. 14. So what’s itreally like in anadvertisingagency?
  15. 15. The different roles Hello Justin speaking Key point of Take creative briefs and turn them Build the big idea Manage financialcontact with the into the „big idea‟ across the different reportingclient marketing Apply the big idea to different channels Manages billingTake client marketing channels – web, mobile, and ensuring workcampaign requests banners, email, apps, etc Ensures technical delivered isand brief the build is built to profitable, togethercreative team Art Directors and Copywriters will standard and is with Account typically work together to come up bug-free ServiceManage with the „big idea‟relationships withclients and projectsend-to-endEnsure on-time andon-budget deliveryof projects
  16. 16. People in these roles are….Business, Highly creative Technically savvy Accounting andmarketing, financecommunications Artistic Programmers, backgroundsbackgrounds Coder, IT, even Lateral thinkers some engineering Good withGood time, budget backgrounds and numbersand project Graphic design, communications experiencemanagers backgrounds Financially savvyCan work with Compliant withdifferent Accountingpersonality types standards and practicesStrategic thinkerswho understandthe clients‟business
  17. 17. Top 10 thingsabout working inan agency (andat Wunderman)
  18. 18. 10. You can change someone’s perception andmake a real difference in people’s lives, with justone impactful conversation
  19. 19. 9. Foosball 
  20. 20. 8. Theopportunity totravel and seenew things – allwith work
  21. 21. 7. The ongoing professional and careerdevelopment Wunderman University Learning Management System Digital Deep-Dive sessions Planning & Analytics ring New Business Training WPP Maestro WPP Mini-MBA
  22. 22. 6. Literally seeyour work cometo life, and showit off to the restof the world
  23. 23. Nokia Eksismeter video Video removed
  24. 24. 5. The chance tobe creative –day in, day out
  25. 25.
  26. 26. 4. The variety associated with working with theworld’s best brands
  27. 27. And our newest Global client…. Video removed
  28. 28. 3. …And the funof experiencingtheir productsfirst hand!
  29. 29. 2. A young, fun,vibrant workculture
  30. 30. 1. The people!
  31. 31. “Im never short of things to do here,and theres a lot to learn from eachproject Im involved in.”---- Alan Choong, Z Academy Intern- “Wunderman has a positiveJunior Designer, Wunderman Singapore work and learning environment topped with helpful and supportive colleagues. ” ---- Tryphena Luhur, Regional Network Coordinator, Wunderman APAC “My experience and knowledge has been progressing like a bullet train at Wunderman. A family oriented office with a great atmosphere and great place for career advancement.” ---- Aaron Aw, Digital Producer/ Analyst, Wunderman Singapore
  32. 32. “A unique and enlighteningexperience”---- Haikel Latiff, Regional KnowledgeCoordinator, Wunderman APAC “There‟s never a shortage of fun, joy and excitement at Wunderman.” ---- Irene Teo, Human Resource Manager, Wunderman Singapore “Life at Wunderman is fun, dynamic and informal.” ---- Thomas Haugan, Regional Business Development Coordinator, Wunderman APAC “Life at Wunderman for me is an adventure. It‟s fun, it‟s exciting and more importantly – motivating! Over the course of 3 years, not only have I learnt a lot but I‟ve also been given the opportunity to pursue my passion. Love it!” ---- Mary Chan, Interactive Manager, Wunderman Singapore
  33. 33. “I wake up (almost) every morning eager to head to office-this in itself tells a lot about Wunderman. Wunderman helpedme to build my career from an Associate Account Director toGM. This wouldn‟t have been possible in most otherorganizations. Wunderman truly believes in its people andensures the right platform is provided to reach their fullpotential. People who work in Wunderman tend to develop avery entrepreneurial spirit. We want the office to succeed notonly as a local market but as a region. Combine all thisaspects of Wunderman and you have a great workingenvironment with great people. We work hard but enjoy all ofit!I joined Wunderman not knowing it would be such…but amblessed to be a part of this huge family!”---- Nimesh Desai, General Manager, Wunderman Singapore
  34. 34. So why not make it a career for you! We have two great accredited programs geared to giving you the best experiences and development opportunities to kick- start your career at Wunderman: – Z Graduate – Z Academy Find out more at our booth today
  35. 35. nate sparkle with new ideas, ke us think in new ways and ate new relationships. These are the conversations that define feelings and change the behavior of consumers. Thank you. Follow me: @justinlhalim

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