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'I Want My MTV' Powerpoint


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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'I Want My MTV' Powerpoint

  1. 1. ‘I Want My MTV’By: Diya Samtani
  2. 2. IntroductionIn todays generation, we take music videos for granted. We expect them to beperfectly edited and filmed. Years ago music videos never even existed andpeople would just listen to songs on the radio. Music videos are made bycombining multiple techniques such as animation, documentaries and abstractfilm. They started to go mainstream in 1981, back then, the equipment used tobe easy to use and inexpensive. Depending on the artists, some music videoscan be very extreme and offensive, which is why censorship is such animportant part in music videos. Censorship allows music companies such asMTV to censor bad language or offensive images before showing it on theirchannel. Lady Gaga has experienced many events where her music videohas been banned by MTV because of sexual and religious content. Mostartists usually have a theme or a certain style that they want their audience toadapt a liking for, such as you can see, As Justin Bieber with his famous hairstyle. in the video she is naked which was probably This video sung by Lady why the Gaga was banned an Australian Australian video music music program program for sexually banned this suggestive content.
  3. 3. Promotional: Purposes Music videos are a big way to make money in the media industry and hasseveral purposes. Making a well known popular music video would increasepublicity for the singers and the company who financed the video. If anaudience watches a music video from a particular artist and really enjoys it,they would continue to watch other videos from the same artist and spread theword about the artist to family and friends. Another way to promote music in asensible manner would be to release a trailer of the song a few months beforethe full song is released, this builds up excitement and would gain popularityeasily. A music video should stand out and make the trailer very memorablethat people cant wait for the full music video to come out.Here is an example of a trailer for the music video ‘Tonight’ by Enrique Iglesias:
  4. 4. Extension Of IncomeMusic videos are a great way for companies to make money; depending on howpopular the song is the company can make millions of dollars. A music video can bepurchased on DVD or to other companies for publicize. This is beneficial to the artistand the featuring artist in the videos as they would get a percentage of the income.A music video expands the income of money that the singer receives, as well asfrom products that are sold. The song ‘Thriller’ sung by Michael Jackson took over$500 million in sales, out of that Michael Jackson pocketed over $120 million. Theproducer wants to create a video that will stay in the audiences mind forever, inorder to do that, they would have to think out of the box and know what kind ofaudience that they are trying to target. The music video of the song ‘Thriller’ lasts about 13 minutes and has a narrative to it, which appeals to the audience. Audiences like narratives because they can relate to it and understand the message that the artist is giving out.
  5. 5. Extension Of Outlets Music plays a big part in peoples lives, and they can relate to the lyrics of a song no matterwhat mood they are in because there are so no many different genres of music. Nowadays,no matter where you are or what you are doing you can listen to music, it has such a hugeimpact on peoples lives that it can be found anywhere e.g. music channels, direct DVD andCD’s, websites and downloading which seems to be the most popular option. Music videoscan been viewed in many different ways such as blu-ray DVD, television channels or on theinternet. This is very beneficial towards music companies because these ways of viewingmusic videos are tied to publicity and other areas which will boost the record sales. Once amusic video is made public, it can easily spread worldwide through various methods suchas social networking sites and YouTube. The album of a song can also make a big impacton an audience, if the album is appealing and uses bright colors or interesting images thenit is more likely to stay in a persons head.
  6. 6. SynergySynergy is where two products orcompanies combine to make a video, andthey use it as an advantage to higher thesales and the views of the video. Theadvantage of using synergy in music videosis that they help connect with the audienceand it makes the video much moreentertaining because they can figure out thestories. On the other hand, synergy can bequite confusing at times because usually,there is use of dialogue in between thesong, from looking at the example belowthere are a lot of transitions used and thenarrative is a bit complicated. In order forsynergy to be a successful in music videos,the producer would have to make thestoryline interesting and understandable. Ifthe audience doesn’t know whats The narrative and the genre of this song ishappening while watching the video, they straightforward. The opening of this song iswould rather not watch it so it has to make quite long and before the song actually starts,sense to them. Here is an example of a there is a few a pause to build up the
  7. 7. Producers StrategiesWebsites such as MySpace and YouTubethought that it was important for bandproducers to ensure that the bands gotnoticed. Those particular producers got alot more opportunities then others becausethe websites had a huge effect on the waythe bands were portrayed. It was mucheasier for the producers to stay on trackduring the 70’s and the 80’s, but when the‘internet generation’ came along theproducers had to keep up with the growthof popularity to ensure their bands were Kyle Lewis is an awardstill getting noticed. Producers are very winning music video producer.important in music videos, because if it He founded his ownwasn’t for them then music videos wouldnever be what they are today. On the other production company when hehand, a majority of people believe that if it was 20 years old and hasisnt for the artist then a music video could produced music videos fornot be made. I think that there are valid many famous artists such aspoints from both sides but the producer Flash Republic.does play a huge part in a music video.
  8. 8. Major Labels & IndependentMajor Labels: Record labels are often under the control of a co-operate organization called a music group. A music group is in charge and consists of music publishing companies, sound recording manufacturers, record distributors and record labels. The latest major labels of 2011 known as the ‘Big Three’, if approved are: Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Music Group and Universal Music Group.Independent: On the other hand, record companies and music publishers that are not under the controls of the ‘Big Three’ are known as independent, even if they are large co-operations. An independent record label is a record label that can cope on its own, without any funding of or outside the organization. A large number of bands and artists begin on independent labels.
  9. 9. Styles LMFAO is known to be a very popular duo in the genre of pop music. The music that they create is very lively and energetic.Popular Music Genres: Music is a form of art that can relate to anyage, usually each song tells a story and has anarrative to it . The most popular music genresof all time are: -African - Hip hop -Asian - Jazz-Avant – Garde - Latin American-Blues - Pop-Comedy Music - R&B Lady Gaga is also very popular in the-Country - Rock music industry. She is known for her-Electronic - Metal music as well as her sense of style-Modern Folk - Ska because it is very
  10. 10. Music StylesPop Music: Pop music is a very popular style of music mainly liked by teenagers and youngadults. The music videos that pop artists create are usually full of life and very livelywhich appeals to that target audience. Pop music was formed in the 1950’s , theidea of pop music came from rock and roll. Pop music mixes up with other styles ofmusic such as urban, dance, rock and Latin.There are many different styles and ways Whereas on the other hand, some artists preferthat artists can show their music videos, for to represent themselves as a sex symbol,example, a boy band such as the one wearing revealing clothes and using veryabove would want to represent themselves attractive people who are in shape. Also, thisas being sweet and soft. video is very saturated and edited to make the
  11. 11. In-Concert and Live Footage Concerts are live performances done in front of an audience.They are usually held in a huge area, from private night clubs tosports stadiums. Wherever the venue is, musicians usuallyperform on stage, sometimes they are leveled with the audienceand sometimes they are elevated. There are different types ofconcerts such as theatrical, festivals and concert tours. Thenature of concerts depend on the genre of the music and theamount of energy and effort the artists and the record labels putinto it. On the other hand, a musician or a band could attract theaudience in the way they dress or the hairstyle they make e.g.the hippies in the sixties attracted a lot of people because oftheir style. Live Footage is when you film a concert or a play thatis going on during the particular time that it is being performed.Usually, live footage is uploaded on to the internet at the sametime so people who are not at that particular venue can watch itlive at home through any sort of media device.
  12. 12. In-Concert and Live Footage Concerts use a lot of different lighting depending on the artist and their style. The colors of the lights usually change throughout a concert toHere is an example of a concert by boost theJennifer Lopez and Pitbull. When crowd andconcerts are being filmed, they are make it lookfilmed from different angles so when When live more is edited into a DVD it looks much footage ismore professional and fun to watch. uploaded onThere are a lot of close-ups because to the internetaudiences love looking at the artists there isface. Also, if you watch the artists always fewclose-up it feels as though if you are shots of theat the concert at that certain time crowd to showwhich is the reason why the public how
  13. 13. Animation Animation is often used for entertainment,it is a type of optical illusion that involvesthe appearance of motion caused by stillimages. It is usually in an abstract andartistic video where there is not much of anarrative going on. Animation in musicvideos are great to watch because it reallylets you broaden your mind with thecreative side of things. Here is an exampleof an animated music video: Here is an example of an-em0 animated music video. The animation makes the musicAs you can see from the video above, it is video look much more artisticmade to be very artistic and imaginative. It and gives a sense of freedom.combines art with science, showingequations in the background whilewrapping up a skeletons head.
  14. 14. Narrative A narrative means the music video has a storyline, usually having anarrative is much more appealing to the audience because they canrelate to it, especially if the genre is sad/romantic. There are threedifferent theories as to how music videos and other media storiesare constructed. The first theorist was guy named Todorov whobelieved that a narrative is structured into five stages which are,equilibrium, disequilibrium, recognition, reparation and newequilibrium. The second theorist was a guy named Propp, hebelieved that each narrative consists of a hero, a helper, a villainand a damsel-in-distress. The third theorist was a guy named LeviStrauss and he believed that narratives are motivated by a clearfight between a ‘bad guy’ and a ‘good guy’. Non – narrative musicvideos can also be very entertaining because it is all aboutwidening your imagination and using abstract. Here is an exampleof a narrative music video:
  15. 15. Narrative The music video starts of with Bruno Mars sitting in a jail cell, allowing his to be shown as a dark figure. The first scene already lets the audience know that the genre of the song is sad. Only half of his head is showing, making the opening scene mysterious and intense. After a few scenes, they show him again as a dark figure without any details of his face and body, this builds up tension making the audience want to know his appearance. There are only two colors used in this scene, black and a yellowish brown. Both the colors used are dark representing the gloomy setting that he is in. This scene is towards the end of the video, it shows that what he was trying to accomplish throughout the video has failed. Although this shot is taken from a side angle, you can see from his body language that he is hurt and depressed because he broke up with his girlfriend.
  16. 16. Impressionist & Surrealist Impressionists: Impressionism is a music style that arouse during the 20th century. It all started because of French painters, their paintings are undetailed and soft which is how the music style was created, using richly colored harmonies. This relates to music videos as they are both considered a form of art. The screenshots on the left are examples of impressionism used in the music video Shadrach, the colors used are a range of pastel colors which bring out energy and happiness. The details are not seen easily because this form of art is known to be blurry. It reminds me of the process of life and growing up, how everything seems so blurry yet full of so much color and energy.Surrealist: Surrealist music is music which uses unexpected juxtapositions and other unusual techniques. An example of a surrealist music video would be international love by Pitbull. The effects used are unreal and edited, the screenshot that I used on the left is very edited and unreal, the earth obviously doesnt’t look like that in real life. Also, the colors are brightened to make it look for appealing and eye catching. The interesting part about using the earth as an opening image is that people know the basic concept of how the earth looks like and what colors they are but they don’t really know how it would look like close-up. The denotation would be the earth and the way we everybody sees it and the connotation of the earth would be the way every individual see it which is home and where we live. I
  17. 17. Pastiche and Parody A pastiche is an artistic genre or techniquethat is imitated. Pastiche is usually used infantasy videos which are unreal or abstract. Aparody in a music video means copying orchanging an existing video sung by a famoussinger/band. Parodies are exaggerated tocreate humor, using funny costumes or no The opening scene is exactly likeclothes at all and changing the pitch of males the real music video.voice to make it sound higher. The purposeof parodies are to entertain an audience whodon’t particularly enjoy a song or the style ofmusic, it is also created to mock asinger/band or lyrics of a song. Parodies cansometimes get very offensive but usually arevery fun to watch. The example below is ofthe song ‘Tik Tok’ sung by Kesha, it is donereally well and it hasn’t used any offensivelanguage or images. They used a Kesha look alike to make the parody look more realistic.
  18. 18. Parody Usually, a parody starts off really similarly to the actual music video to make it look realistic as well as to include humor. The starting scene to this parody is a low angle shot used to build up mystery in a funny way, They have used a guy only wearing his underwear because in the actual video, the artists are only wearing underwears during a scene. Parodies are used to make people laugh but, at the same time the actors involved in the parodies have to know when to draw aAn obvious mistake made while filming this line.parody is that you can see the shadow of the They have mocked the artists to make themcinematographer. It makes the whole video look look silly. If you look close-up they have wornunprofessional even though the point in creating a makeup on themselves and are dressed up
  19. 19. Referencing & HomageIn music videos, referencing is what influencesand inspires the director to use images andcreate the visual effects the way he does. Eachscene and each movement in a video has apurpose to it, by referencing the image with aproduct or a style makes it much easier. In themusic video ‘Telephone’ sung by Lady Gagaand Beyonce , produced by Tarantino uses fiveinteresting references. The first reference usedis the ‘pussy wagon’ logo that was used in killbill, the second reference was giving the samenickname to beyonce as to a character in themovie pulp fiction, and it goes on. The videoalso uses a lot of graphics and has a veryunusual narrative to it. On the other hand,homage is showing respect or dedication tosomeone or to something, an example wouldbe a tribute album such as one that was donefor Michael Jackson. The ‘pussy wagon’ logo used in kill bill. The logoHere is a video of Telephone: could be quite inappropriate to be shown on TV channels
  20. 20. Influence of CommercialsOne of the easiest and most positive ways to publicize a music video isthrough commercials. Usually on YouTube or other music websites, beforeyou are allowed to listen to the song you requested you have to listen to atrailer of a another song for about five seconds, then you have the optionof skipping it. This is a great way to advertise a music video because fiveseconds is all it takes for someone to hear a particular song, enjoy it andlook up other songs from that same artist. The trailers of music videos areusually shown on the internet and music channels because they are easilytargeted by teenagers and young adults. The commercials usually makethe music videos stand out and eye catching so that the public want tosearch it up and watch it again, also, they keep replaying it again andagain so that it sticks in the viewers head and popularizes theHere is an example song. The trailer of the music video of how they advertise only lasts about five seconds a video on YouTube, and usually shows the chorus of you arent allowed to the song so that people who skip certain adverts. watch it would remember the name easily.
  21. 21. ConventionsLyric Interpretation and Extending Or Consolidating Songs Meaning:Lyric Interpretation is the meaning of a song and the type of mood that the singer wantsto establish. The lyrics of a song extends and consolidates the meaning, appealing tothe audience because they can connect to it. An example of a song is ‘jar of hearts’sung by Christina Perri. The lyric interpretation to that song is about this women who hasbeen with a guy for a while and he suddenly cheats on her, but after a while he asks herto get back with him and she finally says no and she has moved on. She also talks abouthim as being a bad person, leaving scars from their love. The genre of this song is sadas it is talking about a women who has been hurt by love. The lyrics are very importantto a song because it usually gives out a message or an experience that the singer ishaving or is going through, it can be really personal at times. Many singers just stick toone type of genre and interpret the lyrics according to what is happening in their lives, itmakes it much more easier to create a song that way.Here is the link of Jar of Hearts: The use of direct address, makes her look confident and the close-up shows her emotions clearly. Just by looking at the opening of this song you can tell that meaning and the genre is sad and hopeless.
  22. 22. Allusion An allusion is when you compare something withsomething else, for example, in the song Love Storyby Taylor Swift she compares herself and herboyfriend to Romeo and Juliet. The music videostarts off with the opening scene of them being incollage like normal students then, it turns into afairytale atmosphere where she is standing in acastle in a beautiful princess-like dress. An allusionmakes a music video much more exciting and The opening scene, she is shown as a normal collageartistic because it allows you to compare people student with a bag andand objects that are unimaginable. The producer books in her hand.chose Romeo and Juliet over any other love story isbecause it is very popular and uses teenagers tostar in their book/film. Similarly the target audiencefor this music video is teenagers/young adults andusing a story like Romeo and Juliet would appeal tothem easily because on is well known she isdramatic. Here it the other hand, and shown as a princess waiting for her prince charming in a huge beige castle wearing a satin white dress, like in all
  23. 23. Links To Other ArtistsWhen a music video has more then one artist in their song makes the song muchmore popular because there is a better chance of the public knowing at least one ofthe artists. Most of the artist nowadays like to the a song featuring another artist as itmakes the song more interesting and recognizable. On the other hand, featuringanother artist in a music video can be quite expensive depending on how big thesinger is. The featuring artist usually sings at the beginning and at the end to add anextra oomph to the song. Here is an example of a song sung by Jennifer Lopezfeaturing Pitbull. Using Pitbull in the song as a featuring artist is an advantagebecause people who are a fan of his would listen to the song only because of him andnot because of Jennifer Lopez but that would still make sales rise and Jennifer Lopezwould still benefit a lot of cash from it. start to a pop song by adding text but, it isshort and simple which will make the viewerremember the quote and the name of the songeasily, because the name of the song is in thequote.
  24. 24. TechniquesCutting To The Beat: Cutting to the beat in music videos are very important because if you don’t it would make the videolook very odd, unless it is intentional. It would only be intentional if the theme of the video is fantasyand abstract but, most of it would be cut to the beat. Every time a shot is shown, the angle of thecamera changes. Cutting to the beat of a song can be very difficult because the beat in every song isusually very fast pace and continues throughout the song, so it is not only for a short amount of time.Cutting to the big beats is easy but when you have to cut the little beats it is very hard because theyarent easily seen. Here is a video tutorial of cutting to the beat using final cut pro: Cut Pro is a very useful program when it comes to editing videos and sounds because theprogram is simple, straightforward and easy to use. As you can see the process of this can take awhile depending on how many beats the song has and how fast you can cut to each beat.This is an example of a music video that has a lot of cutting to the beat, every time there is a beat tothe song, the shot changes. It creates an energizing and powerful effect, making the music videolook much more abstract. The lighting in this music video contrasts a lot between dark and light emphasizing on space and time.
  25. 25. Effects There are various types of effects that can be used in music videos to make it look more appealing and thrilling. There are many different transition techniques such as cross fade, which means the change of location or time passing. Wipe is also a good way of changing location because it goes straight from one scene to another. Transitions are used in all kinds of genres because it can be used in many forms and still make a video look good. Graphics are used in music videos to make it look like a fantasy, it adds much more energy and life into the videos with the shocking colors and movements used. Many music videos also mix film into them, which publicizes the song much more easily because movies are watched and previewed so often by all ages. Mixing movies into music videos could also be very costly on the other hand, because you would have to get permission from the movie director first then work your way downwards. The effects used in this music video are highly effective because they use graphics and transitions so often to try and make the point that time is running out, which is the message of the song.Graphics used to show the title of the song, it Cross fade – showing time is passing which iscounts down throughout the song making the what the song is about. Also, usingvideo look much more interesting. techniques make the video look much more
  26. 26. EffectsHere is another example of a music video that has a lot of interesting effects, the video has a very clearnarrative and lasts about seven minutes long. Here is an example of parallel editing, it is interesting the way the editor has chosen to use a close up of half of his face that looks really tensed contrasted with a waterfall that is known to be relaxing. The editor uses parallel editing again but this time, it is of The producer uses flashbacks of when he was panning in this scene young. because the car is moving in a fast motion, horizontally. Also, this shot is brightened to make the background look appealing and to make the audience feel calm although the car is The graphics used in this video is very professional because they speeding along the road. make this hallucination of a lady seem so realistic and makes her move in all sorts of directions. Although the colors that she is
  27. 27. Miming and Lip SyncLip sync is when you match lip movements with a song or someone speaking. It isused in live performances and other media such as music videos, movies etc.Similarly, miming is also used for the same purposes as lip syncing. In the musicindustry today, everyone uses lip syncing and miming as it is much easier to film amusic video first then add the sound later. In the olden days, they used to do liveperformances as they didnt’t have the technology for techniques such as lip syncingand miming. Many producers believe that it is deceitful to lip sync and mime as itcan make the artists sound better before going on live or shown to an audience.Artists also use lip sync to cover up their illness or other problems during a liveperformance. Lip syncing can help artists in many ways but can also bring themdown. Britney Spears 2009 performance was a disaster as it was so obvious thatshe was lip syncing throughout the concert, the media kept targeting her about thatincident and didnt’t let it go for awhile. The public started to get angry as it was saidthat she only used her vocal chords three times during the whole tour. Peopleremembered this performance and remembered Britney Spears concerts as being Britneylip synced throughout which is not something that she appreciated. Spears on her tour in 2009. It is obvious Her sense of by just dressing is looking at a very revealing few minutes which is what of her might attract a concert that
  28. 28. Playback and Lip Sync Playback singers are used in movies as their voices are prerecorded, they are usedas soundtracks so the actors and actresses can lip sync the song. Playback singersare used in a lot of Bollywood movies, because songs are played in betweenscenes very often. It makes it much more easier for the producer to include asoundtrack and make the actor/actress lip sync so it looks as if though they aresinging it at that particular time. Lip sync is a part of playback singing, it is when asoundtrack is used in a film and the actor/actress starring in the film has to singalong to the words, when actually the song prerecorded by a professional singer. Inmy opinion, playback singers and lip syncing are very useful techniques used inmusic videos because it makes it much more easier for a producer to play anysoundtrack that matches with genre and make the actor/actress sing to it ratherthen having to call the proper singer. Also, playback singing is an occupation for a Here arelot of older people in the musicscreenshotsespecially in Bollywood songs and films. industry, from a Indian movie scene when the actress is lip syncing to a song. The best part about this technique is shown discreetly so the audience don’t even come to know
  29. 29. Camera Movements A pan is used to scan a scene, it is taken horizontally and adds excitement. It maybe taken to follow the action of a scene, or simply just to show the scenery of aspecific place. Similarly, a tilt scans a scene vertically. It can be used to film tallbuildings as they are very long or, if the genre of the music video is romantic, it maybe used to film a women in her wedding dress because it is best seen vertically.When filming a tracking shot also known as dolly, the camera is placed on a movingtrolley because it is used to follow a particular person or an object. Trackingmovements are used a lot in chase scenes because it can follow the person intolanes and alleys quickly and steadily. Also, cranes are used to show trackingmovements because the camera can be moved around easily. A follow is when thecinematographer follows the action or even the main object of the scene. It is simpleand straightforward, used in chase scenes and scenes where there is a lot ofmovement going on. The Aerial shot is usually filmed from helicopters, helicoptersare great vehicles when it comes to filming because are very flexible they can goanywhere at any speed. The Aerial shot is used to establish a scene, establishing ascene is very important so the audience know what kind of atmosphere and moodto be in. There are many different shots to show an establishing shot so theproducer can be really creative with his opening scene, he doesn’t have to stick toone idea.
  30. 30. Camera Movements Here is an example of a dolly Here is an example shot, where it seems like you of a panning shot, are standing still yet you are it works quite well moving closer to an object. In when you are this case, it seems as if you trying to show a are moving closer to the crowd because you building and the people can get a bunch of walking around are ramped people in one up to create a busy, city life frame. Also, it effect. allows the audience to see the location of the This is scene from multiple another angles. example of a dolly shot, where it seems as though if the helicopter is coming towards you.
  31. 31. Camera ShotsThere are many different types of camera shots and movements used in musicvideos for different purposes and effects. An establishing shot is used to show theaudience the context of a scene, it is used at the beginning or at the end of ascene. An extreme long shot is usually used as an establishing shot because itshows landscapes and other exterior area. A long shot is a shot that is realistic insize, for example if the producer was trying to show a male human body, the bodywould be around six foot tall which is the approximate height for males. A long shotshows the majority of the background and the details in it. A medium shot is usuallyused for a dialogue scene that isnt trying to build up tension or suspense becauseit is filmed from the knees and above. There isnt much background detail but theaudience would have been introduced to the location before. The over theshoulder shot is a variation of a medium shot, it is when the camera is behind onecharacter only revealing the character on the opposite side talking to the camerabut usually with no eye contact. A close up shot is used to show emotion clearly,for example, if the genre of the music video is sad then getting a close up of aperson crying is much more effective then a long shot. An extreme close up isused for even more dramatic effect because it only films a part of a person or anobject, for example, a human eye. It makes the music video look much moreserious and thrilling. It is usually used in rock music or in pop music when they aretrying to make the artist look attractive by showing one eye full of black eyeliner or
  32. 32. The size of a long shot is realistic, which is why she looks a bit small in this scene. The Camera Shots purpose of this shot is to focus on the background and the background details as well as the artist. The establishing shot lets the audience know the location of the scene, by looking at this screenshot, you can already tell that is in New A medium shot, the background is dark and theThe close-up shot shows emotion clearly, also York. editors havent lit it up because they audiencethey have made her look very glamorous and already know the location. The director nowattractive by editing and airbrushing her face. wants the audience to focus on the artist.
  33. 33. Camera Angles The bird’s eye view is an angle that is taken from above, focusing on theaction below. When filming from such a high distance everything looksdifferent and this could be used as an effect. People would look much moresmaller and the nature surrounding objects would look very unusual. Highangles is not as radical as the birds eye view but is still quite high up. It makesthe objects below look much smaller and is filmed using a crane. Using acrane to film a scene is very useful because it can be move around in anydirection and can be filmed from very high up. High angle shots and birds eyeview shots are used best in chase scenes because they can follow the actionfast and view the whole frame from above. It can also be used to emphasize alocation because you view a whole area clearly within one frame. The eyelevel shot is taken from eye level, making the size of the artist on screen muchmore realistic to its surroundings. It is a very simple and useful shot that canbe taken without any machinery or large equipment. A low angle shot canmake an artist look superior and confident because it is taken from below. Itcan be used in a mysterious video to give a sense of insecurity and confusion.A canted angle is when the camera is tilted, it is used a lot in horror movies tomake it look realistic and terrifying.
  34. 34. Here is a close-up of buildings that had to be taken from a helicopter because it Camera Angles is impossible to get a shot of it from any other way. This is a low angle shot because it is taken from below but, the editor has used the threshold effect to make everything black except the sky which has been brightened to make the figure stand out. It makes her look very lonely This depressed. and is a low angle shot, making the artist look superior and arrogant. This is an example of an eye level shot because the size of his face close-up is realistic. Also, theThis is a high angle shot because you can close-up allows thesee the buildings clearly but the cars and audience to see histhe people are very miniature. emotion clearly, which
  35. 35. Chroma Key Chroma key is when two videos or images are combined together to createone final image. The backdrop used while performing this technique is usuallyeither a blue or a green screen which is subjected to the chroma key process.The reason they use the colors blue and green as a backdrop is because thecolors are far away to the human skin tones as possible. The actors have tomake sure that they are wearing colors that make them stand out and notblend in with the back drop. The backgrounds are lit to allow the audience tofocus on the actors clearly, if the back drop is not lit, the process would haveextra areas showing that are unnecessary and will make it look unprofessional.The chroma key is also used for creating special effects such as invisibility andmaking the actors look as if blue The though they are in trouble. screen looks much As you can see here, more the actress is wearing a powerful white shirt to prevent and eye her from blending in catching with the background. but, both the screens are used for different
  36. 36. Conclusion Overall, I believe that music videos are a great creation to entertain an audience in a musical way. Also, it is very beneficial in the media industry as there are a lot more job options. Artists can relate to an audience by singing about their perspectives of life and showing it in a music video, usually adding extra effects and making it more exciting. Fortunately, we have a lot of advanced technology that can help us create music videos easily. In the past, creating a music video would have been a great achievement, whereas nowadays, artists come up with a new music video every month.Animation: Text on a music Low angle shot: video: