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Objects (Holiday Work)


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Holiday work

Published in: Art & Photos
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Objects (Holiday Work)

  1. 1. Objects The two artists that influenced my four photographs are Andy Warhol and William Eggleston. I like the way that Eggleston’s work gives a sense of order to the image, as if it had once been in order but is now scattered. The repetition in Warhol’s work influenced the repetition of the comic strips in mine. The background of my images was done by hanging a white sheet on my wall. I also laid a black sheet on a table before placing my objects on it. I chose to go with a monochrome theme to the series of images as I feel it goes well with the objects but also because it reflects the general nature of the most prominent object, the comics. Nearly all are Batman comics and all have a theme of darkness and terror in them at some point. To reinforce these ideas I edited the pictures and reduced the saturation significantly or completely as well as posterizing all of them to give the feel of a drawing in a comic. I cropped all of the images the focus of the objects more centrally. I played with angle and depth of field to get three images. The last image is one of these three images being viewed on my phone as I did not think I included my phone in the images enough to represent that it is a significant personal object.
  2. 2. Andy Warhol
  3. 3. William Eggleston
  4. 4. Image 1 1/25 sec f/4.5 ISO : 800
  5. 5. Adjustments
  6. 6. Final Image
  7. 7. Image 2 1/25 sec f/4.5 ISO : 400
  8. 8. Adjustments
  9. 9. Final Image
  10. 10. Image 3 1/25 sec f/5.3 ISO : 1600
  11. 11. Adjustments
  12. 12. Final Image
  13. 13. Image 4 1/25 sec f/4.5 ISO : 200
  14. 14. Adjustments
  15. 15. Final Image