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Retail Computer System Needs Form

  1. 1. Retail Computer System Needs Analysis FormUse this form to begin your search for an information system. It will help you to organize the questions andanswers that vendors will ask. You can also send it out as a request for proposal to provide you with a quote.Name of storePhone FaxLocation of store(s) Date Opened____________________________________Store Web Site www.___________________ Email AddressStore owner Annual volume $Number of Stores Average store size sq. ftNumber of employees Number of registersStore type (Men’ Fashion, Gift, Accessory etc.)Number of departments Number of years in businessNumber of classificationsAccounting Package now used & release #Do you have a warehouse to receive merchandise yes noDo you ticket merchandise centrally or at each store central localDo you transfer merchandise between stores yes noDo you frequently have to return merchandise to vendors yes noDo you need to consolidate each stores sales andinventory each day/week (polling of stores) yes noIntegration with web site needed yes noSingle inventory for web and store yes noDo you have a catalog yes noIf yes, do you want integration with catalog & web yes noJames E. Dion Dionco Inc. 1
  2. 2. POS Detail:Please either provide answer or if a yes or no, the level of importance to you, if Importance Vendortwo choices are given, circle your choice and cross out the other. H-M-L Yes/No1. What are the average number of transactions per week?2. How many items are sold in the average transaction?3. What percentage of sales are cash?4. What percentage are debit card?5. What percentage of sales are credit card?6. What percentage of sales are paid by check?7. What credit/debit card approval system do you currently use?8. How long does the typical credit card authorization take? (from swiping the card to approval)9. How many mixed tenders (cash and credit card for the same purchase) would you have in a week?10. Do you have one cashier per till, or do many people use the same cash drawer?11. How many cash registers do you now have?12. Would you like to know, at the end of the day, the average transaction value? (the average amount that each customer spent, in a report format)13. Do you have different selling prices for the same item? (i.e. a price for seniors, or a price for schools)14. Do you require a receipt for each sale for the customer?15. Do you issue and accept gift certificates?16. Do you require validation of the gift certificate number?17. Do you give cash refunds?18. Do you keep a “float” in the register?19. How often do you balance against the float? (i.e. weekly, daily)20. How may bank deposits would you do on a busy day?21. Do you have multiple discounts within the same transaction? (i.e. one item at regular price and one item at 10% off and one item at $2.00 off)22. Are your markdowns taken in one batch, or do you mark down items and only capture it at the register when it is sold?23. What documentation is required for a refund to be given?24. Do you issue credit slips to customers? (a credit slip is a document that is given to a customer in lieu of a cash refund)25. Would you like your register to suggest add on items to your staff when a sale is rung up?26. How many layaways would you have in a month?27. How many times a day would you take a X reading? (total sales to moment)28. Is “no sale” tracking important? (how many times a register is opened without a sale)29. How many “send” sales do you have a month? (sales in which you send the item to the customer or to a third party)30. Is it important to be able to “lock” the register quickly? (if the sales associate has to step away from the till)
  3. 3. Please either provide answer or if a yes or no, the level of importance to you, if Importance Vendortwo choices are given, circle your choice and cross out the other. H-M-L Yes/No31. Is a suspend transaction feature important? (suspend allows you to hold a transaction in suspense, process another sale, and return to the original transaction without re-entering the items)32. Is a training mode important to you? (do you frequently have new staff who need to practice at the register)33. Do you have any date sensitive promotions? (i.e. promotions that begin and end on a certain date)34. Do you give employee discounts?35. Do you want to track employee discounts separately?36. Do you give senior discounts? (percentage or dollar amount)37. Do you schedule your employees each week?38. Do you set sales goals for employees?39. Do you measure sales per hour?40. Do you have multiple stores or remote registers that require polling.41. Do you require tracking of serial numbers? (i.e. on special item sales)42. Do you require price look up? (when an item is scanned or entered, it is compared to a number in the system and a description and price appears)43. Would you want the description of the item (s) purchased to appear on the receipt?44. Would you like to be able to add a message to the receipt? (i.e. bring this receipt back for a 10% discount on your next purchase)45. Would you like the ability to enter an item by selecting a description instead of a bar code number?46. Will you be accepting “Smart Cards?”47. Do you have any special item requirements? (i.e. author name in addition to title)48. Do you have any special bar code requirements (i.e. non UPC or European bar codes? E. Dion Dionco Inc. 3
  4. 4. Merchandising and InventoryPlease either provide answer or if a yes or no, the level of importance to you, if two Importance Vendorchoices are given, circle your choice and cross out the other. H-M-L Yes/No1. How many SKU’s (stock keeping units) do you carry on the average?2. Do you have classifications? if so how many?3. Do you use sub class as a category descriptor?4. How many vendors do you have?5. How many purchase orders would you write a week?6. How many items are on the average purchase order?7. Do you maintain an Accounts Payable cash flow?8. How often do you do a physical inventory?9. Do you age your inventory?10. Do you receive against invoice or packing slip?11. Is invoice matching automatic or manual?12. What GL package do you use?13. How many checks would you write in an average week?14. Do you use the cost or retail method of accounting?15. What are your accounting periods? (i.e. 5/4/5, month)16. Are receipts keyed into your accounting system?17. Do you have or need an on order report18. Do you budget sales, inventory and markdowns?19. Do you pay commission or SPIFFS?20. Are there multiple vendors for the same item?21. How many vendors would be the maximum for one item?22. Would you like a top ten best seller list each week?23. Would you like a bottom ten worst seller list each week?24. If you have multiple stores, do you order bulk and split the shipment?25. If you have multiple stores, do you order bulk and have the vendor split the shipment? (i.e. mark for and ship to)26. If you have multiple stores, would you like to be able to view the other stores inventories at the cash register?27. Would you like to have automatic re order for basic inventory? (you would set up a model stock and the computer would do the ordering for you)28. Do you print your own price tickets? What machine do you use?29. Do you want to be able to exception receive merchandise?30. What is your current shrink percent?31. Are any of your vendors on EDI?32. What percent of your current inventory has a vendor assigned bar code?33. What percentage of your current inventory has a UPC code which was vendor applied?34.35.James E. Dion Dionco Inc. 4
  5. 5. Customer ProfilePlease either provide answer or if a yes or no, the level of importance to you, if two Importance Vendorchoices are given, circle your choice and cross out the other. H-M-L Yes/No1. Do you track the name and address and phone number of each customer making a purchase?2. Do you have a Data Base of existing customers?3. How many names are on the Data Base?4. How often do you mail to your customers?5. Do you have a frequent buyer program?6. Do you have need of a gift registry function?7. Do you keep track of purchases against the frequent buyer card or does the customer keep their own card?8. Do you mail birthday or holiday cards to your customers?9. Can you list your top 100 customers by dollar volume over the past year?10. Can you list your top 100 customers by gross margin over the past year?11. Can you list customers who purchased one item but not a related item?12. Can you list customers who have not made a purchase in the last three months?13. Can you automatically print mailing labels to Avery label formats?14. Do any of your customers have special needs or requests? (i.e. never call at the office)15. Do you want to send direct mail to very specific customers? (i.e. older purchasers, high volume customers)16. Do you have a VIP card for easy identification of best customers at POS?17. Do you want to be able to add attributes to your Data Base? (i.e. you would like to track your customers by business vs. social)18. Do you want to be able to buy lists and add them to your system?19. Would you want customer profitability ratings? E. Dion Dionco Inc. 5
  6. 6. Integration IssuesPlease either provide answer or if a yes or no, the level of importance to you, if two Importance Vendorchoices are given, circle your choice and cross out the other. H-M-L Yes/No1. Do you have a web site that carries the same inventory as your store, if no, what percentage of your store inventory is available on line?2. Do you have an integrated shopping cart or use a third party?3. What percentage of your current business is web based?4. What percentage of your current business is catalog?5. What business do you want to grow in the future? (Store, Catalog, Web)6. Can you identify customers in all three channels?7. How important is one software package to manage your total business?8. Do you host your own web site?9. How many unique visitors do you get a week on your site?10. What is your conversion rate on your site?11. What is your return rate?12. How frequently do you send a catalog and to how many customers?13. How frequently do you update your web site?14. What search engines have you registered with? E. Dion Dionco Inc. 6
  7. 7. Current Hardwarefill in your current inventory of computers, copy sheet if necessary to add more. Hardware #1 #2 #3 #4 Computer Name (s) Processor (s)(i.e. Pentium III, 1.1ghz) Size of disk (i.e. 20 Gig) Amount of RAM (i.e. 128 Megs) Additional Equipment (please describe and give model numbers, printers, cash drawers, scanners, label printers etc. Use back of form if you need to)Do you currently have POS software? if yes, what brand and release number.Brand Release #James E. Dion Dionco Inc. 7
  8. 8. Other issues:Please indicate what other issues, if any, that you would like addressed for your store.Conversion of existing data Yes NoTraining & InstallPre install training Yes NoTraining of staff Yes NoInstall assistance Yes NoMonth end training Yes NoPost install training Yes No____________________________ Yes NoOther:James E. Dion Dionco Inc. 8
  9. 9. The following is to be used when you are searching for a new system. Ask each vendor the same questions. You should fill in each response and then compare the answers and select the company that meets most of your needs. VENDOR ANALYSISQuestions to ask each vendor: __________ __________ __________ __________How many current users of softwareHow many current store sites in useNames of users ( 5 to 10)How long in business and how many people incompanyHow many releases of this package have there beenWhat kind of support?800 number, days, evenings, weekends,free?, how long? Remote control? on site?,Cost of updates, how often? how extensive? cost?What is minimum / optimum hardwareconfiguration? Brand name required?What do current users use for hardware?Do I have to use specific peripherals i.e. cashdrawer, scanner, printers, card readers?Is this total package, or just POS, Merchandising,Financials or Data Base? which programs will itwork with, which won’t it?Is there an annual fee or do I have a choice inbuying updates?Can I buy only part now?Is there installation assistance?How does it pay for itself?What if any, additional software do I need, i.e.Windows 2000 or other network systemObviously there are more questions you would like to ask, but these are the key questions that will help youmake your decision. The most important activity is to make sure you call the current users and determine ifall the above questions are answered the same by a current user. Dont trust a sales persons claim, ask afellow retailer.James E. Dion Dionco Inc. 9
  10. 10. SOFTWARE QUESTIONSThe following are questions that you would ask of a current user of a software product that you are interested inbuying. NEVER purchase a product that is not in use. You do not want your business to be the test for asystem. Call a number of current users in similar business to yours and ask the following questionsRetailer Name Phone # # of StoresType of Store # of Employees Dedicated IS manager Yes No How long have you had the package? Do you have the complete package or just one or two modules? What release is it? What do you like best about the product? How does it help you run your business better? What is the biggest problem, if any, that you currently have with the software? What hardware do you use with it? How has the support on install and ongoing operation been? Would you buy this software again?Try to find someone who has been using the software for at least six months, preferably over a year. Brand newusers are often unreasonably optimistic or pessimistic depending on their experience during the install, which isnot necessarily a good measure of the products worth.James E. Dion Dionco Inc. 10