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Good E-newsletter Designs using various programs


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E-marketing through cost effective emails directly to your target market is the smarter way to do business.
Define the purpose, define the target, define the frequency and gain more readership from your clients/customers.
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Good E-newsletter Designs using various programs

  1. 1. Examples of E-Newsletters produced by Half Day P/A
  2. 2. Investment Property Specialist using website back-end to send email marketing
  3. 3. Real Estate Agent’s Monthly Market Research using V-Message
  4. 4. Real Estate Agent’s Monthly Market Research using Constant Contact
  5. 5. Local Builder using Mail Chimp
  6. 6. Property Investment Company using V-Message
  7. 7. Real Estate Agents Monthly listing broadcast using V-Message
  8. 8. Retail fashion house sample template for new season release via Mail Chimp
  9. 9. Business Coach using Mail Chimp and back-end of website
  10. 10. Business Women’s Network invites sent out via Mail Chimp
  11. 11. Local Builder special broadcast email via Mail Chimp
  12. 12. Insolvency Agency Monthly Newsletter via Mail Chimp
  13. 13. Not sure where to start? What to do? Why? How?
  14. 14. E-marketing with a newsletter is an ideal and cost effective tool in your marketing plan. No more posting letters. No more telephone calls. No more expensive advertising. Send the message to your target market that really wants to hear from you.
  15. 15. Your clients/customers could enjoy the regular communication with your newsletter too. Through integration with your social media, adding your website sign up forms and even improving your SEO, there’s a lot more to a newsletter than just staying in touch. Seminar invites - Product launch New service - New team member Competition – Free Offer Auction – Open For Inspection New Industry Legislation Problem Solving Advice – Tips – Testimonial etc.
  16. 16. Firstly.....Define the purpose Define the target Define the frequency Define your ‘call to action’
  17. 17. Need a helping hand?