Sudanese Costumes


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Sudanese Costumes

  1. 1. SudaneseCostumes
  2. 2. Sudanese clothing varies among the different partsand peoples of Sudan. The traditional costume widelyworn in Sudan for men is the jalabiya, which is aloose-fitting, long-sleeved, collarless ankle-length.The jalabiya is accompanied by a large scarf worn bymen, and the garment may bewhite, colored, striped, and made of fabric varying inthickness, depending on the season of the year andpersonal preferences. And the traditional costume in Sudan for women istobe or tawb. Like the jalabiya, the tobe is along, although it may have a collar, be less loose-fitting, or have shorter sleeves or length than thejalabiya. It is also made of many fabrics but morecolorful than the jalabiya. These are the traditionalclothing that mostly worn in the middle of Sudan.
  3. 3. NorthernCostumes
  4. 4. Because of the hot climate, light, loose-fittingclothing is typically worn. However, women andmen follow certain guidelines that most citizensfollow closely. According to an article, "Muslim women in the northfollow the tradition of covering their heads andentire bodies to the ankles. They wrap themselvesin a towb, a length of semi-transparent fabric thatgoes over other clothing." Men also cover most of their bodies with alight, loose-fitting, white robe. They too cover theirheads with either a small cap or a turban. Head covering serves to protect the people fromthe sun and heat as well as honor their religiousbeliefs. For instance, the womens head scarf, the"hijab," "refers to the veil which separates man orthe world from God."
  5. 5. Western and Eastern Costumes
  6. 6. In eastern sudan men wear the jalabiya andaraqi trousers but they put on a small blackjacket called ‘sideri’, also the sourd comes as apart of the costume, women wear the sametowb but they wear it in different ways.
  7. 7. Men in western Sudan wear jalabiya but insome customs they wear skirts made of strawsand put horns on their heads, on theirtraditional occasions they dance wearing thisoutfit. Women also wear towb.
  8. 8. young western girl
  9. 9. Southern Sudan
  10. 10. In southern Sudan men and women wear apiece of cloth called ‘lawo’, it’s shorter than thetobe, it ends below the knees so it allows themto move freely, the difference comes in themethod of wearing it, men wear the lawo andtie the end of the two edges on their lefthand, in this way they give freedom to theirright hand because they usually use it inhunting, wars and other purposes. Women alsowear lawo but they tie it on their righthand, and they cover their head with a widestrip from the same fabric of the lawo, women’slawo is more colorful than the men’s.
  11. 11. WeddingCostumes
  12. 12. Two days before the wedding party the brideinvites her female friends for ‘Al-henna’ and inthis day the bride wears a simple dress or agown (towb) and the accessories should be assimple as the dress, and her hands should bedecorated with henna.
  13. 13. There are two wedding costumes for the brideand the groom; The bride wears a gown (towb)’she can pick any colour’, and the groom wearsfull white garment (jalabbiya) and a turban, orThe bride wears a white wedding dress and fullmake up, and the groom wears an elegant suit.
  14. 14. There are some types of folkloric rituals thattake place in Northern Sudanese weddings likeAl-Subhiya day (bridal dance); it’s the day afterthe wedding day where the bride performssome dances in front of an entirely femaleaudience, back in the day the bride dancedhalf-naked in front of everyone men andwomen, she just wore a skirt called‘Alrahat’, but nowadays Sudans Islamicfundamentalist government has strict rules onhow women should comport themselves inpublic.
  15. 15. The bride performs three clauses each oneincludes at least 30 dances, and every clausehas its own costume which they are a shortsimple dress decorated with a lot ofaccessories, a gown (towb) and a high heel ofthe same colour of the dress. The last dressmust be a red one with a colourful piece ofcloth called ‘Al-Firka’ or ‘Al-Garmasees, andalso ‘Al-Jadlah’; it’s a small hat covered with agolden coins hanging along the bride’s back.‘The last dress must be red because there’s aritual that should be done after the third clausecalled ‘Al-Jirtig’’.
  16. 16. Made by the students : Razan Nadir Awatif kamal Esraa osman Tasniem Tag Al-Sir Lina Abd Al-Rahman