İStanbulda GüNeş Konferansı


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İStanbulda GüNeş Konferansı

  1. 1. İstanbulda Güneş Konferansı<br />Solar Turkey<br />Outlook on Turkish solar projects, expansion & innovation programmes<br />Istanbul, Turkey:  10—11, December 2009<br />Introduction | Who will you meet | Agenda outline | Training Course | Speaking opportunities | Sponsorship opportunities | Partners | Venue | Enquiry | Registration<br />Turkish <br />Introduction<br />Gold sponsor:<br />Silver sponsor:<br />Supporting sponsors:<br />Event partners:<br />The increasing momentum in meeting the EU 2020 sustainable energy ordeal has engaged the Turkish government in a thorough review and reassessment of its renewable energy infrastructures. Disruptive innovations in solar energy conversion, processing and distribution are profoundly and rapidly transforming the state of the solar energy reliability and increasing its future potential. <br />With its advantageous geographical location in Europe, Turkey insolation values and conditions for solar power generation are limitless. A yearly average solar radiation at 1311kWh/m2 has turned solar energy into Turkey's most important alternative clean energy resources.<br />Hundreds of business ventures support the burgeoning Turkish solar sector by offering high quality manufacturing and roughly 750,000m2 export capacity. As the country is readying itself to tap further into its renewable energy potential, incremental implementation are needed to solidify the long-term development strategy and consolidate the structure of the sector.<br />In line with its new environmental strategy and through its agency (EMRA), the Turkish government manages to keep up with the fast-transforming state of solar energy, provides seamless access to the resources for suppliers, traders or users and, increases the regulations & policies flexibility to alleviate private investment in energy infrastructure projects or facilitate the market penetration.<br />In addition, in the global race for local energy production self-sufficiency, the Turkish government's planning and initiatives proves its resourcefulness and ability to rapidly reach its objectives.<br />Despite the year long economic downturn, reports show growing interests from the investment & banking community in funding energy-related and environmentally-efficient infrastructure projects. A rising number of business ventures in Turkey supported by private equities are turning the Turkish nascent solar energy market place into a viable economic sector.<br />The Turkish solar community (business, institutions, industry, academic) must capitalize on the country's geological advantage, position Turkey's solar sector (innovation & production) for future global leadership, transform investments trends into long-term sustainable strategy and prepare its current solar energy capabilities for sudden surge in local and global renewable energy demand.<br />Join solar experts to debate, network and discuss the Turkish solar markets.<br />Attend and gain a crucial advantage in this huge potential solar market<br />Turkish Government are set to pass new renewable energy legislation in Autumn 09<br />Meet key players and make new contacts as the market passes its tipping point<br />2 million square meters already installed<br />Understand the Opportunities in PV, Solar Thermal and CSP across Turkey<br />Benefit from unparalleled networking opportunities - the Global Solar Series has attracted over 700 high profile attendees this year<br />Who will you meet?<br />The conference will bring together key players from the solar industry and the financial community with an unrivalled combination of solar technology developers, manufacturers, distributors and project developers. You will have chance to network with:<br />Federal and State government officials and regulators<br />utilities<br />solar technology manufacturers<br />solar project developers<br />venture capital firms<br />private equity funds<br />banks<br />solar distributors and installers<br />technology research and development companies<br />industry analysts<br />legal experts and consultants<br />Companies attending previous Green Power Solar Events include:<br />Abengoa Solar, Alstom Power, Amonix Inc, Ausra, Banco Santander, BP Alternative Energy, Bertrams Heatec AG, Bertsch Ecopower, Best Solar Hi-Tech Co Ltd, BrightSource Energy, BSW-Solar, Climate Change Capital, CNRS, Cobra ,ConocoPhillips, Cool Earth Solar, Corning Inc, DLR, Eco Energy Ltd, Edison, EIB, Emerging Energy Research, Enfinity, ENI, EON, Epuron, Ernst & Young, Esolar, European Commission, ExxonMobil Chemical Company, Flowserve, Foresight Group, FORBES, GE Energy, Gorosabel, Greenpeace International, Guardian Glass, Hamburg Climate Protection Foundation, Hazel Capital LLP, Ibersolar Energia SA, International Energy Agency, KfW, Kockums AB, Kleiner, Perkins, Caulfield and Byers, Large-scale Solar Association, Lotus Solar Technologies, Louys Consulting, Martifer, McKinsey, Menova Energy, Merloni Progetti, Mitsubishi Corp, Mountain Cleantech, Nanosolar, Navigant Consulting Inc, New Energy Finance, NREL, NV Energy, NOTS BV, Novatec-Biosol, Ormat, P&T Technologia IbER, Q-Cells, Rabobank, Rotem Industries, Satcon, Schott Solar, Sempra Generation, Siemens AG, Skyfuel, SENER, Sharp, Solar Millennium, Solar Reserve, SolarPACES, Solon Corp,Solucar Power, SolFocus, SoloPower Inc, Southern California Edison, Stirling Energy Systems, SunPower Corp, Terravita, ThermoSolar Power LLC, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo Institute of Technology, TREC Trinity Ventures, Vattenfall, Verbund Management Service, US Department of Energy, US Digital, Western Governors' Association, WorleyParsons<br />Agenda Outline:<br />KEYNOTE SESSIONS<br />General outlook on the Turkish Solar Energy Market PlaceThe impact of environmental initiatives, the need for solar energy infrastructure and the increasing domestic and industrial demand for clean energy are among the most important issues facing solar energy sector in Turkey over the coming ten years.<br />Pitfalls<br />Challenges<br />Gains<br />Assessing Turkey preparedness/readiness for future surge in solar energy demand<br />Facts, figures and statistics<br />Future distribution<br />Pricing<br />Feed-in-Tariff: defining solar energy as a key business driver for a recovering economy and a critical incentive to increase renewable energy uptake<br />High initial capital cost involved in the development of solar energy projects forced businesses to seek alternative options to insure substantial (short or long term) ROI. In order to sustain the solar sector long-term success and insure an increase in renewable energy domestic/industrial usage uptake, regulators must implement the flexibility of the existing regulatory environment.<br />Turkish case study<br />Policies<br />Alternatives<br />PPP & PPA: implementing solar energy infrastructure project financing<br />PPP<br />PPA (non-profit, governmental, commercial)<br />Hybrid options<br />TURKISH SOLAR ENERGY INFRASTRUCTURE PROJECT DEVELOPMENT MECHANISMS Viable business case and necessary requirements for solar energy production/supply in Turkey<br />Feasibility<br />Commercial viability<br />Project funding/financing structure<br />Realistic road-map for solar power plant creation<br />Planning<br />Building<br />Designing<br />Managing<br />Operating<br />Best practices for successful partnership strategy in an ongoing project <br />Selection process<br />Prequalification requirements<br />ROI measurement<br />Vertical investment: solar manufacturing, research and innovation<br />Solar heating (air, water pumping…)<br />Photovoltaic cell material<br />Solar flat plate collector<br />Parabolic through power plants<br />Policy and regulation review: regulating to boost the solar energy sector<br />EMRA<br />Provisions of the " Renewable Energy Law" <br />Tendering processes for solar energy<br />EU compliance updates<br />PROJECTS STATUS UPDATES <br />PV-wind-diesel generator hybrid power system in an island in Fethiye-MUGLA <br />SOLAR TECHNOLOGY AND INNOVATION<br />Assessment of solar energy domestic / industrial usage<br />Implementation of solar heating/electricity distribution<br />Building a solar energy power plant (feasibility and viability assessment)<br />Solar thermal energy<br />Photovoltaic energy generation status and projects<br />SOLAR PROJECT FINANCE<br />PPP with private equities/investment banks/local & institutional investors<br />PPA<br />Hybrid<br />right0PLUS: Solar 101 - Training course<br />A 1-day primer for non-engineers9th December <br />Course objectives:<br />Whether you are new to the industry or simply want to refresh and update your knowledge, this one-day training course will ensure you are up-to-speed with the key, fundamental aspects of the solar energy industry. You will learn both about the key technologies for harnessing the sun's energy - photovoltaics and solar thermal - and the factors which will decide their commercial success or failure.<br />Technologies are placed in their relevant business context, with reference to the potential solar resource and the energy market as a whole, and considering some of the practical, economic and regulatory factors affecting demand and supply.<br />Click here for the full agenda.<br />Speaking Opportunities<br />If you are interested in speaking at this event please submit a speaking proposal (presentation title, 4-5 bullet points and brief synopsis) to Prudence Kolong:E-mail:<br />Sponsorship & Exhibition Opportunities<br />Gold sponsor:<br />a+f GmbH develops and markets technologies for making effective use of available solar energy on an industrial scale.<br />The Wuerzburg-based company a+f GmbH has been in business for 25 years as a machine and plant manufacturer. As a subsidiary of the GILDEMEISTERgroup, the world’s largest manufacturer of metal-cutting machine tools, a+f GmbH has access to the know-how and skills of the parent company. In addition to a strategic focus on the procurement of castings, steel and machine components, the company provides the development, project planning, implementation and servicing of tracking systems for photovoltaics.<br />Silver sponsor:<br />Supporting sponsors:<br /> <br />Sponsor Solar Turkey and benefit from:<br />1st class lead generation: meet companies actively working in the solar industry<br />Enhanced brand profile: pre-event promotional campaign plus extensive on site branding<br />Excellent publicity: gain an incredible amount of presence from on site promotion<br />A cost effective marketing solution: our development team will be happy to customize a package and develop a cost effective marketing channel to generate new sales leads<br />Sponsorship options offering varying levels of branding and exposure are available to suit budgets and marketing aims. <br />Contact William Todd for further detailsOffice: +9714 813 5211 l Fax: +44 207 900 1853E-mail:<br />Partner with us:<br />Endorsed by:<br /> <br /> <br />Media partners: <br />   <br /> <br />Green Power Conferences consistently works in strategic partnerships with industry leading organizations and trade publications. Our international and targeted marketing campaigns ensure excellent marketing exposure for our partners.<br />If you would like to partner with us, please contact Ryan Winchester at:Tel: +44 (0)20 7099 0600Email:<br />Venue<br />Mövenpick Hotel IstanbulBuyukdere caddesi 4 levent 34330 Istanbul - Phone:+90 212 319 29 29Fax:+90 212 319 29 00 <br />Home<br />Events listings<br />News and views<br />Why sponsor or exhibit?<br />Partner with us<br />Event management services<br />Training courses<br />GreenPower network<br />Bookings<br />Buy documentation<br />Recruitment<br />Our green policy<br />Contact<br />Copyright - GreenPower 2009  |  Terms & Conditions<br />info@greenpowerconferences<br />