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Introduction to the biochemistry


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Biochemistry for nurses

Published in: Education
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Introduction to the biochemistry

  1. 1. Biochemistry for nurses What is Biochemistry?
  2. 2. Biochemistry is the study of the structure, composition and chemical reactions of substances in living systems BIOLOGYBIOLOGY CHEMISTRYCHEMISTRY+ BIOCHEMISTRYBIOCHEMISTRY Biochemistry for nurses
  3. 3. Biochemistry for nurses
  4. 4. Biochemistry for nurses Some basic knowledges
  5. 5. Some definitions Organization levels of the human body Biochemistry for nurses
  6. 6. The atom = nucleus + electrons electron nucleus OXYGEN ATOM The atom is the smallest chemical Component of our body ex: hydrogen (H), oxygen (O), nitrogen (N) and carbon (C). Biochemistry for nurses
  7. 7. The molecule = a group of atoms The atoms get together to form molecules ex: glucose, amino acids, vitamins… GLUCOSE Biochemistry for nurses
  8. 8. A big molecule = a macromolecule Biochemistry for nurses
  9. 9. Mass composition of our body Percent of mass: • 65 % water (H2O) •20 % proteins •12 % lipids • ~1.5 % nucleic acids • ~ 1.5 % inorganic molecules (mineral salts) Biochemistry for nurses
  10. 10. The Cell Our body is composed by 14 billions of cells. The cell is the basic unity of any living organism. Ex: muscular cell, nerve cell… Biochemistry for nurses
  11. 11. The tissue The tissue is a grouping of the same type of cells. There are various types of tissues inside our body ex: Muscle, bone, etc… Biochemistry for nurses
  12. 12. The organ An organ is a grouping of differents types of tissues in order to perform a specific function ex: The heart, the pancreas, the liver, the kidneys etc… Biochemistry for nurses
  13. 13. Human organ system An organ system is a grouping of several organs in order to perform a specific function ex: Digestive system, nervous system, respiratory system, etc… Biochemistry for nurses