Being a student in the usa


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Being a student in the usa

  1. 1. “My name is Seda. I’m 23 years old. I’m a film director. I’m an international student from Armenia. I left Armenia two years ago in order to pursue my dreams as a filmmaker. I study film production at the UCLA film school.”
  2. 2. “I live in the USA alone. I rent an apartment near my school. This is the first time in my life I have ever lived alone. I always lived with my parents. I think, living alone helps me to be able to overcome any kind of difficulties that I face.”
  3. 3. “I think I’m different in many ways from other Armenians. I am more open-minded and I live by my own rules. For example, I want my hairs to look like this, and I don’t care about other people’s opinion about it.”
  4. 4. “I have lots of friends in my school. They think the same way I do. That’s why I feel connected to them. We do lots of crazy things together.”
  5. 5. “One of the most important parts of my life is reading. I love to read very much. I can spend a whole day reading a book. I learn lots of interesting things by reading books. My generation doesn’t like to read. Only thing they read is their text messages. My favorite writers are Feodor Dostoyevsky, Shakespeare, T. Dreiser, Ernest Hemingway, and Ibsen. “
  6. 6. “Besides reading, I like to party with my friends. Every weekend I and my friends go to dance clubs, and dance till we collapse. “
  7. 7. “I love my boyfriend. He was born in America but he is an Armenian. Next year we want to get engaged. His major is psychology. He is the only person I trust my deepest secrets.”
  8. 8. “When I was a child I wanted to be an actress. As I grew older I understood that it is better to be behind the camera rather than in front of it. Because there are lots of actresses that look way better than me.”
  9. 9. “This is my room. I have lots of interesting things on my wall. The most important thing is my country’s flag. My family member’s photos that I missed very much.”
  10. 10. “I think I told you enough staff about myself and my life in the USA. And for the final I want to say that next year I am finishing the school and I am going back to my country. I will use all my knowledge and experience that I learnt in America to push Armenian cinema to the world standards.”