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A day as a film crew


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A day as a film crew

  1. 1. Making movies is not an easy thing to do. Everything has to be in their places. There are many positions in a film crew. Those 2 guys came very early to a location where the film is going to be shot. They are putting together decoration and other staff that will be useful during the shooting.
  2. 2. As we see in the photo, they already are finishing decorating the location. There are more members of the crew that joined them and started to help each other in order to finish decorating and setting up for the actual shooting of the film.
  3. 3. In this photo we can see that they finished decorating the set. Now they are checking the camera position and the lighting. A director of photography is discussing a position of the camera with his first and second assistants. In the back of the photo the guy is checking a frame. He wants to make sure that everything they will shoot will be in the frame.
  4. 4. Finally, a director of the movie arrives. She is sitting on her chair and taking a last look at the script. Her assistants is standing by her and looking towards the set to make sure that everything is ok.
  5. 5. Actors are in their places. The director of photography is telling the lead actress to move a little bit closer to the camera. The other guy is looking at the board to make sure that takes and shots are written correctly.
  6. 6. The film’s director approaches to the set. She is giving some advises to actors. Actors are ready to act, the crew is ready to work and the DP is ready to roll the camera.
  7. 7. The guy holds the shot board in front of the camera. A sound man approaches his microphone boom near the camera. The DP. rolls the camera. The director screams “action” with an angry voice.
  8. 8. The film is rolling and actors are playing their roles. The girl approaches to her boyfriend’s table. She speaks to him and the director screams “cut” again.
  9. 9. She is not satisfied with the acting and the lighting. She tells the lighting technician to change a location to the different place. They will resume the shooting next day.
  10. 10. For this person it is very happy news that they are done with the shooting for today. He was very sleepy and hungry.
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