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The dead-zone-9-shot-analysis-2

  1. 1. The Dead Zone By Rebecca and Hajra
  2. 2. This wide shot of the house showing the full scale of thehouse shows that there is no people around which linksto the thriller genre of the unknown. The lighting in thisshot is very dull and has a blue tint to it creating asaddening mood to the atmosphere. The house lookssombre and chilling in the blue tint.
  3. 3. In this shot there is very little light, and the background is misty; you can’t actually see much in thescene, the enigmatic effect is established as not all is given away and the black shapes from the title textlook random and unrelated, this entices the audience as they are forced to continue to watch to understandwhat they mean. The credits which are in white font stand out against the dark shot, creating a contrastgradient and further plunging the background into a murky mysterious darkness. As the title sequencecontinues and the shots cross dissolve into each other the slightly cryptic shapes remain exactly where theyare they are, prompting further confusion as to what they mean.
  4. 4. This low level wide shot shows one setting in which thefilm is set in, the lighting is natural but the use of the sunon one side and a shadow on the other createssuspense. No genre is associated with the images butthe sound track is minor key which often used in thrillerfilms to create tension.
  5. 5. In this wide shot the colours and lighting contrasts toothers as it is sunny and bright. This challenges thestereotypes of thrillers conventions as usually darkcolours are used.The gradual build up of the black shapes appear moreas the opening continues.
  6. 6. In this scene there is a bit more light, showing a parkground cast in shadow, which is a typical recurring thrillerconvention however there is sun light and you can seetrees and sky. What is eerie about all of these shots is notonly the fact that they are dark, there is also an absence ofpeople or any movement at all, all the shots are static andcompletely motionless.
  7. 7. The road looks mysterious which makes it look inviting. It is dark and thefact that it is a road makes it more alluring. The black shapes are stillthere, confusing the audience and building up suspense for the climaxwhen the actual title is revealed.
  8. 8. This high angle shot of the road again shows the town tobe deserted leaving the audience questioning theopening. Again in this opening the lighting is low keycreating a tense atmosphere.
  9. 9. This is the point where the audience begins tounderstand what the black shapes mean andthe climax of the opening sequence isestablished, the audience can just read thetitle. The lighting is still minimal and the darkcolours generally dominate the light colours.
  10. 10. This last shot of the title shows the build up of the jigsaw piecewhich creates ‘ the dead zone’. The mood created by this shotis dim and mysterious which is a thriller convention.The font used is strong and edgy which warns us about thedanger within the film. The film opening doesnt reveal itself tillthe end of the slow paced suspenseful opening, which also isntassociated with thrillers as they are usually fast paced. Thispart, where it is zooming out on the text is the only moving partin the whole film which further emphasises its impression; andadds effect to the opening title.
  11. 11. 2:13, here it is finally revealed what the 0:44 1:29, the road looks alluring, mysterious shapes mean, they build up the lettering Setting looks dark , bleak as, there is an of the film title, there is a gloomy blue tint and black absence of cars or used here, with a shot of another people, there is a road, the scene is completely triangles look dark setting odd and lifeless, hence corresponding to the film confusing title ‘The Dead Zone0:00 2:58. 00:22 Here, the mis-en-scene is 1:06 strangely pleasant with This is also a 1:51, more natural lighting, no odd pleasant black shapes black shapes, it is a scene, however, t are dominating comfortable frame of a he background is this scene, and large, old fashioned house another road blurry and the with a white picket which looks black triangles fence, surrounded by somewhat eerie and dark trees in full bloom and disorientate the and green grass, this shot seems to defy typical viewer, the intriguing, dark thriller conventions lighting here is lighting mixed however the lack of perhaps slightly with the sombre motion in the scene is blue tinted greyish tint, or eerily questionable however it is npt perhaps as shadowy as desaturation the other frames