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Mobile Customer Journey


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This talk covers mobile conversion rate, customer analysis, user interface and design. In addition it also provides guidelines in developing personae for mobile store or mobile app to create more personalised customer experiences.

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Mobile Customer Journey

  1. 1. MOBILE CUSTOMER JOURNEY Hajrë Hyseni University of Hertfordshire Feb 2012Thursday, 16 February 12
  3. 3. mobile conversion rate is only 2.3%Thursday, 16 February 12
  4. 4. • Website not optimised for small screens WHY • Connections speed DON’T • Loading time CUSTOMERS • Sending users to non-mobile pages • No checkout options (reserve, cash on BUY? delivery, wishlist) • Privacy and security • No store locators providedThursday, 16 February 12
  5. 5. WHERE DO CUSTOMERS search START? idea purchase problem 5Thursday, 16 February 12
  6. 6. brochure pages Offers Where do visitors land? homepage Blog Landing pages product pageThursday, 16 February 12
  7. 7. ELEMENTS OF A CUSTOMER call to JOURNEY action checkout support competitorssearch StartThursday, 16 February 12
  8. 8. TYPICAL JOURNEY Entry Browse Basket Checkout EngageThursday, 16 February 12
  9. 9. HOW DOES THIS AFFECT DESIGN • List the specific needs of your customers • Research what competitors do well or badly • Describe visitor “personae” • Define ways of converting visitors into shoppers • Define ways of converting shoppers into repeat shoppers • Draw out journeys for your customers • Look to remove any barriers to shopping • Add reassurance about common worries • Develop strong calls to action • Design navigation to make it easy to move the customer forwardsThursday, 16 February 12
  10. 10. EXAMPLE OF PERSONA FOR JEWELLERY • Karen is 21 and is engaged to be married • She wants to show her boyfriend, Gary, the types of wedding rings she really loves • She has not bought much from the web although she uses Facebook a lot • She is a bit afraid of using her credit card online • Karen wants Gary to spend a thousand pounds on a ring – he can afford it • She wants to let him make the final choice so that it is a surpriseThursday, 16 February 12
  11. 11. LEARN TO DEVELOP PERSONAE • Develop 3 or 4 very different personae • Separate by age, job, motivation, needs • Consider their familiarity with the brand • Consider their needs and worries • Define their personal customer journeyThursday, 16 February 12
  12. 12. Mobile Store vs Mobile App • Appears inside the browser • Native on devices so enable enhanced • Accessible 99% of web-enabled devices functionality • Don’t need a user to download anything • Example is barcode and picture scanning • Detects the user’s device and • Apps can be more immersive automatically format content for optimal viewing.Thursday, 16 February 12
  13. 13. 1. Chose a Mobile Store or Mobile App 2. Discuss whether the customer journey reflects on companies target audience Activity 3 3. Add your results into your personal report/first assignmentThursday, 16 February 12
  14. 14. Thursday, 16 February 12
  15. 15. Thanks! #MobBizUHThursday, 16 February 12