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Marketplace Curator

  1. 1. The duriana curator marketplace
  2. 2. Duriana is a new mobile-first marketplace, which allows users to discover a world of amazing products for sale – from their friends & neighbors, trendy blogshops or cool local shops they have yet to discover. In simple terms, we’ve incorporated elements of eBay and Instagram into one seamless shopping platform. Did we metion we organize some great events and parties too? J ABOUT US
  3. 3. How does it work? FOR SELLERS Take a picture, add name / description price & List! Set up your own shop and gather followers / feedback Get offers and messages from buyers in real time
  4. 4. How does it work? FOR BUYERS Discover items on an addictive, Instagram-like photo stream Find out what’s for sale nearby or from your friends Curate your marketplace by following your friends and favorite sellers
  5. 5. ?   WHAT IS THe OBEJCTIVE? The main objective of a marketplace curator is to introduce Duriana’s wonderful world of products to new and existing users. Through your glowing recommendations (we hope!) we want to invite users to discover hidden gems and rare items, which they never knew existed. As we like to say, a “playground of discovery” awaits in the Duriana marketplace... ... and We need your HELp!
  6. 6. What is a marketplace CURATOR? Each curator will be sent a series of mystery gift boxes. These little packages will include items sourced from our Etsy-like sellers – from quirky party games to pre- loved hankies and scarves from yesteryear… Unwrapping has How will it work? NEVER BEEN THIS FUN!
  7. 7. WHAT is Required? As a Marketplace Curator, we are seeking your help to spread the word about Duriana as the leading marketplace for all things beautiful. Whether you would like to write a review of our giftboxes, our sellers or our app, we value your contribution as an active member of the Duriana community. Also, don’t forget to use #duriana in all your social media channels…   Let’s go viral!
  8. 8. ?   AND That’s not All… Every blogger will receive a Duriana Marketplace Curator badge with a special trackable download link to the Duriana app store page on iTunes and Google Play. For every successful download acquired through this link, you will be compensated RM2. Every month, we will award top performing marketplace curators with a special keepsake giftbox for their readers….
  9. 9. ?   CONTENT In addition to our curator program , we are looking for content sharing partnerships with bloggers and media platforms to distribute our content. Our blog, Duriana Online, covers a wide range of topics from bazaar reviews to style picks to shopping guides. partnership As content partners, you are more than welcome to share these articles on your blog and social media channels on an on- going basis. Sharing
  10. 10. ?   Here are three published samples: 6 Tips On How To Give Your Wardrobe A Makeover 2014/04/18/6-tips-on-how-to-give-your- wardrobe-a-makeover-on-a-budget 5 Fashion Trends Malaysians Love 2014/04/22/5-fashion-trends-malaysians- love/ Vintage Shopping: KL’s Best Spots 2014/04/22/vintage-shopping-kls-best-spots/
  11. 11. ?   TERMS& However, we do have a few terms and  conditions. All articles published from our  blog, Duriana Online, must include the  following: - The closing paragraph which explains what Duriana is about and our specific trackable download links for the Google Play & iTunes store - The link to the product pages of featured Duriana items - The link to the original article on Duriana blog - If “Duriana” is mentioned in the article, please link the word to The more links we have to our page, the better of SEO purposes - Headline and abstract may be changed to fit blog/website house style CONDITIONS An example::  
  12. 12.  Milestones: Dec 2013 - Raised $800,000 in funding from Dealguru Holdings Jan 2014 - Surpassed the 110k listings mark, outranking classified giants Mudah and Lelong, after only six weeks in the market March 2014 – Acquired 220k listings, making it Malaysia’s #1 mobile commerce platform The app is available for download on iPhone, iPad and Android systems at COMPANY milestones Featured in:
  13. 13. Hajar Yusof Marketing & Community Relations +60 128783799 Camilo Paredes Co-founder +60 163409530