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Mind map final version


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A presentation about the mind map and the imindmap software

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Mind map final version

  1. 1. By: Hajar AlansariID : 200911347 End the presentationCol270- 506
  2. 2. Home
  3. 3. He wrote a number of books for memory and Mind Mapping, like Head first, Head strong and Use your head, and the were the most popular. He gives lectures all around the world. His books were published in more than one hundred country, and thirty different languages.Home
  4. 4. Tony Buzan was born in London (1942) is an author and educational consultant. And he was the one who discovered the revolutionary system of Mind Mapping.Home
  5. 5. Buzan depended on an ancient Greek way in associating thoughts or information. It gives the brain the ability to deal with new information with high speed, and in the same way it deals with thoughts inside it. Tony Buzan was struggling with remembering things and organizing his own ideas. So he used the Mind Map as the ideal tool for that.Home
  6. 6. A technique that is used for writing down Thoughts, ideas and information Texts, points and numbers are “stone-aged” techniques now it’s the time for mind mapping.Home Dr. Tariq Al Suwaidan
  7. 7. Steps to download it The imindmap software How to use it ?Home
  8. 8. Steps to download the imandmap software 1- Go to the link 2- Click on ( Download Free copy )Next Back
  9. 9. Steps to download the imandmap software 3- Provide your email to create an account ( it’s required to download the software)Next Back
  10. 10. Steps to download the imandmap software 4- Check your email, and once you receive it, click the Link provided to complete the rest stepsNext Back
  11. 11. Steps to download the imandmap software 5- Fill the required boxes to complete this step then click submitNext Back
  12. 12. Steps to download the imandmap software 6-You receive an email to confirm your account 7- Click on (download imandmap) linkNext Back
  13. 13. Steps to download the imandmap software 8- Choose what’s suitable to your operating system And click on download to start downloadingNext Back
  14. 14. 9- Once you are done, click on it to install the software 10- Choose the language you prefer for the setup Then click okNext Back
  15. 15. 11- The setup will start running, so click on (Next) 12- Choose the file location then click on nextNext Back
  16. 16. 13- Click on (install ), and wait until it finishes 14- when it finishes, click on the software icon 15- Click agree for the license agreementNext Back
  17. 17. Congratulations ! After providing your username and password you Can use the software for free, but within 7 days . After finishing the trial version, you have to purchase .Next Back
  18. 18. How to use the imandmap ? A 2-minutes easy video on how to use it Click on to play it The link :
  19. 19. To get the whole picture summarizing of any case they face Saves time when revising for tests and exams Writing routinely reportsin a more attractive way Who can use it ? Organizing staff meetings. Next
  20. 20. Uses of mind mapHome Mind map it – Dr. Nancy Margulies
  21. 21. Big papers :A4 or even bigger” Tools Next
  22. 22. Leave it and 6 come back later 1 A title in the center 5 Draw process Branches Big font Key words 2 4 3Next
  23. 23. Now you are thinking of writing about your hobbies.. Think then draw a picture that expresses the topic.. Write the title “my hobbies” under, or sometimes over or around it. And make sure that it’s in the center.Next Back
  24. 24. Draw the first branch and you are totally free with the Shape of the branches and associations, Then write your first hobby “READING”Next Back
  25. 25. Draw another line from the center and write your second hobby “SPORTS”Next Back
  26. 26. Draw some pictures and animation, sometimes you might have your own key pictures or symbols That nobody knows.Next Back
  27. 27. Romance Terror Add your sub- categories with more branches and pictures.Next Back
  28. 28. Remember Do not stick to one way of making your mind map, you can make it however you like, But you’ll have to remember that your ideas have to be connected and associated. if you were making a report plan, and you just remembered that you have to wash the dishes, Just draw a branch on your mind map and write “dishes” so that you can concentrate on you plan when you are out of ideas, just don’t panic, relax and draw some random shapes, Or change the color, it refreshes your mind. now you are brain storming your ideas, and suddenly you think of a something but you don’t know under what category you should put it, don’t bother your self of reorganizing your plan, you can do it later, you can just write it down anywhere , even as a main point Coming out from the center. Human brains are so different, even between siblings and family members, that’s why there are different mind maps for same subjects.. And that’s what makes it creative and unique Draw curved lines and branches, because nature is curved and it reflects the way your brain thinks, and if you draw straight lines the plan will lose the beautify of curvilinear , and soon the brain will get bored and unhappy with it. By doing this you will see that you got the perfect plan, and by practicing it for a month you will notice that you are more productive, fast thinking and creative.Home
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  35. 35. Tony Buzan’s comparing between three writing and note taking ways: -Texts and paragraphs -Numbers and bullets ( a list)- Writing notes on the sides of the page- don’t they work ? Why They don’t focus on the key words (the main points) difficulty in remembering : In texts there is no associations between words, and when there’s no association, theres no , connection so the information is gone. Specially for people like school students, who study long and boring text, and complicated graphs And when they get bored, they don’t study, therefore, they don’t remember 95% of learners write their notes in the traditional boring way Conclusion : Less concentration less confidence in brain abilities Less thinking, producing and creating Losing the passion of learning and curiosity that usually is in children Struggling from boredom and depression which leads to sleep and less producingNext
  36. 36. BenefitsHome
  37. 37. Mind Map it - Nancy Margulies BibleographyHome imindmap