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Envisioning 2020 at MWC 2011


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    1. I was asked a year ago here to envision 2020 and then I thought that analogue with Alan Kay’s “waste processing power”-dogma that spawned the UI, my mantra for new innovation was to now waste our current most precious resource - those who waste bandwidth with show us services of 2020.

    now I will zoom out one step...

    2. mobile is now bigger than pc, and with the smartphone explosion - from OSs that didn’t exist three years ago - we have a data tsunami
    Android: dellifying the OEMs & the data explosion/apple in particular: bitpiping the MNOs
    short term all are laughing all the way to the bank, but longterm commoditization is a big issue

    3. as it looks right now the future has more and more to offer - more phones, better phones, more kinds of devices

    4. let's look at more


    5. or things will go the other way and be less... less - is that not a bad thing? no.


    9. i think the coming 10 years technology will advance - cheaper, smaller, faster, better - but I think human will start to see technology in new eyes. internet & mobile phones is the fats and sugars of 2020 - too sweet and too fat is bad - technology will be invisible and be tools to let us enjoy real life more.

    my vision for the years till 2020 is that they will first be “more” and then “less”. And less is more.
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Envisioning 2020 at MWC 2011

  1. 1. Envisioning2020Hampus Jakobsson Mobile World Congress 2011 @hajak
  2. 2. exciting times
  3. 3. more
  4. 4. less
  5. 5. “Whenever we turn on our computer, we are plunged into an “ecosystem ofinterruption technologies” - Cory Doctorov
  6. 6. “ It’s possible to think deeplywhile surfing the Net, just as it’spossible to think shallowly whilereading a book, but that’s not thetype of thinking the technology encourages and rewards. - Nicholas Carr, The Shallows
  7. 7. “[we] feel together when alone, comforted by e-mails, excusedfrom having to attend to people in real time. We did not set out to avoid the voice but end updenying ourselves its pleasures. - Sherry Turkle, Alone Together
  8. 8. tools to give us moretime witheach other& less with machines @hajak