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Customer service tips

this a small presentation helps with new customer service agents

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Customer service tips

  1. 1. Welcome on board1
  2. 2.  Customer service is a series of activities thatdesigned to enhance the levels of customersatisfaction and to make sure that a service orproduct has met customer expectations. Answering customer’s inquiries and solving hiscomplaints according to company process andpolicy.2
  3. 3.  Customer service is the first line for any company so thatcustomer service knowledge is very important. Customer service is one of the most important reasons to gaincustomers loyalty Company’s customer service is one of the competition pointsfor the company or against it. Good customer service bring the company more profits asgood customer service equal a part of the product price . Help the customers to know the company process and policycorrectly.SoIt’s not about what you say , It’s about the way you say it3
  4. 4.  Knowledgeable . friendly. helpful. Responsible . Accurate . Complete . timely . Good listener . Positive attitude .4
  5. 5. 5
  6. 6.  Appreciate your success . Motivate your self. Remember positive events . Keep your problems away Pass your positive attitude to the customer . Take care of yourself . Believe in your self .6
  7. 7. 7
  8. 8.  In this type of communication we can expressour words using some tolls such as- body language (55%)-Tone of voice (38%)- words (7%)Soit’s easier to communicate face to face asyou have so many tools to express whatyou want to say .8
  9. 9.  In telephone communication we use only 2tools to express about our words- Tone of voice (82%)- words (18%)soit’s mostly about your toneThen you have to make your customers listen toyour Smile on da phone982%18%tone of voice words
  10. 10.  Use your tone to express your emotion Use your words and syllabus to enhance yourmessage Moderate your voice depth to suite yourmessage Indicate the words rate per minute You should manage your voice volume(loud&soft)10
  11. 11. 11To give a good answeryou have to listenbetterSo what is the types oflistening
  12. 12.  Ignoring :you don’t listen at all Preventive :you act like if youre listening Selective :listen to apart and ignore the other Attentive : listening with out emotion Empathic : get what behind the wordsSo12Seek first to understand thento be understood
  13. 13. focusReflectSummarize13
  14. 14. 14To feelwelcomeTo feelappreciatedTo beunderstoodTo feelimportantTo feelcomfortableTo berespectedCustomerneeds&wants
  15. 15.  To enhance relationship with your customersyou have to meet their needs and wantsThis comes through15
  16. 16. 16ExcellentverbalskillsExcellentlisteningskillsProductiverelationshipwithcustomers
  17. 17. 17-Great customer warmly andsincerely-Be specific-Use simple phrases-Be direct
  18. 18. 18PositivephrasesPleaseThanks youI can or willMay I help you?I understand how youfeelYou are rightI apologizeNegativephrasesYou don’t understandOur policy saysThat’s not myresponsibilityWhat you need to dois..ProblemButNo
  19. 19. 191-empathy2-understading3-patience4-attentivness5-objectivityGoodlistener
  20. 20.  So to be a good customer service you have to act withhuman sense , to use your emotions and reflect them, and be effective element inside your environment Be patient , natural , and have a positive spiritthenyou can give your customers what they wantedSoit’s your chance to feel valuable by helping othersthrough your work this really very great and useful .20
  21. 21. 21