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  • I would briefly explain what Full Sail has impacted on my skills before and currently. Before attending Full Sail I wanted to record and produce music but now I am aware of the business a little more better.
  • I’ve played on several teams from division 1 to professional and the importance of team work is very well needed. From the work force to team projects in school, team work makes everyone better and the outcome of the project shows how each member contributed. At Full Sail I have attained qualities to contribute even more in a team atmosphere!
  • Over the courses and assignments that I have completed in Full Sail, I acquired the knowledge of the different types of businesses. Each business has there own specifications and starting a record label or any entertainment business, it’s best to choose the best entity. Also in studying the roles of business managers, I acquired the right knowledge to write out contracts, music licensing, and other forms of contracts.
  • In anything you do in life I believe you have to use passion, desire, and ethics. These three are required for every course and carry on to your career.
  • What ever you do in life, I know that you have to let yourself grow. With the courses that I’ve taken and the obstacles that I went through in life, I’m growing into the person that needs I want to be.
  • When I’m not working on assignments, I’m working as a music producer. These are the three S’s that apply to the artist that I work with!
  • As a music producer, I have studied the ends and outs of recording and engineering. Took a piano class and learned how to put together and instrumental through watching many greats. This slide just represents what I like to do and see it as a career!
  • This is a photo of what I consider work! Long nights, early mornings! These days will pay off!
  • There’s a process that I know that has to take place. The steps I have to take will never be backwards only upward and forwards. To the top is where everyone wants to be and sometimes you don’t see the light at the beginning! Looks like a book cover I should publish! Full Sail has been a step for me to take and each course gives me the knowledge to take the next step!
  • In this course resonance is very important. Being able to resonate will draw more attention to you and give your audience the that feeling they have been missing. This slide which is another slide related to the music field shows my type of resonance.
  • Pictures can be louder than words. In the music industry, many times publicity can be used in the form of illustrations and words. The use of the internet allows us to communicate with each other in several ways.
  • In my previous course on Record Label Development, I studied the different departments a record label has. Each department is designed to make the label function properly.
  • This slide just represents all the things that I have learned and what I will learn in the future. There are pieces that need to be fit in every situation when starting a project. Sometimes people, ideas, and journeys in life can fit the pieces. Full Sail has helped me organize my plan for a business and as a music producer.
  • In life there has to be some sort of organization and timing. Timing is very important and for you to succeed time management is very important.
  • Knowing the legal side and filling the right paperwork helps protect you in the long run. From photos, songs, videos, etc. This slide represents what I have learned from previous courses at Full Sail.
  • Hairston walter a1_pcp

    1. 1. Knowledge is Power!
    2. 2. TEAM WORK IS E V E RY T H I N G
    3. 3. LLC, S, or C?
    5. 5. In order for plantsto grown they need water. Same for your career, in order for you get in the business you need to allow yourself to grow!
    6. 6. es/z/ STUDIO STAGE STAR
    7. 7. My role as a music producer, plays the big part behind the scenes.My job is to make the artist portray his/her words in the best form of audi
    8. 8. WORK!
    9. 9. Steps In Life
    10. 10. Communication and presentation is amongst all careers.Communicate. Resonate. Elevate.
    11. 11. .
    12. 12. Record Label Departments
    13. 13. Fit the pieces.
    14. 14. Time Management
    15. 15. Licensing. Copyrights. Trademarks.