Hair Loss Due to Negligent Hairdressers - How to Claim Compensation


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Hair Loss Due to Negligent Hairdressers - How to Claim Compensation

  1. 1. Hair loss following a trip to a salon or stylist may be related to a number of factors. The most serious is anallergic reaction which, if severe, can have potentially fatal consequences. The products used in different hair salons and by different stylists vary, and the majority of clients will not enquire as to specific ingredients prior to a treatment. For this reason, salons must carry out skin patch tests on new customers, which will identify categorically the small but significant possibility of anallergic reaction to ingredients in hair treatment products. Hair dye contains the chemicals most likely to cause an allergic reaction, particularly PPD (para- Phenylenediamine). Recent press reports continue to bring this issue, and its sometimes tragic outcomes to public attention.
  2. 2. The kind of carelessness, or in legal terms, negligence, thatleads to a hair salon client suffering an allergic reaction, is unfortunately far from rare in an industry where practitioners require no formal training or experience before offering their services to the general public. Treatments including dying, bleaching, perming and straightening involve the application of complex chemical mixtures to the hair and scalp. In the wrong hands these products can cause permanent hair and skin damage. A hairdresser may apply a product that is too strong for an individuals hair or skin type. Otherwise they may have mixed a solution with the wrong balance of ingredients and / or toxicity. Either way, hair follicles may be burnt and destroyed by chemicals in hair treatment products. More commonly, the hair will lose excessive amounts of
  3. 3. The problems that even temporary hair loss can cause should not be underestimated. Bald patches arehumiliating and disfiguring. When hair loss is the result of a treatment that has been paid for, and entrusted to professionals, it is doubly upsetting. Hair loss may impact on a persons working and domestic life to varyingdegrees. The embarrassment and perceptions of deformity can far outweigh any physical pain involved. Hair salons must carry mandatory insurance to protect them in the event of customers suffering hair loss due to a poorlyperformed treatment or adverse reaction to hair products.Most importantly, prospective hair salon clients should do their research, and not entrust their hair and scalp to astylist without having full confidence in, and knowledge of their abilities.
  4. 4. Whatever the precise cause of hair loss following a professional treatment, salons and stylists owe a duty ofcare to their customers, and are expected to carry out theprocedures they offer in a reasonably competent manner.Where this is not the case, and a salon fails to carry out a skin patch test, or a stylist incorrectly applies a productcausing hair loss and associated consequences, it is often possible to claim compensation. Apart from makingreparation for the pain and suffering caused by a botched hair treatment, such cases have the additional benefit ofdriving up standards across the industry, and lowering the risk of similar injuries occurring in the future.
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